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Chapter 13

"Let's do this thing."

Percy felt adrenaline surge through his body, and he crouched, bringing his shield in front of him, mentally preparing himself.

"I must say, Percy, you got no hope. You were only able to capture me with the help of Thalia." Luke sneered, also lowering himself to a crouch.

Percy did not answer, all his attention focused on his opponent. Luke laughed at Percy's stiff and serious face. Suddenly, he lunged at Percy, closing the distance between them with two enormous bounds. Sparks flew as Backbiter ricocheted of the shield. Percy counter-attacked, jabbing Luke in the ribs. Luke brought his shield out, slamming aside Riptide and slashing down at Percy's thigh.

Percy only just got away, leaping backwards and bring out his shield just in time to deflect Backbiter again. Now that Luke had Percy on the defensive, he laughed derisively and continued the salvo of blows that drove Percy to the far corner of the ships hull. Percy was cornered and on the defensive, and the situation was desperate. Luke was just too strong and skilled a swordsman.

"Yield Percy. I have you cornered! You can't serve Kronos in pieces!" Luke yelled.

He was right. Winning now with the sword was impossible. Suddenly, it came to him. He was Poseidon's son. One of the big three. They don't call children of the big three the most dangerous for nothing.

"So what if he is the better swordsman? I have other powers, and I am more powerful than Luke will ever be." Percy thought. "I'm such a fool."

"So Percy? Do you surrender?" Luke said in a mocking voice. He realized all of a sudden that Percy was smirking. "What's so funny? You just got beaten and now you are laughing?"

Before Luke could react, Percy swung Riptide in a clean arc, deep concentration etched on his face. Luke watched in horror as water vapor in the air condensed into a solid arc the shape of Riptide. The arc slammed into Luke's shield, shattering it and fracturing his wrist. The sea behind Percy was churning. Luke stared wide eyed at the remains of his shield and back at Percy again. Percy Leapt forward, the churning sea rising in a majestic tidal wave that swept onto the deck, knocking Luke of his feet. Percy slashed down on Luke, who just managed to parry the blow. Sparks flew again, and Percy and Luke were only inches apart, Percy on top and Luke struggling with the weight of Percy's blow.

"Yield Luke…" Percy said softly.

"Never!" roared Luke, A sudden burst of maniacal energy surged through Luke, and he swatted Percy away with backbiter. If Luke failed again, Lord Kronos would never forgive him.

Luke moved so fast that Percy almost got beheaded by the vicious lung that missed him by inches. The air above Percy's head hissed just as Percy ducked, the blade smashing into the ships hull behind him. Luke did not care about Percy's life anymore. He just wanted to win.

Percy backed away, but Luke continued his manic fighting, swinging his blade like a baseball bat. Percy dodged most of them, and caught some of them on his shield. Again, he willed the water vapor in the air to condense, this time forming a ball that hit Luke in the chest. Luke's eyeballs bulged almost dropping his sword, his other hand clutching his abdomen. Percy seized this chance to bang his shield on Luke's head. Luke, dazed at the heavy blow, was barely able to lift this sword to parry the next strike.

Seeing their leader getting trashed by Percy, the half blood warriors charged towards Percy, bringing their swords for the kill. Anger roared in Percy's ears, and he gestured at the warrior, swiping the air in front of him. A huge wave rose from the sea, smashing into the warriors and knocking the breath out of them.

"Time to go…." muttered Percy and he leapt onto the deck and grabbed a bound Annabeth. He slung his shield behind his back, and capped Riptide. Lifting Annabeth of the deck, he leaped into the ocean. The Chariot, which had been suspended in mid air by the water sprout conjured by Percy, floated towards the hull and caught Percy and Annabeth.

Placing Annabeth gently on the chariot floor, he yelled at the Seahorses.



Luke managed to pick himself up and ran to the railing. The chariot was already gliding away, leaving a trail of white in its wake. He roared in anger, shaking his fist at chariot which had become a dot in the Horizon.


Annabeth's POV

I watched in fear and exhilaration as Percy and Luke traded blows, sparks flying as the furious melee swung back and forth. Luke seemed to have the upper hand, and was now battering Percy into the corner.

"NO!" I screamed, but the gag made sure that my cry was unheard.

Tears filled my eyes as Percy again struggled to bring up his shield parry Luke's thrust. I watched his face, fear overwhelming me and gripping my heart. His deep sea-green eyes suddenly widened, as though realization of something had just dawned upon him. His face scrunched up in concentration, he swung Riptide wildly, and blade seemed to slash uselessly through the air. The air in front of Percy suddenly shimmered, and I watched in shock as a arc of iridescent blue slammed into Luke's shield, shattering it.

How did he do that? Oh my gods. Please win Percy. I love you!

The sea practically erupted, and the scene misted over, obscuring my vision. I struggled with the bonds, trying to break free. In the corner of my eye, I saw Luke's warriors charge into the mist.

I struggled harder, but to no avail. I could not see what was going on. I tried screaming again, but the gag did its job well. I began crying, worry for Percy clouding my heart,

Out of the mist leapt a figure, and suddenly he was there. My prince charming, coming to save me. His sea green eyes were clouded with fury as he took in my dilapidated state, but I tried to smile faintly to him to assure him I was alright. Emotion surged through me as he swept me into his arms, and leapt into the ocean. A majestic chariot was floating in mid air, waiting for him. He still hadn't removed the ropes and gag, so I couldn't say anything. Instead, I buried my head into his chest, sobbing.

He gently laid me on the chariot floor, and yelled at the seahorses that pulled the chariot. There was a sudden jerk, and we left the Princess Andromeda behind.

Percy gently removed my gag, and immediately I began coughing and sobbing uncontrollably. He stared at me, his deep-sea green eyes filled with concern. Still looking at me, he snapped his fingers, and the ropes around my wrist and feet broke.

As soon as I was free of the bonds, I flung my arms around him and sobbed into his shoulder.

Normal POV

"I'm so sorry Annabeth. I'm such a jerk. I…"

Annabeth placed a finger on his lips, and stared straight into his eyes.

They just stared at each other, and a silent understanding passed between them.

"Percy…I have something I want to tell you." Annabeth said. "I...I …."

I love you! Say it!

"I missed you…"

"I missed you too. Annabeth."

"Best friends again?" Percy said, suddenly grinning.

Annabeth managed a weak smile. "Alright, seaweed brain. And thank you for rescuing me."

Percy grinned again, a sparkle in his green eyes.

Those eyes are so lovely, thought Annabeth. I can't take it anymore!

She suddenly flung herself at him, crushing her lips to his. At first, he was too shocked to react. Then, an overwhelming sense of peace descended onto him. "This feels so right…" he thought.

He gently kissed her back, pulling her towards him, his hands running through her curly blonde hair. She responded by pressing her body against his, deepening the kiss.

They broke apart after a whole twenty seconds, both gasping for air.

"That was some friendship kiss, wasn't it?" Percy said weakly, breathing heavily.

"Yeah, we should do this more often." Annabeth said, smiling faintly. "Y'know, as friends of course."

Percy smiled and pulled her back into another kiss.

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