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SUMMARY: When Sam awakens after blacking out in he discovers that he has been restructured into an Autobot. However, there are some problems with the body……




Sam and Miles were sitting upstairs in Sam's room when it started, playing some games on Miles' new X-box, which had been a surprisingly cheap purchase on 'buy it now' on eBay. It had been too good an offer to miss, and Miles had bought it. It was a collection-only deal, and Sam and Bumblebee had run Miles out to collect it from a guy who lived in Mission City. He had seemed most eager to hand it over and then for them to go once they'd handed over the cash. Sam had thought that the man seemed a little too eager to get the X-box off his hands, and had discovered why on the way home.

Miles had begun screaming, and when Sam had turned to look, it was a good thing it was Bumblebee doing the driving, for what Sam saw would have caused him to crash.

A multitude of small, thin arms and hands had erupted from the box and were clinging to Miles-the skin of his face-his T-shirt, his arms, his Jeans.

"Bumblebee, activate your hologram!" Sam had cried, about to scramble through to the back and help pick the clinging pinching things off Miles.

"No Sam, you drive, I'll talk to it, Sam, it's terrified!" Bumblebee had cried, so Sam had taken over Bumblebee's steering, and a millisecond later, Miles' alarmed cries had subsided to a whimper.

Sam had chanced a look back to see all the nippy little hands transferring their grip to Miles' T-shirt or the box, rather than Miles' sensitive skin. Bumblebee had explained that it was scared, and had grabbed the nearest thing. It had apologised to Bumblebee for hurting Miles, and Bumblebee told Sam and Miles that he was now talking to the X-box, transferring data, giving it knowledge of the Earth and humans, and the Autobots and Decepticons, giving it something else to focus on rather than its fear.

Miles had been told all about Sam's excursion in Mission City and had been introduced to all the Autobots a month earlier, and once he realised he was only being grabbed at by the equivalent of a terrified child, he opened the box and shushed the sentient X-box, gently stroking its casing and telling it that everything would be all right, and that it was amongst friends who would protect it.

By the time they had got it back to Sam's, a nasty storm cloud was building, and Bumblebee explained that the X-box-or "X-bot" as Sam had privately named it-was one of the sentient Earth machines that had been created when Sam had dropped the AllSpark in Mission City, causing a discharge of life-giving Sparkforce. It was less frightened by then, but Bumblebee had told Sam that X-bot wanted to do something it was more familiar with, to get back to something approaching "normality"-as much as things could ever be normal now for X-bot, now it had a Spark.

It wanted Sam and Miles to play games on it.

So Sam and Miles had taken X-bot upstairs and hooked it up to Sam's telly, and were playing some of the games that had come with it, when the electrical storm broke. Thunder rumbled and sheet lightning flared outside, and Miles felt something in the air nearby change. Miles was about to suggest to Sam that they tell X-bot that they would need to pause for a bit, when a cry from Sam tore his attention away from X-bot and the storm.

Sam was on the floor, twitching and jerking as if in the throes of a massive epileptic seizure. However, to Miles' knowledge, Sam was not epileptic, and epilepsy could not explain the way Sam's skin was rippling, changing colour, nor explain the incandescent light that flared in his chest and enveloped his twitching form.

Miles could only think of one thing to do. He ran to the window and threw it open.

"Bumblebee! Call Ratchet! Something weird is happening to Sam!"