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"After all he has done, how could you? How could you?" Percy demanded in a hurt voice.

"You don't understand Percy….I love him!! " Annabeth shouted back.

"Fine! If this is your choice, then I wash my hands off you! "Percy retorted contemptuously. He spun around, grabbing his jacket and pen Riptide, and strode briskly toward the camp borders.

"Percy! Come back! Don't do this. I've already lost Thalia! I don't want to lose you too!" Annabeth cried, tears in her eyes. Ignoring her, Percy quickened his pace. She tried to run after him, but tripped and fell. She lay on the ground, sobbing while he disappeared over the hill and out of the camp.

She felt an arm on her shoulder, and turned back to see Grover and Chiron, their eyes sad and forlorn.

"Percy he…" Annabeth stuttered, her grey eyes tear-stained.

"It's ok child…he will be back… give him sometime to gather his thoughts…" Chiron said.

"Will he? I wouldn't be able to take it if he…" Annabeth began, but Chiron cut her off.

Chiron sighed. "If you hadn't released Luke, he would not be gone..." Chiron paused and continued, "After all that trouble he went through to capture Luke and you just released him…"

"I'd do the same for Percy, Chiron! Even though he is just a friend, he is my best friend and I would have done the same for him!" Annabeth cried, putting her head in her hands.

Did she really love Luke?