"I don't see anything here," John called out to the rest of his team. "Let's go back to Atlantis."

Teyla herad his call and immediately began to pull back. Once in view of Colonel Sheppard, she could see that Ronon had caught up to him first. "This has got to be the most boring planet in the galaxy," Ronon mumbled, swatting a group of flies away from his face. John was grinning.

Now the four of them, John, Ronon, McKay and Teyla, were almost back to the gate. There was one last thick of trees to go through before the reached the clearing where the large, gray space gate stood. "Colonel," Teyla began, "What is-"

But she never got to complete her sentence, for a wraith stunner had shot over their heads out of nowhere, only missing then by inches.

"What the hell! Where did they come from?" John yelled over the noise of weapons fire as they all had instantly started to fire on the small party of wraith that had ambushed them.

"How didn't the scanners pick them up?" Ronon called back angrily. Teyla kept her focus locked in firing at the wraith, but one lucky wraith shot managed to reach its target, and with a small "uhhgh" John fell to his knees, stunned. The wraith seemed to sense the sudden break in concentration from their prey and started firing more rapidly than ever.

"We have to get him back to the gate!" McKay yelled after John's limp body had been shot three more times by rogue stunners. Ronon was trying to continue his attack and pull John out of harm's way.

Teyla was panicking. John was shot- no, stunned, not shot, she told herself- a grand total of four times, and they had no easy way back to the gate. She locked her eyes on one of the biggest wraith. Now it was her turn to get a lucky shot. She concentrated all her firepower on that one wraith and in a matter of seconds, he was disposed of.

There was a temporary lull in the offensive fire, seeing as Teyla's shots had taken out one of the biggest and maddest wraith. "Ok, let's go, let's go!" Ronon shouted, seizing the opportunity to grab John and get the heck out of there. Both Teyla and McKay covered him as he ran. McKay ran second, to no surprise, and Teyla followed, still firing a few shots over her head every few seconds.

They had reached the gate. Rodney was dialing the address to Atlantis as fast as was humanly possible. Once the gate was online and the shield was down, they bolted through. McKay passed through first, having dialed the gate and therefore being the closest one to it. Ronon was next carrying John, and Teyla brought up the rear.

Her first foot was across the event horizon when she felt the stunner hit her square in the back. Everything started to go black and fuzzy. With her last strength, she concentrated on pushing herself forward so that she could just fall through the gate. She was pretty sure that it had worked because that last thing she saw was the arched ceiling of the gate room, and then... nothing.


It was the steady noise of a heart monitor, Teyla knew that. She could hear it somewhere, but she couldn't see anything yet. Her head was throbbing terribly and there was a slight pain somewhere in her left arm, but that was all she could identify. Her vision was coming back, slowly.

She was in the infirmary, and she quickly discovered that the pain in her arm was a broken wrist. The second thing she noticed was that Dr. Keller was standing at the side of her bed, checking some of the nearby instruments. When she saw Teyla stir, a big smile crossed Jennifer's face.

"Good afternoon Teyla," She said.

Teyla grimaced, but managed a croaky, "Good afternoon Jennifer."

"I'm glad you're up," Jen continued. "You were out for a good several hours."

Even in her current state of exhaustion and pain, Teyla could tell that Jennifer was holding something back. Jen caught her look and interpreted it perfectly. "Well," she started, a little uneasy, "Colonel Sheppard isn't in the best shape, Teyla. He was shot by four wraith stunners in the chest, one after the other." She paused to make sure that Teyla was ok before quickly adding, "I've put him into a medically enduced coma to help the healing process."

Teyla froze. Her heart began pounding harder than it had when they were being chased on the planet. Thankfully, he voice came out stronger than she felt. "Where is he? Can I see him?"

Jen nodded and stepped to the side. Now Teyla could see that Dr. Keller had been blocking her view of John's bed at the sane time as fixing the machines, probably trying not to frighten her before she knew the full story.

Besides the fact that his arm had one little bandage on it, John didn't look so bad. That was why it was terrible. He looked so healthy and serene laying there like that, like he might wake up at any moment. Teyla didn't even have to ask Jen the question she wanted answered. "I'm not sure when he'll wake up," the doctor answred quietly, "The chances of him not having a full recovery are about one in one thousand, but I still can't say anything for sure at this point."

Teyla nodded, her eyes never leaving John's face. "I'm sorry," Jen said quietly and gave Teyla's hand a squeeze. "If you need anything, just let me know." Teyla nodded again, but it was an empty nod. Her thoughts were elsewhere.

For the rest of the day, all Teyla could think about was John. She didn't know what to think. All her thoughts were a blur of emotion. She kept stealing a look at John, just to see if he had moved. But no matter what she told herself, every few minutes her eyes would tear up and she'd wipe them away furiously. No crying, she told herself. She couldn't fall apart over a small thing like this. Perhaps it wasn't that small, but people got hurt all the time on missions. Why was she so distraught this time? What was different? It was because it was John, but that's all Teyla could manage to conclude. John. Why him? What about Ronon, or Rodney, or Colonel Carter? She would be horrified if any one of them were injured... Yet, she couldn't quite put her finger on why this was different.