Mega Man: Dimensions

Chapter 1: Metropolis

"Please work," thought Mega Man. He had just stepped through a portal hoping that it would return him to his own universe. For the past few months he had been in a world that was not his own. It was a world where Dr. Light was an evil madman and only Dr. Wily could stop him. Mega Man had seen some horrifying things, but in the end he did what he always did. He saved the world. That universe's Wily built him a dimensional gateway. It was supposed to take Mega Man home, but it was not a guarantee. He also gave him a communicator, though it would only work as a receiver, and Wily had not figured out how to transmit yet. As Mega Man felt himself slowly rematerializing from energy, he closed his eyes and hoped to re-open them to see Monsteropolis.

Mega Man opened his eyes. He was in a large city, full of skyscrapers. That was a good sign. Mega Man had landed on top of one of the taller buildings in the city, next to a giant statue of a globe. It looked to be made of bronze or brass, and had words in 'orbit' around it on the other side. Mega Man walked over to see what the writing was. He remembered no such statue in Monsteropolis.

Moments before, while Mega Man was still teleporting in his energy form, a few people inside the building noticed a blue blur whiz by their window. "Did you see that?" a woman asked.

"Yes, I saw it, Lois." A tall gentleman with horn rimmed glasses responded.

"I'll race you to the roof," she playfully said, grabbing a camera and notepad. "Maybe we can see it flying around." The man followed her to the elevator but grabbed her shoulder, stopping her from going in.

Mega Man was about to read the letters on the globe, but suddenly saw a large billboard on another building. At first he thought it said "Monsteropolis", as that was what he expected to see. But Mega Man did a double take as he read it again. "Metropolis?" he asked.

The man entered the elevator alone to Lois's protest, and began unbuttoning his shirt. "No Lois," he winked. "This looks like a job for Superman."

Mega Man turned around and looked at the globe. "Daily Planet" it read. Mega Man clenched his teeth and grabbed his head in frustration, falling defeated for a moment. It was a brief moment, however. If he had escaped one dimension he could escape another. Mega Man stood up, resolved to find a way home. He was surprised to hear a voice behind him.

"Hello there," it said. "Most people don't accidentally end up on top of tall skyscrapers like this. Is there anything I can help you with?" The voice was amazing. It was a deep male voice, and while it was very authoritative, it was also one of the friendliest voices Mega Man had heard. Mega Man turned to see the source, and couldn't believe his eyes. There he saw a man, or a very convincing facsimile of a man hovering in the sky just a little over the rooftop's edge. He was wearing a red and blue uniform with a yellow shield on the chest which had a large red letter "S". He also had a long, flowing, cape. Mega Man stood up and looked in amazement at the sight before him for a moment. It certainly wasn't uncommon to see a flying humanoid robot where he was from, but never one so convincing.

Mega Man was unsure how this world worked, so he was a little guarded in his answers. "I hope I'm not trespassing," he said. "I'm afraid I'm a little lost."

"Maybe I can help you out," the stranger said, "You seem to be manufactured by a Dr. Light. I haven't heard of any Dr. Lights especially gifted in robotics, at least not to the extent that they could build something with your systems. Is it an alias of some sort?"

Mega Man was shocked. "How..." he asked, "How did you know that?"

"A creator's stamp is imprinted on the inside of your left leg." he answered, "I apologize for invading your privacy like that, but I heard the hum of your atomic engine and wanted to check to make sure you weren't a bomb."

"Um, that's interesting," said Mega Man, "but I don't understand. How could you hear or see that?"

"You don't know who I am?" the man asked.

"I have no idea," Mega Man answered.

"In that case, introductions are in order." The man landed on the roof near Mega Man and offered his hand. "I'm Superman."

Mega Man shook his hand. "Mega Man," he introduced. Mega Man was at a loss for words, so Superman continued to speak.

"I don't mean to be egotistical but it is surprising you've never heard of me." Superman said. "When were you created, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I was first created in..." Mega Man began, but stopped. "Um..." he started again, but something was bothering him. He couldn't really remember. "Two thousand... two thousand and... I don't know: 200X?" Mega Man was quite alarmed at not being able to remember his creation date. It was supposed to be hard coded in his memory.

"If you don't mind, Mega Man, I'd like to take you to S.T.A.R labs. They may be able to help determine where..." suddenly Superman stopped. "An explosion's just gone off in Suicide Slum. I have to go, but I'll be back." The Superman disappeared in a fast streak of red and blue, heading east. Mega Man wasn't sure what to do, so he followed his instinct. Mega Man ran and jumped off of the building, falling many stories before landing on the sidewalk safely, much to the shock of pedestrians, and ran east towards what he could only assume was Suicide Slum, asking out directions along the way.

Mega Man kept on the move and he could move surprisingly fast for his size when sliding. He reached the edge of Suicide Slum in about ten minutes. Little did he know that if something was taking Superman ten minutes, it was a bad idea to run towards it. Mega Man saw it first-hand when scores of people began running past him, screaming in terror. Mega Man kept moving regardless. It was his job to protect people, whether they already had a protector or not. He advanced further, hoping to find the source of terror, when Superman suddenly burst through a building as if he had been struck through it, landing on his back in front of Mega Man. Mega Man ran to help him up. "Are you alright?"

Superman quickly got up himself. "You need to get out of here, now!" he yelled, taking off in a blur back where he had been hit from. Mega Man ignored the warning and ran to follow. About a block down he saw Superman exchanging blows with what looked like some kind of humanoid robot. Superman landed a particularly effective blow to the machine knocking it back fifty feet, leaving a giant skid in the pavement.

"Punch me as much as you like, Superman, it won't matter," the being warned. Pipes suddenly burst up from below the street and seemed to liquefy, rejoining with the robotic aggressor, healing the damage. Suddenly red beams of heat burst forth from Superman's eyes, striking the creature. Its metal began to melt but also constantly reconstituted itself. Mega Man decided to place a stake in the battle and released a charged shot at the creature, striking true. The shot caused it to explode into several pieces, though the pieces immediately seemed to start reforming.

Superman turned towards Mega Man with a disapproving gaze. Before Mega Man even knew what was going on, he found himself being held by an arm half a mile away, hundreds of feet in the air by the man of steel. "What?" Mega Man asked in surprise. If he had been cognizant enough to finish the sentence it would have been "What is going on?"

"I appreciate the sentiment," Superman said, "but you don't know what I'm fighting. You need to stay away."

"I can help," Mega Man replied, "I already did some damage."

"That thing's name is Hank Henshaw." Superman began. "His spirit has the power to take over machines. He's currently possessing Metallo, a cyborg with strength to rival my own and the ability to control metals. You do NOT need to be there."

"Wow..." Mega Man said. "I'm sorry. Thanks for getting me out of there."

"Not a problem," Superman said. "I'm just glad I got you out before Henshaw could..." Superman stopped as Mega Man's face morphed into that of Henshaw's.

"Before I could what?" he asked, emptying a charged shot into Superman's chest.