Sorry I took so long to update. Hopefully I'll be quicker next time. Here's the chapter:

"I didn't betray James," Black told Remus, taking a seat at the table beside the werewolf.

Draco was crying, hugging Snape tighly. Harry stood, watching the exchange between Lupin and the animagus.

"You were their secret keeper," replied Remus.

"No. Peter was the secter keeper. Peter betrayed them."

Remus looked up, some life returning to his eyes. "Is that why you killed him?" he asked, "and those muggles?"

"I didn't kill anyone Mooney."

"He's telling the truth," Severus stated, words void of emotion. "Petigrew is alive. He was one of my regular 'visitors' in Riddle's dungeon."

Remus broke down, it was too much to process, too fast. He burried his face in his arms. Still wearing Sirius' coat he found himself surrounded by Black's scent. "Padfoot... Padfoot I'm so sorry. All these years..." He was cut off by thin dirt stained arms encircling him. He grasped his friend desperately, mumbling apologies over and over again.

"It's ok," Sirius whispered, "it's ok Mooney."

"What happened?" Remus asked when he finally pulled away. "Sirius what happened?"

"We thought no one would ever suspect Peter could be the secret keeper but the cowardly rat went straight to you know who! I went after him. I wanted to kill him. I would have killed him but he blew up that street and escaped into the sewers. The Aurors wouldn't listen when they came for me. I wasn't in my right mind. I paniced. I screamed and fought when they tried to hold me. They locked me up in Azkaban. When you know who took control of the ministry the Death Eaters were all released. I was left behind though. They left me alone on that windswept hell because of course they knew I'd never been on their side. They laughed when ordered the dementors not to kill laughter..."

"How did you get out?" Remus asked quietly.

"Last winter, I don't know why but, the dementors were called away. I was able to squeeze the bars as Padfoot. The swim to the mainland nearly killed me but I made it. I've been searching for you since. I couldn't believe it when I found you and Harry was with you." Turning to look at his godson he smiled and scooping the boy up, hugged him fiercely. "I'm sorry I haven't been there for you Harry," he whispered, "but I swear I won't leave you again."