The sixteen-year-old James Potter woke up and looked at his asleep friends.

Sirius was talking in his sleep, Peter was snoring loudly and Remus was sleeping deeply

He coughed loudly.

Sirius groaned.

'Do you want to go to the kitchens?' James proposed.

'Night. Sleeping' Remus muttered incoherently.


'Mother, I don't care about what you say. Those Muggle girls are pretty and I like having them on my walls' Sirius screamed in his dreams.

'Okay, I understood. Peter?' he asked hopefully, knowing how much Peter loved eating.

'Wormatail?' he asked again.

But Peter didn't answer.

Well, I'll gone alone James thought.

He put on his cloack, took the Map and headed towards the kitchen.

He went out of the Gryffindor Tower and looked at the little dot of Lily Evan, which was in the girls' dorm. James tried to imagine her for a moment, asleep, not shouting at him, when suddendly stumbled over a door he had never seen before.

What is this? he wondered, seeing that the room was not marked on the Map.

He went in and was hit by a shining light. In the middle of the room there was a big mirror.

'Mirror of Erised...' James read carefully 'What does the hell mean?'

He went closer. And closer. And closer.

And looked inside.

The following morning

'Remus, I told you, it was so real!' James shouted, spitting his soup around.

'I know it seemed real' Remus said clening his sleeve that James had just stained 'It's the Mirror of Erised. Binns told us about it, don't you remember?'

Three pairs of eyes stared at Remus, like he had just said that he had been secretely dating Snape for the last two years.

'We never pay attention during Binns' classes, Moony' Sirius said slowly, like if he were talking to a three-year-old.

'Well, you should' Remus said 'He told us about it. It's the mirror that shows our inner desire'

'It shows our future!' James roared and everybody looked at him, including a certain red-head.

'Sorry...' he said blushing a bit.

'Say again what you saw, James' Sirius said.

'Okay... first of all there was just... well, you know... her'

'Who?' Peter asked.

'Lily, you git' James hissed.

'And then?' Remus asked cooperatively.

'Well, she was alone and...'

'Was she naked?' Sirius asked interested.

'No!' James said in horror 'She wasn't. She was in a kitchen and she was cooking or doing something like that and then...'

'... and then?' the three friends asked.

'And then I saw a child crawling. He was obviously her son, because he had her beautiful eyes...' James looked at Lily, who casted him a disapproving glance.

'Go on' Sirius snorted.

'Well, yes... so, the baby came in, she laughed and she took him. Then she saw someone who was coming and that I could not see. And when she saw this someone her eyes twinkled and she looked so happy and...'


'And then the someone came in...'


'And I was that someone!' James yelled in triumph 'She kissed me... she kissed me!... and then she handed me our baby... because he was our baby! He had her eyes and my face, my hair...'

'He was your fotocopy' Remus said smiling.

'My what?'

'Nothing. Something they told us during Muggle Studies Class. What happened next?'

'Nothing. We just sat together and we talked and we laughed and we played with the baby and we kissed and...'

'Okay, so your inner desire is to shag Lily' Sirius said in an effective tone.

'Sirius!' Remus and James shouted at the same time.

'Sorry' he said non-chalantly pouring some juice in his glass.

'What Sirius meant, is that your inner desire is to marry Lily and have a child with her' Remus said rising his eye-brow.

'It's not my inner desire! Well, yes, it's even my inner desire, but that's my future! It's all going to happen, I'm sure' James yelled.

'Prongs...' Peter said half smiling in an apologetical tone 'Lily doesn't even address to you using your name'

'I know, but that's my future. I'm one hundred percent positive...'

'James...' Remus said again.

'Listen to me, Moony. That's my dream. That's my incredible amazing dream. In that vision I was happy, as I have never been in my whole life. And I'll do whatever I can to make it come true'

'I hope you will' Remus beamed sadly, thinking of his own dreams and happiness.

'I will' James answered laughing.

Today I may no have a thing at all

Except for just a dream or two

But I've got a lot of plans for tomorrow

And all my tomorrows belong to you

Cahn/ Van Heusen


Hello!! This is my brand new work... ahahah laughs happily as she has been planning this for a while and never had time to actualy do it It's just a series of one shots involving several different characters meeting the Mirror of Erised. I've already planned to write some characters (I've almost finished to write Snape, then I intend to write Sirius, Lily, Remus, Tom Riddle and Wormtail) but I'm totally open to any kind of suggestion. So, I'd be glad to have some feedback... (translated in a more pratical way: please, REVIEW!)