He that makes himself a sheep...

- Hn. I'd forgotten how delicious you looked even in your teens.

Tsuna's eyes lifted from his homework and rounded. What the heck, now?!
He didn't recognize the deep voice, but that hat and predatory stance… And was that Leon?

A what, twenty or so Reborn simply smirked at him, carelessly resting against his room's door. Then again -Reborn took a step- it was kinda -another step- hard to guess -another step- his age -another step- with that constant aura of superiority radiating from him -another step.
But -Tsuna craned his neck back with Reborn new proximity- why the hell was he speculating on Reborn's age, he was one year old for god's sake! Well he was still one this morning at breakfast anyway.
And what the hell did he think he was doing, standing so close and tipping his hat back revealing sharp black eyes and caressing Tsuna's cheek and, and -oh God!

Tsuna abruptly sat up in his bed, his cheeks flaming and his eyes huge. Echoing his dream-self, he asked his empty room:
- What the hell was that all about?

Sitting at the breakfast table, he carefully peeked at the thankfully very normal scene, at least as normal as it could be with all these mafia psychos invading his home.
His mother was behind the stove, Lambo chased I-pin sprouting nonsense about… Some as awfully green as broccoli Shrek monster? And a very one year old Reborn was sleeping in the middle of breakfast with Bianchi babbling excitedly about their next wedding.

Rising from the table, Tsuna sighed and bid goodbye to his mom just as a resounding cry of 'Tenth! Let's go to school together!' made him jump and hurry to hopefully prevent another outburst from his ever faithful self-proclaimed right-hand man.
Casting one last fleeting glance at the still sleeping Reborn, a relieved Tsuna smiled and closed the door, missing one eerily familiar smirk thrown his way.

…shall be eaten by a wolf.