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Greg and Nick had successfully managed to avoid Sara and Catherine for the better part of the week, but both of them were smart enough to know that it couldn't last forever. Sure enough Thursday afternoon Greg let his guard down.

"Hi Greg! I, ah, haven't talked to you in a while. How was your weekend?"

"Fine Cat thanks for asking." He responded knowing his co-worker didn't appreciate the nickname.

"So you had Nicky over didn't you?"

"You know I did."

"Right, how did that go? You guys have a good time?"

"Oh yeah, how was that?" Sara had found them.

"We had a good know doing guy stuff..." Both women looked at him expectantly. "We ate pizza we went out to a club, we slept in the next morning. What else do you need to know?"

"How was the club? Catch Nick staring at anyone?" Greg sighed.

"Well he was after this totally hot blonde."

"Guy or girl?"

"Sara, it's none of your business who Nick decides to hit on!"

"So he was checking out guys!"

"I didn't say that!"

"No, but if it was a woman you would have said 'blonde chick' or something!"

Greg was getting frustrated and afraid of the hole he was digging for himself. He desperately didn't want to squeal on Nick, but he knew the women were going to get it out of him. "Look ladies, whether Nick is or is not gay, or bi, or a drag queen or whatever is not your business!" Greg began a rant. The women looked at him with mild amusement. "He's not a queen, I will tell you that! But just think of Nicky's privacy! maybe if he didn't know he was gay, he wouldn't want anyone else to know either, hypothetically!"

"Okay, you're right Greg. We don't need to know."

"Damn straight you...oh...kay. Really?" Both women nodded. "Oh, alright then. I'm just gonna go over here and change then. Have a nice night ladies." But before Greg could dart off Nick entered the room.

"Hey babe still commin' over tonight?" Greg answered with a dumb stare. "Oh hey you two, tellin' secrets?" He said as he walked past the three of them playfully slapping Greg's butt. "Gosh you look so cute when you stare like that, c'mere." Nick smiled and tugged Greg over kissing him squarely on the mouth. Both women's jaws dropped.

"Ah, Nick I was just telling the women here about our weekend, and things that may or may not be true..."

"Did you tell them how hot you look on the dance floor? Or how you're one helluva kisser? Or That you like it when I..."

"OKAY!!! Nicky! can I talk to you for a second over there? Please?" He said dragging his friend around the corner. "Are you out of your mind! Cath and Sara were right there!" He hissed.

"Yeah, Greg I know."
"I thought you didn't want them to know! I was fending them off for you!"

"I know, and I thought about it and, it's not fair that they were going after you. And well I don't care if they know. They were gonna figure it out sometime so I thought I would help it along. Besides If they find out I want it to be from me."

"I see. Well if that's the way you want it, more power to ya."

"That is exactly the way I want it Greggo, so are you coming over tonight?"

"If I get out of the locker room alive after your little display of affection."

"I think you'll get out just fine." Nick responded leaning in to kiss Greg.


On the other side if the lockers the two women listened silently. When it became apparent the men were no longer talking they finished up and crept out of the room. They made it all the way to the parking garage before exploding into exclamations, and victory dances.

"Are we good or what!" Catherine said with a smile from ear to ear.

"I wasn't sure that was gonna work out." Sara panted.

"Well you know Greg, he's nearly irresistible!"

"Thank God Nick thinks so too."

"I hope this works out for them. I wouldn't want to beat either one of them up."

"Nope, I think they're gonna be just fine. Hey Cath?"


"Who should we work on next?" At that moment Archie chose the worst possible moment to enter the parking garage.

"Hi Catherine, Sara" he said tentatively not exactly sure he liked the looks in their eyes.

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