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Ding – Dong

The sound of the doorbell made me jump, since my room quiet, except for the sound of the wind outside me window, letting fresh air flow around the room.

My dad, Charlie, answered it and I heard murmured hellos being exchanged. I looked at the clock on me bedside table, 11 o'clock, right on time as usual.

"Bella," I heard Charlie call from downstairs, "Edward here, and I'm going out with Billy now."

"Alright," I called back as I heard Edward's soft footsteps as he climbed the stairs. I placed down one final piece of newspaper before flying over to the door to answer it. There stood me best friend, Edward Mason.

We had known each other since we were 6. We had both gone on almost all the fishing trips our fathers had arranged, coming to dreary old forks to meet up with their other friend, Billy Black, for the summer. But at least I had Edward; he was my sunshine in forks, as I used to call him. But eventually it became harder to g on the trips, since we had started to get more homework now that we had started high school. We both lived in forks now, so I could see my dad more often and because Edward parents had wanted to be closer to family.

"Hey," Edward said, smiling my favourite crooked smile. It never failed to melt my heart, how cliché having a crush on my best friend.

"Hey!" I answered grinning back, "come on, we should get started," I noticed that he was laden with paint and bags, so I stepped forward to take them. An involuntary blush crept up my face as I realised why I hadn't taken them sooner, I was too preoccupied with his face. Once I had taken some of his load I walked into my bedroom and sat them down on my floor.

When I had moved back here, my room was still the same yellow that it had been when I had left, years ago with my mother. So I had recently enlisted the help of Edward top help redecorate my childish room. He had convinced me to paint it a dark blue because he said that it looked lovely with my pale skin. I had blushed furiously at that.

- - - - - - - Two Hours Later - - - - - - - -

We had finally finished after two hours of hard labour and laughter. My old ratty clothes were now donned with blue and white paint splodges, as were Edward's. We stood back admiring our work. My double bed was now covered in neatly folded bark blue sheets and the walls were all white, with the exception of the one that held the window, that was dark blue as well. My desk, wardrobe and rocking chair were all the same dark wood, as well as the news papered floor, that was a slightly lighter shade.

"Its still missing something," Edward said from beside me, I looked up at him quizzically, "A, I remember!" He walked over to the last two bags, that rested on my desk, and took something out of the first.

The first was a beautiful frosted glass vase and a water bottle. He gently placed the vase on the desk and poured the contents of the bottle into it. Out of the other bag he produced a bouquet of flowers. My favourite flower, freesias.

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