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It was extremely sudden for his teal-haired lover, whom all had thought to be dead for the last two months, to just pop out of nowhere looking extremely alive and well. And not to mention horny, Ichigo added. The former Espada had literally tackled him to the ground after their dramatic reunion (which didn't consist of much words due to Ichigo's shock) and they had oh-so-good sex that lasted the whole night. Ichigo completely forgot about how to properly react to the situation, or even ask all the questions he wanted to ask about the Espada's reappearance, but Grimmjow's hot tongue in his mouth and his ever skillful hands in his pants took both his breath and thoughts away.

So now it has been a crazy mere week, and many things had happened since Grimmjow's reappearance. Ichigo's Shinigami company had a knack for coming by/into his room at anytime and without permission. So it was a matter of a couple of days before Rukia, Renji, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto dropped by Ichigo's room and caught them in the act. 'Chaos' was but a mere understatement to describe what really happened in the room with Ichigo's unsuspecting group of friends catching the naked orange-head riding a teal-haired former Espada. Such a thing happened quite often, and each time, Renji would be screaming hysterically; Rukia would merely watch in awe; Matsumoto covering Hitsugaya's young eyes as she watched in awe along with Rukia.

And, it seems that Urahara would always come round at the perfect moment to drag the whole group away from the couple's 'lovey-dovey time' (as Orihime dubbed it) at the right time. Ichigo swore the perverted shopkeeper had been watching them from somewhere, maybe even plant cameras in Ichigo's room that Ichigo might not know of; that voyeur was capable of anything and everything. But Ichigo wasn't surprised that he didn't care. All he wanted now was Grimmjow in his pants and make up for lost time in the past two months, and that was enough.

Ichigo finally sat down with Urahara and Grimmjow, privately, to discuss on how Grimmjow could suddenly be 'back from the dead'. The shopkeeper had appeared before Grimmjow and Ichigo while they were busy – that pervert was definitely watching them from a camera, Ichigo thought – to announce that he had reopened his shop to celebrate Grimmjow's comeback. And well, from there, Ichigo deduced that Urahara was the one who must have gotten the Espada back to health.

"Urahara, why didn't you tell me you were the one who was taking care of him?" Ichigo asked, hiding a blush when Grimmjow mouthed a 'Did'ja miss me that much?' The ex-captain fanned himself with his beloved paper fan while Tessai served tea to their guests.

"To make it a surprise of course!" Urahara said happily. "Oh you should have seen your face, Kurosaki-san! It was priceless!" the man mused. Ichigo stared at him before something dawned upon him.

"SO YOU REALLY DID PLANT CAMERAS IN MY ROOM?!?" Ichigo yelled into Urahara's face, grabbing the man by the shoulders and shaking him vigorously. The shopkeeper merely laughed and slipped out of Ichigo's grip and sat by Grimmjow who glared at him.

"Kurosaki-san, don't be so mean! I went to Hueco Mundo and dug him out of the rubble and brought your lover back to life! The least you could do is thank me!" Urahara said, giving a mock pout as he rested his chin onto the former Espada's shoulder.

"Get offa me ya sick pervert," Grimmjow growled and Urahara jerked away before the Arrancar could stab him with his zanpakutou.

"H-HE'S NOT MY LOVER!!" Ichigo denied yet blushing madly. He cleared his throat and tried to put up a calm front, "Ahem… So uh, why did it take two months? You could've called Orihime to heal him right away."

"If I could I would, but as I said, Kurosaki-san – it was meant to be a surprise! And we all know that Inoue-san can't keep secrets. Alas, Tessai is all we have and even with his great skills," the burly shop assistant grinned, "Two months is the fastest he could do. And that was with the help of an Arrancar's regenerating abilities and his amazing newly empowered reiatsu!"

"What?" Ichigo asked. The supposedly genius ex-captain made no sense to him at all.

"It means I've got the same effect as ya, ya twit," Grimmjow growled irritably.

"Well excuse me for being a twit, but how could you even understa – wait, what?" Ichigo stared at Grimmjow dumbly.

"I got the same effect to my reiatsu as to yours," Grimmjow repeated with a shrug.

"Which is precisely the reason why kitty here survived!" Urahara chipped in cheerfully before he had to dodge the Cero that Grimmjow shot at him for calling him a kitty. Managing to survive by hiding behind Ichigo, Urahara continued with his explanation with a triumphant grin, "But his effect isn't as great as yours, Kurosaki-san. Well, maybe not yet, because his reiatsu is also growing. When he gave you that love bite -" Ichigo blushed, "Your reiatsu got into him as well, and he reacted similarly as you."

"Ah," Ichigo said thoughtfully.

"Oh wait, wait my dear lovebirds!" Urahara suddenly jumped up and pranced into his shop. The two heard loud crashes and rustlings from the room, as if Urahara was searching for something. "AHA! Here it is!"

"Urahara?" Said man reappeared with two objects in his hand and grinning most delightfully. Ichigo looked at him sharply, suspicious of the ex-captain's intentions.

"Here are the items you requested, Grimmjow-san!" Urahara said happily, giving one of the objects to Grimmjow, and the other to Ichigo. Ichigo observed the object, which was a pink-colored leather strap with a buckle, and looked at both Urahara and Grimmjow confusedly.

"What the hell is this for? And why the hell is it pink?!" Ichigo asked the Arrancar, who was grinning nastily as he put on the item that Urahara had handed to him, which was a silver chain. He slipped it on his wrist and the chain glinted weirdly. "Grimmjow?"

"Put it on, Ichi. It's the reiatsu suppressor," Grimmjow ordered with the grin still on his face. Ichigo frowned and put it on his wrist, but Urahara stopped him.

"No, no, my dear boy!" Urahara snatched away the leather strap from his hand and wound it around his neck. Ichigo struggled but Urahara still managed to strap it on and buckled it.

"What the hell?!" Ichigo exclaimed, and then the strap… glowed?

"Ooooh… Looks good on ya Ichi," Grimmjow snickered. "Kinda kinky too." Ichigo flushed and glared at the two. Urahara grabbed a mirror from somewhere, and with a toothy grin, he let Ichigo have a look at his reflection. And what Ichigo saw made the teen fume and blush even harder.

From the mirror, he could see the words 'Property of Grimmjow' engraved in blue against the pink leather. Both sniggered peversely at Ichigo as the orange-head yanked the repulsive accessory off his neck, threw it to the ground and stomped at it in disgust. "Urahara!! Don't make me hurt you!!" Ichigo growled and the man in clogs cowered behind Grimmjow who snorted at him. "You too Grimmjow!! Both of you are in this together!!"

"Well, yeah, since I figured ya'd look pretty damn good in it, Ichi," Grimmjow pointed out with his lewd grin. Ichigo blushed and glared at the Arrancar.

"Oh well, (regretfully) that collar was just a prototype, so here you go, Kurosaki-san!" Urahara tossed another metal chain to Ichigo. "Awww now you both are officially a couple!" Urahara swooned like a fanboy he was as he watched the two study each other's chains.

"W-We're not a couple!" Ichigo denied again, getting redder and redder once again. Grimmjow huffed in disapproval at Ichigo's reply.

"Oh please, Hichi said ya were bawlin' yer eyes out when I was gone," Grimmjow teased and slipped an arm around Ichigo's waist.

"I-I did not!! And stop talking to my inner Hollow without my permission!!" Ichigo yelled in embarrassment as Grimmjow started nuzzling at his neck, much to Urahara's joy.

'Puh-lease,' Hichigo said in the back of his mind. 'Ya were literally cryin' a river, King!' The Hollow cackled tauntingly. Ichigo cursed under his breath. The Hollow was just trying his luck with Ichigo.


Urahara had also given Grimmjow a gigai, so now Ichigo could talk to former Espada openly without having people stare at him for talking to thin air. In his gigai, Grimmjow looked exactly the same of course, but the faux body was missing his trademark broken Hollow mask. Ichigo found it a little strange to be able to see his lover's face fully without the menacing mask distracting him. Ah, but Ichigo would have preferred it that way, he guessed. Besides, getting to see Grimmjow's handsome face fully now was somehow refreshing. Not to mention said Arrancar would now roam around in casual clothes that made him look more appealing, even though the clothes were normal tee shirts and jeans. Every time they went out, Grimmjow would have heads of both men and women turned, eyeing him hungrily. Grimmjow seemed to enjoy the attention, and Ichigo would scowl at ever person who eyed him differently. Talk about being possessive and over-protective.

But to Ichigo's dismay, ever since they had visited Urahara earlier, the Arrancar had been disappearing a lot lately. Grimmjow was supposed to live in with him, but unexpectedly the Arrancar just kept on absenting himself, and later coming back at an extremely late hour saying that he was over at Urahara's. Ichigo was beyond shocked when he heard that. A part of him went cold and broke into tiny pieces. Not that he would admit it openly, but Ichigo was looking forward for Grimmjow to actually stick with him and have their nightly activities. So it pretty much hurt Ichigo somewhat to hear that, though he would never show it on his face of course.

Ichigo hardly got to see Grimmjow, and it disturbed him. Ichigo became somewhat paranoid. What is he doing at Urahara's? With Urahara? Are they…?? Yes, that's how insecure he felt. Ichigo felt like a woman for feeling that way, but he can't brush them off and it annoyed the hell out of him that he was getting sexually deprived once again. And Ichigo reacted to this change by childishly sulking and ignoring the former Espada. Grimmjow seemed upset, but didn't pursue further, which only aggravated Ichigo. Are both of them really involved?? Is he tired of me? Ichigo sighed, ruffling his already messy orange locks and rolled in his bed. Just as he continued to dwell on his insecurities, Grimmjow popped up in Ichigo's room through the window as usual.

"Oi, berryhead," Grimmjow called. Ichigo refused to answer or look at him. Ichigo was still sulking that he was lacking attention from Grimmjow. Childish, but hey he's still a growing teen, yeah? Ichigo heard the Arrancar snort in disapproval. "Ichi," he repeated. Reluctantly Ichigo turned to face him. And what he saw made him gasp. And drool.

Grimmjow was wearing a hot black tank top and matching tight black jeans. His silver chain on his wrist glinted against him, giving an added effect and it made Grimmjow looking so damn hot, Ichigo was feeling the heat. Grimmjow grinned devilishly at Ichigo's reaction. "Like it, Ichi?" Ichigo gave a short nod, unable to keep his eyes off the grinning Arrancar.

"When did you…?"

"Urahara forced me to stay at his place while he dragged me to shopping sprees. That faggot," Grimmjow growled in irritation at the memory with a shrug. "Said ya'd like it…" Grimmjow shifted his eyes away from Ichigo's, looking slightly embarrassed. Ichigo blinked. Urahara was dressing up Grimmjow… for him? Well, it sounded rather plausible since that crazy shopkeeper has weird hobbies. But to have Grimmjow actually doing it for him, well… that made the strawberry feel mushy inside (LOL).

"Ah, I thought you and Urahara…" Ichigo also looked away, embarrassed at his jumping to conclusions. Grimmjow stared dumbly at Ichigo and then broke into a laugh.

"What, ya thought I was screwin' with that asshole?" Grimmjow said in between laughs. Ichigo reddened deeper in his embarrassment. Grimmjow stopped his laughing and moved jumped onto Ichigo.

"W-What're you doing?!" Ichigo yelped in surprise.

"Tell me, Ichi," Grimmjow grinned. "Ya jealous?" Ichigo went flaming red.

"I-Idiot! Don't flatter yourself!" Ichigo said.

"Oh? Then why're ya blushin' Ichi? Ya look so damn cute…" Grimmjow leaned into lick at Ichigo's cheek. Ichigo shivered as he planted kisses to his neck.

"…Grimm…" Ichigo moaned. Grimmjow grinned against his neck and nibbled at his ear.

"So Ichi…" Grimmjow slid his hands into the teenager's pants. "Ya like me in this?" Ichigo sucked in breath as Grimmjow brushed against his hardening erection. He moved his hips upwards to move into the touch but Grimmjow being the sadistic bastard he is, pulled away.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo whined. The former Espada bit at the bite mark he had inflicted on Ichigo before and the orange-head let out a strangled cry.

"Answer the question, Ichi," Grimmjow growled. Ichigo clung onto his lover and met his eyes.

"Hell yes," Ichigo said with a lustful grin.

"Love it when ya want it as bad as I do, Ichi," Grimmjow replied and hungrily kissed his eager young lover.


Ishida was over at Urahara Shoten to… visit Urahara. Okay, well he wanted to return the Seele Schneider to him that Ishida had borrowed (coughstolecough) from his secret warehouse.

"Urahara-san?" Ishida called as he entered the shop. Tessai, Ururu and Jinta were the only ones whom he could see in the room.

"He's inside," the three pointed to a room. Ishida nodded and moved into the room. Ishida was surprised at how dark the room was. The only source of light came from a small television that Urahara was sitting in front of, with his back facing Ishida. Ishida moved closer and found the man drooling at the black box in glee.

"Urahara-san?" Ishida leaned closer and then he stopped short at what he saw was showing on the television screen.

"Ah… Grimmjow."

"K-K-Ku-Kuro-Kurosaki?!!?!!" Ishida's jaw dropped to the floor at what he was seeing. Urahara giggled and continued to stare at the screen. Ishida was left rooted to the floor as he tried to comprehend what was going on. On screen was Ichigo on the bed, being straddled by a teal-haired man whom Ishida recognized as the Sixth Espada of Aizen's army who had helped Ichigo in battle before. Nobody had informed him of this – this relationship! "Wh-What are they… Are they doing what I think they're doing?!"

"Hush now! It's getting to the good part!" Urahara said gleefully and giggled once again. "Fufufu, my plan worked!" Ishida stared nervously at the crazy shopkeeper, who unexpectedly patted a spot beside him as if to signal Ishida to sit beside him. Ishida hesitated. But heck, such an event would only come once. Pushing up his glasses up his nose, Ishida reluctantly took his seat beside the drooling shopkeeper.

Back at Ichigo's room…

Grimmjow kissed Ichigo roughly as he laid the teen onto the bed. Ichigo moaned into the kiss as the elder man let his hands roam free on his body, oblivious to the fact that there was hidden camera set on his desk by the bed, therefore having clear view of their activities. Not that Ichigo would care at the moment.

Both removed their shirts and Grimmjow immediately attacked Ichigo's neck. He licked and kissed lightly before sucking on the sensitive skin. Grinning as he noticed the bite mark that he had planted on Ichigo before, Grimmjow lowered his kisses to the teen's chest. Taking one nipple into his mouth, the Arrancar sucked on it and his tongue swirled around the hardened bud. Ichigo moaned and arched into Grimmjow's face.

Grimmjow withdrew from Ichigo, much to Ichigo's annoyance and proceeded to palm the berry's hardened erection. Ichigo stifled a cry at that and his hand caught at Grimmjow's spiky blue hair. Grimmjow gave another lewd grin while he quickened his strokes on the teen's length. Ichigo thrashed about at the waves of pleasure that hit him, urging Grimmjow to move faster. Grimmjow decided to play nice. It wasn't really a weakness, but Grimmjow just couldn't refuse that flushed, vulnerable face of Ichigo as he reaches his climax. So he obliged to the teen's demands and within moments the orange-head spasmed as he came onto his stomach and Grimmjow's hand. Gasping hard for each breath, Ichigo looked at Grimmjow from under half-lidded eyes that were still hungry for more.

"Grimmjow…" Ichigo muttered with a slightly pleading tone. Grimmjow loved it when he became this needy. Maybe he had to thank himself for making Ichigo this way. Ichigo was still Ichigo of course, with that sarcastic mouth and feisty personality, but he'd just become a little more… tame in bed. Grimmjow loved the way it would make him feel, to have the teen submit to him. It was probably his instincts that demanded him to feel this way, to have power over the other. And Grimmjow would make the most out of it.

Ichigo waited impatiently as Grimmjow yanked both their trousers off their legs. He took Grimmjow's free hand and started licking at his fingers. He licked them suggestively, tongue tracing the bones of his fingers and took three of them into his mouth. Ichigo sucked on them wantonly and Grimmjow let out a soft moan at the interesting sensation. Forcing his hand away from Ichigo's mouth Grimmjow poked at Ichigo's entrance with his saliva-coated fingers. He slid into it forcefully, then stretched the teen as he licked briefly on the groaning teenager's cock, which quickly hardened again.

"Quick, Grimm," Ichigo insisted.

"Heh, ya gettin' more impatient nowadays ain't cha?" Grimmjow smirked. Ichigo blushed and shut his mouth. Grimmjow smiled and without proper warning, shoved his straining cock into the puckered hole with a gasp. Fully sheathing himself to the hilt, Grimmjow withdrew, then slammed back into Ichigo again and again.

"Ah, shit Grimmjow!" Ichigo cursed through clenched teeth. His hands fisted in the sheets as Grimmjow slammed harder into him. Ichigo squirmed at the pain but forced his body to move along with Grimmjow's. Heaving his hips, Ichigo followed Grimmjow's movements as he thrust in and out of him and soon the pain was fading into pleasure. He held onto the man on top of him and shifted his hips to guide Grimmjow to his pleasure spot, nails digging into the built muscles of his shoulders. With a yell that soon came, Grimmjow grinned and attacked the spot continuously, earning shrieks of pleasure from his flushed lover.

"Ya tightening up so fast, Ichi?" Grimmjow said rather disappointedly.

"Sh-Shut up, Grimm," Ichigo rasped. Grimmjow frowned and stopped his thrusts. Ichigo snapped his eyes open angrily. "The fuck?!"

"Don't want this to end too early now, Ichi," Grimmjow grinned against the teen's ear. Ichigo shivered at the sound of his husky voice. "Now be a good boy, Ichi. Just shut up and let me fuck ya into this bed." Ichigo grinned at that, but it faded when Grimmjow suddenly flipped him to rest onto his belly and raised his ass to the air.

"Grimmjow?!" Ichigo was surprised by the sudden movement. Grimmjow licked his lips and with one swift motion he moved into Ichigo again. Ichigo groaned lustfully, grimacing at the intrusion. Grimmjow pumped into him harder, the fierce penetrations becoming more forceful with each thrust.

Grimmjow grunted and panted with each thrust and Ichigo could only do so much but to moan along and buck his hips against him. He screwed his eyes shut and focused on receiving him, feeling himself tighten around Grimmjow who groaned in reply. Ichigo was approaching his climax; he went dizzy as Grimmjow kept hitting at his prostate. Ichigo reached to his own cock and jerked at it desperately.

"Ngh… Grimmjow! Harder…" Trembling and mumbling incoherently at Grimmjow to move faster and harder, Ichigo finally tossed his head back and with a long deep moan in his throat, Ichigo came again. His seed spilled onto the waiting bed, and Ichigo struggled to support himself up while Grimmjow continued to fuck him to reach his own climax.

Grimmjow leaned against Ichigo's back and he thrust at an erratic pace. The Arrancar gripped at his hips and shoved himself deeper, if that was possible, and Ichigo held back a pained moan. He anchored himself onto the bed, one hand holding on to the sheets, the other on Ichigo's hip as he shoved his cock in and out of Ichigo. He pushed Ichigo's hips against him for more contact and deeper penetration. Ichigo was moaning and groaning all the way, and the delicious pained sounds fueled Grimmjow further. Ichigo had already tightened from his own climax, and the tightness and friction was pushing Grimmjow over the edge. He came eventually, with a satisfied moan that sent shivers down Ichigo's spine as he felt Grimmjow's seed flood him.

Finally Ichigo no longer had the strength to support them and both collapsed to the bed panting from their sex high. The teen felt his teal-haired lover nuzzle his neck again and shivered as he kissed on the bite mark that Grimmjow had given him. He could hear him purr against his ear and Ichigo smiled contently. Grimmjow curled his arms around Ichigo's waist and Ichigo leant into it as Grimmjow slipped into slumber, still purring like the cat he is.

'Yo, King,' his Hollow cackled in the back of his mind as all settled and calmed. 'Da weather's damn fine for a picnic here!''

"Heh… Yeah, whatever Hichi," Ichigo grinned silently, glancing at their matching silver chains before he drifted off to sleep.

And back at Urahara Shoten…

"Tessai!! Ishida-kun needs help!!!" Urahara called his large shop assistant into the room where Ishida lay unconscious on the ground in a pool of blood in front of the small television set.

"What happened here?" Tessai asked, Ururu and Jinta in tow as they fumbled into the room.

"Oh, he just had excessive nosebleed," Urahara said in a matter-of-factly manner as he giggled and switch of the television set. Urahara figured the Quincy would take quite a while to get over his mental trauma of watching his friend having sex with an Espada with a perverse smile. Ah, the joys of youth! Urahara thought happily and went off to visit and disturb the couple in their sleep.


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