'The Mirror of Erised...' Fred whispered.

'Yes...' George remarked, looking at the Mirror.

They had been looking for it for two years, after the first time they had heard McGonagall mentioning it in class, and finally there they were.

'You go first' Fred said.

George looked at him in amazement.

'No, you go first' he replied..

'You go first' Fred repeated without looking at him.

'Fred, what's the problem with you?' George said, trying to make out that strange look of fear and exhilaration in his brother's eyes.

'I don't know... it's just... I'm scared... it's like... if this were bigger than me...' he muttered.

'We're Gred and Forge! We have no idea what fear is' George said.

'You're right' Fred said with a smile 'I don't know what I was thinking.'

He stepped closer and looked inside the Mirror.

'What do you see? What do you see?' George asked.

'I see... I see... Oh Merlin!' he whispered.

'What? What?' George asked, looking at his brother's pale face.

'I would have never guessed that I was going to see this' he said, and his voice was barely audible.

'WHAT DO YOU SEE?' George shouted as he saw a small tear falling from Fred's eye.

A tear from Fred's eye. George had never seen Fred crying.

Twelve years later

'Are you sure you want to do that, George?' Angelina asked.

George looked at her and at the tiny baby who was resting in her arms.

'Yes I am' he said.

'Are you sure you want to do that, George?' Ginny asked.

George smiled to his little sister and to her sons.

'Yes I am' he said.

Percy, Bill, Charlie, Ron, Harry, even Fleur and Hermione posed him the very same question.

'Yes I am' he answered every time, pretending he didn't see their worried expressions.

And his parents asked him if he wanted to do that.

'I must do that, mum, and therefore I can' he said, smiling at his parents' puzzled look.

'Well, if you really want to...' Harry sighed in the end and said a couple of words to McGonagall.

She nodded while a worried look appeared on her face and she went to the Headmistress chair.

'We'd like to start the celebration of today – the celebration of the fallen during the two wars against Voldemort – with a speech by a relative of one of the victims, Fred Weasley' as she pronunced the name she sighed 'This is his twin brother George'

George went close to her and McGonagall, much to George's and her own disbelief, hugged him.

George smiled and looked at the audience. Like every 2nd May, like every celebration of the fallen of the Two Wars, there they were. The students, the former members of the Order of the Phoenix and of the Dumbledore's Army, all the people who had fought and struggled against Voldemort, all the people who had lost a relative in war... there they were.

George smiled looking at those faces he loved so much. His family, his friends...

'Strange thing what memory is' he began 'We are sure that we always remember everything. We're sure that nothing can slip from our mind. In all these years, I was sure I remembered everything of my brother, Fred. I tried to keep everything in my mind. I couldn't really forget his face, as I look into a mirror and I immediately remember it' he said with a laugh and the members of his family looked at each other, as they couldn't believe he was actually laughing talking about Fred.

'But I was scared I could forget his habits. During the first week after his death I started drinking my tea with two sugars. I didn't like it.But I didn't want to forget how Fred used to take it.

I've always been sure I remembered everything about him. And then, this night, I found out I was wrong'

He looked at the audience.

'I had forgotten the most important thing of all. The one thing I had to remember. I had forgotten it. I had forgotten it.

And I remembered it tonight. I was waiting for my son, Fred, to fall asleep' he said smiling to Angelina, who smiled back to him.

'I remembered the time we encountered the Mirror of Erised.

Fred didn't want to look inside it at first. He was scared and he didn't know why, as he was never scared. Then he finally decided to do that.

And do you know what he saw?' he paused.

'He saw himself dead'

'At first he couldn't understand. Why was he dead? He didn't wish to die. He loved life, he loved life more than anybody else I know. Then he saw that people were remembering him. But without tears, without desperation.

They were happy. They were laughing remembering his pranks, his jokes, his life.

There was no sadness, no grief.

And he understood what his biggest desire was. We both knew that a war was coming. We both knew that our lives were in danger. All the people who died, all the people we're celebrating today, were fully aware of what could happen to them.

And Fred was scared. But not scared to die. He was scared of the effects that his death could have on the people he loved. On his mother, on his father, on his brothers, on his little sister... on me.

And what he wished the most was to be remembered with laughs.

And I forgot about it. In all these years, during these celebrations, I've sit there, among you, without daring to talk, crying with you and mourning with you.

This is just so wrong. He wanted us to laugh. They all wanted us to laugh' he said pointing to the placque were the names of the fallen were inscribed.

'They wanted to give us a happier world to live in. In this way we're not celebrating them. We're killing them again. Do you understand?'

Suddendly they heard a noise in the distance. Everybody looked at each other, trying to understand where it was coming from.

'That was not fair! You can't tickle me!' a girl voice was screaming happily.

'Yes I can!' a boy was laughing.

'Oh I'm so sorry' a blonde woman said getting up and blushing furiously 'That's Victoire and Teddì, I told them they could roam around the Castle if they wanted to, but I told them to keep silent. I'll go and...'

'No Fleur, that's my point: let them play, let them laugh, let them be happy. We should let ourselves be happy' George said with a strange smile, the one that he had when he was going to pull a prank

'And therefore... Mr. Peeves!' he called.

'Yes sir' the spirit said appearing at his right.

'Let's give them the hell for Fred' George said with a laugh and in that very same moment there were several explosions and the Hall was covered up with strange lights, gases of all kinds

People stood up, looking at each other in embarrassment, without knowing what to do.

But five red-heads began laughing aloud, and they were soon followed by their own families and by everybody who was in.

'What a better way to celebrate?' Peeves shrieked while running after the excited Teddy and Victoire.

And everybody, especially the ones who were looking at them from above, could do nothing but agree.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you

Weep and you weep alone

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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