Obviously I don't own Harry Potter.

This fic is inspired by the Evanescence album "Fallen". Each chapter is called after a song.

I wrote this before the last book came out. I'm not completely happy with it, I think it's a little over the top, but I've decided to put it up here anyway.

It's all written so I should be updating every few days (quicker if I get reviews.)

It's mainly about Draco but Snape's a major character too. Lucious and Harry feature as well, along with a bit of Voldermort and a tiny bit of Ron, Pansy, Crabbe, Narcissus, Dumbledore and Notts.





Warnings for child abuse, language, rape, violence, self-harm, suicide, insanity, murder, character death and torture.

I do intend to eventually finish the other Harry Potter story I have up here.

Everything got worse in the summer after forth year. Not that things had ever been good... but they'd been bearable. I could hide in my room and mostly be ignored. And when my father did remember my existence I'd usually get off with only a few bruises. But then The Dark Lord returned.

My mother withdrew deeper into herself. My father seemed constantly manic and furious. And the violence became orders of magnitudes worse. He knew I didn't want to take the mark. And nothing I said could convince him otherwise.

A backhanded slap to the face knocked the boy to the carpeted floor.

"You're worthless, a disgrace to me and to all my ancestors!"

The end of a cane impacted sharply with his shoulder.

"Stupid, weak, cowering little child! How dare you refuse the honour you are offered!"

Blows rained down.

"Please... I'm sorry..."

"A Malfoy does not beg! Crucio!"

He screamed and screamed. After he struggled to catch his breath.

"... I'm sorry father..."

A heavy kick smashed into his face. "So you should be."

"You're useless!"

"I'll try harder..."

A moment passed.

"It still won't be good enough for you though, will it?"

"What did you say?"

The cane crashed into him again and again. A bone broke with a sickening crack.

"I didn't mean it!"

"Don't lie to me! Crucio!"