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ugh...i'm unfortunately sick at the you have to forgive me for posting this so late. WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? it's been FOREVER, hasn't it? i missed this story too much, and i know that a lot of you have been waiting for much, much too long. i'm trying to be a good student at school, trying to patch things back up after what happened two months ago, and right now i'm starting to pick up the pieces one at a time. -less than three- it's a pretty good feeling, and i'm glad i took the time today to write. gosh, i missed axel and roxas so much.

so, i decided to make it up to you guys and make this chapter a bit longer than the others. at the time i started writing this, my feelings were running wild, and i guess that's reflected here. alrighty, time to fess up and speak the truth! you wonder about that little kiss back there? hmhmhm. axel is such a sneaky bastard.

Chapter 6: Tell Me the Truth

"Hm..." Roxas mumbled as his eyes fluttered open in the dark. He couldn't yet comprehend with the world at the moment, so the feeling of lips on his hadn't yet registered. So, thinking that it was morning already, his arms stretched out toward the ceiling for a stretch, causing his and Axel's lips to press harder against each other. Still, it didn't signal a thing in his head.

Once he'd finished stretching, Roxas laid himself back down on the couch and, with the absence of another human body against his, his eyebrows rose and he tried to correct his vision so he could better see in the dark. All this time Axel watched the boy with just as much attention as he had when he'd been, well, kissing him, obviously. He looked like a baby almost. Cute.

"Hey," Roxas mumbled as if nothing was wrong. "W-what're you doing...hereee!?" Clearly that didn't last long since his eyes widened and he quickly squirmed in the cushions—his feet kicking and his arms pulled in close to his chest. "What the hell?" he spat.

Axel hadn't backed away right away, but instead casually ran a hand through his hair and lingered before Roxas with his eyes shut. He just started to hum something by the time Roxas decided to get nippy again.

"Wha—you just—what're you doing hovering over my head like that?" the blonde asked in a mess of panting and chattering teeth. When Axel didn't respond, he shook his head vigorously and swung his feet onto the floor so that he could sit properly.

Nonchalantly, the redhead straightened his back, giving Roxas room to breathe some, and crossed his arms as he turned back for the hallway. Huh. So did he feel that kiss or was he simply in denial? Oh, the sheer amusement of it all. Axel was enjoying Roxas's company, to be perfectly honest. For Axel, Roxas's mind was silly and unique and at this time of the day he was surprised to see that Roxas wasn't much different.

"Well, I think that's enough for one night, Roxas," Axel chuckled while glancing over his shoulder. Roxas scoffed and rubbed his eyes with both hands.

"Seriously, what—N-never mind," he stuttered, waving a hand in Axel's direction, disregarding him. "...Just—you know, what time is it?"


"Time. What's the time?" Roxas asked, frustrated. Maybe he'd raised his voice and maybe Axel found that funny since the he started to chuckle. Roxas knitted his eyebrows and sat up on the couch. "What?"

Axel shook his head and waved a hand past his face. "Nothin'. Just kinda funny...seeing you asleep in my place."

The blonde shot his eyes in the other direction and held back a blush coming to his face. He was embarrassed because he'd been here in Axel's apartment, and he wasn't embarrassed because he'd fallen asleep, but, honestly, he was embarrassed about not knowing what to do toward Axel's hospitality. It was nice, yeah, but in a way it was overwhelming. Thinking about it, Roxas brought two fingers to his lips and traced their shape.

The redhead narrowed his eyes at that movement and, after running his long fingers through his hair again, turned and walked toward his bedroom.

"It's 10 o'clock," he called over his shoulder to which Roxas sighed heavily. Hm, what's with the sighing? Axel glanced over his shoulder at that and decided to pitch some concern. "You mind telling me why time's so important to you?"

The blonde didn't look at Axel and kept his eyes focused on the little glass figurines sitting on the windowsill across from him. He liked those things, really, but he had to wait for daytime to really appreciate their beauty. He nearly forgot Axel's question, and he really wished he hadn't remembered, but slowly he turned his head and replied like a good boy.

"...It's just a bad habit, checking the time a lot. It's not important." With that, Roxas crossed his arms and flopped back down on the couch with his head rested atop the armrest. Strangely it wasn't as comfortable as earlier, but he didn't complain. He'd only be here for a short while anyway, so comfort wasn't his number one priority. Axel, on the other hand, cocked his head when Roxas's head made an uncomforting thunk on the couch and figured he should be concerned.

"You need somethin'?" he asked. Roxas scoffed and shut his eyes as he yanked the stolen pillow up to his chest and hugged it tightly to his body. He pulled his legs in closer to his chest to preserve heat—he was still wearing those damn swimming trucks.

Axel persisted. "Like a blanket?" Still the kid turned the offer down. "Pants?" he asked, noticing that Roxas's exposed legs were prickled with goose bumps.

"How about quiet? That'd be great."

Roxas heard a scoff down the hallway and, curiously, his head rose from the couch and he hesitated trying to peek at the redhead. But when he heard a soft click he figured that Axel retreated to his room, shut the door and turned in. Honestly, that was shocking. Slowly, he lowered his head and cuddled the pillow as he thought harder about this...Axel guy. He didn't object to Roxas's behavior, he didn't turn down Roxas's requests. In fact, Axel wasn't doing a damn thing wrong.

So what was so frustrating about him? What was it about Axel that pissed Roxas off? The more the blonde thought about it, the worse he felt. He buried his cold lips into the pillow and shut his eyes, suddenly overcome by sleepiness again. What was really annoying was that he liked what Axel was doing, he liked Axel's company and more than anything he liked Axel.

It wasn't fair. He was starting to like a guy who was a) a creeper b) a suicidal idiot like himself and c) nice. Because Axel was all of the above, Roxas felt like he had a little...solace.

Was this supposed to happen?


It was nearly five in the afternoon when Roxas woke up the next day. Ever since he'd started living by himself he'd been getting up late...way late. It wasn't even funny how late he'd get up most days. Ok, if he was really lucky a garbage truck would drive by his apartment and wake him up around 11. He just didn't really have any reason to get up early...he didn't have a reason to start a day so soon...or start one at all.

As he opened his eyes, Roxas smelled something wafting around the living room and his senses suddenly perked up. Coffee? Curiously, the blonde sat up from the couch, causing the pillow he'd been holding to fall from his lap and onto the floor. He stared at it a second or two before stupidly remembering that he wasn't in his fucking apartment anymore, but in Axel's.

He yawned and slowly stood from the couch so that he could figure out where that smell was coming from. Sure enough, his nose led him to the kitchen and there, sitting with his legs propped up on the table and his back turned to the blonde, was Axel.

Roxas rolled his eyes and scratched behind his neck. "Don't you ever sleep?"

Axel chuckled and kept his back turned to the boy when he replied, "Don't you ever wake up?"

When Roxas didn't respond, Axel glanced over his shoulder to find out what his little guest was doing. Poor kid. Probably didn't know much about how to accept hospitality and generosity from a complete stranger. The redhead sighed on that thought and turned his chair around so that he could get a better look at the kid wearing beach shorts and a dirty star sweater in his kitchen.

"You should drink coffee," he started, nodding. "Or at least let me give you something decent to wear."

Roxas shook his head at that, once again turning down an offer that Axel gave. "No thanks. Always hated the coffee. And there's nothing wrong with my fashion sense."

Strangely, Axel didn't say anything to that, but rather than turning back around and disregarding the question he stared with unblinking eyes at Roxas. Roxas looked away and felt goose bumps traveling down his spine and up his legs under Axel's sudden creeper stare. Axel staring at him like that with his green eyes was nerve wracking. He happened to do this a lot...which was only slightly concerning to the blonde. Slightly. He'd only known him for a few days and he was suddenly living in the same place.

What. The. Fuck.

After what felt like hours, Axel broke the gaze and quietly stood from his chair. Roxas looked back at him again and noticed at least three empty coffee cups sitting atop the table. What a freak of nature!

"Alright, what ever ya say. If that's the case, how's 'bout you an' me get outta the house today?" Axel asked, crossing his arms and smiling down at the confused boy.

What? Was Axel...actually suggesting they bond? Sure, this suggestion had been floating in the back of Roxas's head for some time, but he never thought Axel, the one person in this world who knew about Roxas's suicidal problem, would bring it up! Didn't he know that Roxas couldn't bond? Trying to dislike Axel was hard enough!

"...What're you talking about?"

"Come on, we'll just be out for a little while! We'll come right back, promise."

After hearing that, Roxas widened his eyes and laughed in disbelief. "You're—you're kidding, right? I—"

"I've got something I wanna show you down at the beach."

"Oh goody. The beach. You gonna take me along to stalk more kids?" Roxas retorted, slapping his forehead with his palm afterward. The redhead, rather than giving a quirky response to that statement, kept a straight face and walked towards the blonde. When he was close enough, Axel leaned forward and stared into Roxas's face with one eyebrow quirked. Poor Roxas tried to inch his face away, even threatened to kick Axel in the balls if he didn't move, but still the redhead stayed put, his eyes narrowed to slits.

"You know, Roxas," he began as he took a step closer. Roxas backed further away into the hallway at that. He actually sounded pissed. "You are the biggest jackass...I've ever met."

Roxas stammered at that comment but didn't get the chance to send a slap across Axel's face since he'd finally backed away and walked toward the front door. It was only now that he realized that he was backed into the nearest wall with his fingers nervously clawing at the paint behind him. He slowly turned his head and watched as Axel popped open the front door and slipped out into the hallway with his hands hidden away in the pocket of his black hoodie. Was he mad? Did Roxas hurt his feelings?

Roxas had to admit that, at times, Axel frightened him...then again, maybe frightened wasn't the right word.

Thoroughly intrigued might've been better.


"You like this place, Roxas?" Axel asked as soon as he could see the sea shore up ahead. Roxas, who had been walking behind Axel at a good distance of five feet, looked up from his feet and stared out at the orange horizon with the black silhouettes of seagulls hovering aimlessly over the water. He took in a deep breath and looked away from such a beautiful scene, mostly because he didn't want to feel too nostalgic right now...

The beach...

"No," he muttered under his breath, kicking the ground afterward. Axel didn't respond so Roxas couldn't tell what his reaction was. Was he smiling? Did he really believe what Roxas said? Without thinking, Roxas picked up his pace and walked side by side with Axel so that he could get a better look at his face.

Axel pretended not to notice Roxas walking beside him and looked straight ahead with his fingers intertwined behind his head. "Hm...I'm not buyin' that. Saw you here with your friends yesterday, remember?"

"Doesn't mean I like the beach."

"But you enjoy your friend's company. You can't tell me this beach doesn't bring back good memories?" Axel turned his head to the left with that question, searching the blonde's face for the answer. All he got in return was a lousy shake of the head. This kid was a stubborn one...

The two finally crossed the street and made it to the sand in silence. Roxas hesitated at first, but after seeing that Axel continued to walk on, panicked and dashed across the sand after him. Ugh. He felt like such a—such a puppy, it wasn't even funny. Since he'd been wearing his sandals, he could feel the warmth of the summer sun on his toes. It hurt, yeah, but at the same time he liked the feeling. All around him he could hear the ocean. The waves were calmer today that usual, and the beach was strangely empty save for a few women who had fallen asleep sun tanning.

So the two were virtually alone.

He stopped for a second and lowered his head as he shut his eyes. In Roxas's head he had a little world all his own—a dark one where he was the only one alive. He liked this little world...because he was the only one there. He didn't need to abide to rules. He didn't need to worry about hurting or getting hurt. In sleep he'd visit his little world...but when he'd open his eyes it would vanish and the real world would overtake him.

For a while he smiled thinking about it, listening to the ebbing of the waves at the same time, before he heard footsteps coming toward him and he abruptly opened his eyes.

Axel was standing in front of him, appearing as a shadow against the large orange sun, and was looking down at the kid curiously.

"You...ok? Tired?"

Roxas shook his head and as he walked away he brushed arms with Axel like he was angry. "I just don't like it here, ok?" Why did he have to go off thinking about his world at a time like this?

The sand appeared orange as Roxas approached the waves. Since he lived in Twilight Town, the sun would always set earlier than usual regardless of the season. Around five was when the sun would set completely. He stopped before a wave could touch his feet and stared out at the water with a heavy gaze. Suddenly, he really was feeling tired.

"...Hey, see that cliff over there?"

Roxas blinked a couple of times before looking over his shoulder at Axel who was standing to the right of him. Since the tide was coming in fast, Axel had his jeans folded up a little past his knees so the bottoms wouldn't get wet. Roxas eyed him a moment, this redhead standing in front of the sunset, before looking out over the horizon where Axel had his finger pointed toward. It took him a while, but soon Roxas spotted what looked like a giant boulder jutting out into the high crashing waves.

"What about it?" he asked, slowly.

Axel lowered his head and chuckled. "Let's go," he replied playfully as if this was some sort of activity. Roxas immediately objected to that.

"You know we'll get killed, right? Those waves? Are you seeing them? And the tide's coming in!"

"Trust me, you won't die." Still Axel sounded like he was teasing the kid. There was a reason why he liked to push Roxas' buttons. If there was one thing in this world that Roxas lacked, it was discipline. Axel figured that much out in the last few days he'd known him. He'd find the time to let Roxas know about this fault, but at the moment he just wanted to test him. Figure out what made blondie...tick.

The redhead nearly giggled as he thought about all this and despite Roxas' continuous rejection of going to the cliff, Axel immediately broke into a run to the left and ended up splashing Roxas with water from the knee down. Roxas shot a look at him.

"Are you even listening?"

"You comin' or not?" Axel called over his shoulder, not stopping. Well, Roxas truly did want to just let the douchebag run like that. Run. Run so very far away until there was nothing left of him. Then maybe Roxas could do some running of his own—run back home if he wanted, he didn't know. Still, even as he thought about it, his feet didn't budge. They'd grown too used to the warmth of the beach...and Roxas was slowly growing tired of being alone.

He paused, clenching his hands into fists before letting out a rough sigh and breaking into a run after Axel. The wind from the waves pushed his hair to one side and for once he could feel his body loosen up a bit. He didn't even know he'd been tense. He always knew that the beach gave him that feeling...he just didn't like revisiting it, that's all. "You'd better have a good reason..." he muttered off to the side.

Of course Axel couldn't hear him; he was too far ahead. Still, even so very far away Roxas could see Axel, and because of that he felt alright. Maybe not completely ok, but alright. He didn't quite understand what Axel was doing for him, why he'd even met him in the first place, but one thing still stood as truth: Roxas's little world suddenly wasn't so...little.


There were waves crashing on either side of the two as they stood atop the cliff. It was near sundown and all around the environment had become dark blue. The cliff was too high—at least four stories tall—for the waves to reach over it, so Roxas really didn't have to feel so paranoid about being swallowed up by the ocean. And yet, looking out at the white foam at the sliver of the sun being swallowed up by darkness, Roxas really did feel out of place. What the hell was he doing here?

He swallowed and stayed put behind Axel as the redhead, panting, looked out at the beach which was now far away. Chuckling, he put his hands on his hips and turned to face the blonde practically cowering in his own skin. He cocked his head and clicked his tongue to get the kid's attention.

"I take it you've never been up here before, huh?" he asked, trying to speak over the sound of an incoming wave. Roxas abruptly looked up and shook his head. His bangs were dropping over his eyes a bit since he'd tripped in the tide on the way over here. So now he was drenched in water. Great.


Axel smirked down at him and shook a thumb over his shoulder at the edge of the cliff. "Loads of people jump off this thing and into the water down there."

Oh. No.

No, no,

Roxas had to stick a finger in his ear to check if he was hearing Axel's words right. Was he honestly implying that they jump from this gosh forsaken cliff? With the tide coming in as fast as it was and nighttime fast approaching, Roxas had no doubt in his mind that they'd be smashed to pieces. And even if they did manage to make it to the water, more than likely they'd have a pretty damn hard time getting to shore in this darkness.

He smeared a hand down his face before replying. "You're crazy! We'll—"

"Get killed?" Axel asked in a low, serious tone of voice.

"We—" Now wait. What was that? Roxas removed his hand from his face and peered down at Axel's feet with two fingers lightly pressing his lips. His eyes widened a bit as he thought about what Axel had just said. His whole body shook on that thought and when he slowly looked back up at his companion he froze on the spot...and just stared. Axel wasn't laughing; he wasn't he was really being serious.


Roxas felt a few stray beads of sea water touch his cheek when he snapped out of his thoughts. He rubbed them off with his thumb and afterward ran a hand through his hair. Now that he thought about it, anything in this world could kill a person, even waves, even darkness. Every little thing lying on the floor could end someone's life, and here he was going to the extremes—wanting to throw himself off a seven story building. The result would always be the same: death. And yet...he just didn't—he just didn't want that.

"I can go first if you want," Axel muttered, turning his body sideways before Roxas. The blonde nearly lunged forward at that movement, but quickly held his composure and glued his feet to the place he stood. When Roxas didn't respond, Axel shrugged and completed his turn by facing the ocean. "Alright. Looks like I'm first, hm?"


"You don't have to do it, you know. I just thought it'd be an easier alternative."

"A-Axel," Roxas started, lightly chuckling to the redhead's back. He held a hand out, unbeknownst to Axel, and took a little step forward although he really did try to stop himself. This scene seemed all too familiar. "It's just not—"

"Worth it?"

Roxas really wished Axel would stop interrupting him. This was important. Why—why did Roxas let himself get duped like this? Why did he allow himself to be swayed by Axel's words? They weren't here for the nostalgia; no they were here to die. Axel was honestly here to get the two of them killed! For Roxas...that just couldn't happen. Not here. No, not at this place; this was too important, no matter how many times he tried to ignore it.

He bit his lip and tried speaking to Axel again. "Will you just listen to me?"

"Too late for that, Roxas," Axel muttered to the ground. For a while the two stood quietly with nothing but the darkness wrapped around them. Roxas had to squint to get a good look at Axel, and after each passing second he thought that he'd be alone, that Axel would've jumped off the edge...and gone away. Axel wouldn't. No, he wouldn't!

"...Stop it," the blonde nearly whimpered that, but Axel ignored him. That's it...

Axel took one step forward.


And another step.


Two more now...

"So...this is goodbye then, hm?" Axel asked, glancing over his shoulder. But before Roxas could respond, he took a step forward and ran toward the edge with little hesitation. This was it. The jump he'd wanted to take. He'd die here, it seemed...

But Roxas wouldn't have that. Roxas's little heart pounded roughly against his chest as he watched Axel run further and further away, only this time seeing him wasn't as comforting as when they'd been on the beach. Was he really about to be abandoned...? No! Axel couldn't go away...Axel couldn't leave him standing here alone. It was a split second decision, maybe a little less than that when Roxas grabbed the sides of his head, tightly shut his eyes...and screamed.


Suddenly, the world stopped.

Roxas wasn't sure if he'd even succeeded; his eyes were still closed and he wasn't looking forward. He couldn't hear footsteps running away from him, he couldn't hear waves crashing and pounding a body to death. He cringed, he panted...and suddenly he felt so small. Alone. The wind blew across his face, almost as if it wanted to calm him down, but he barely paid attention. All his nerves seemed to stop functioning. This feeling...of being alone...

"...Didn't I promise you we'd go home?"

With that, Roxas's breathing hitched and his head became extremely light. Did he...just imagine that? That voice? But as soon as he opened his eyes he looked up and saw a familiar face...smiling at him. He had a hand outstretched to the kid, a sign of friendship, a sign of peace almost. A hand that usually came with the words "I'm here" or "I'll be here for you." But Roxas...he didn't want to take that hand. He didn't want to accept those words, the very words engraved on the broken heart around his neck. Instead, he scowled at them and in one swift movement turned his back and bolted away into the night.


"I don't need you!"

It was almost 7 o'clock.


Roxas burst through that door like a bat out of hell. He'd stormed through the streets of Twilight Town this late at night without stopping to take a breather and right now his body was feeling the pain. His legs felt like they were about to snap in half and his brain was pounding, pounding, pounding against his skull. He brought a hand to his temple and rubbed at it for a second before slamming the door shut behind him and letting the sound echo through the dark streets of town.

Here he was again, atop this old building. The one building he went to for solace, for completion at the end of most days. He hadn't been here in a long time, so setting foot atop it felt good...very good. But because he was so...pissed the feeling was virtually nonexistent. He shook his head and like second nature he shot toward the right and made for his favorite corner of the building—the one with the dark alley directly below it.

Roxas's heart was about ready to leap out of his throat at this point and he could taste blood on his tongue. He might've bit it as he was running over here from the beach. It happened in such a flash so he wasn't too clear on the details. But somehow he'd made it here in one piece with the only intention of ending the day in pieces. His feet felt extremely numb as he approached the abandoned corner which was beckoning him to come closer. The street lights hadn't yet flickered on, so now all he had to do was go for it.

He quickly positioned his feet and briefly peeked over the edge at the dark pavement seven stories down. He wondered if anyone would find him there...

Maybe Axel. But he really couldn't think about that idiot right now. Huh. That idiot and his games. Who was he trying to pull? It was people like Axel that Roxas really couldn't care less if they were run over by a bus. Stupid people, people who ran around with an ego larger than their head. Axel thought he could stump Roxas with that little scare? Hah! He had another thing coming!

Roxas sniffled once and felt his eyes sting each time he blinked. There was a lump caught in his throat, but he was too afraid to swallow and get rid of it. In a way, he wanted it to be there, but he couldn't understand why. He sniffled again and tried to ease his breathing more. He had to find his isolated world and stick to it. He had to be alone no matter how much he feared being by himself. He tried, he really did...but then he had to be interrupted. Yet again.


"What!?" Roxas spun around to face the noise only to come up with darkness. His eyes flashed and his stomach rolled as he peered around the rooftop. The thunder above him meant rain, so the sound could've just been the weather. Then again, Roxas didn't want to get too comfortable with that idea and instead remained still to further check his surroundings. More thunder...more lightning and rolling clouds...he had to be alone.

I'm gonna jump...come on, Roxas. You have to do have to—

"Your comfort zone, huh?"

Roxas twitched and looked around him in a panic. Already the rain was starting to come down in big fat drops, so his vision was becoming distorted by the second. He backed up closer to the edge until he could feel the backs of his feet dangling in the air. A simple gust of wind could've blown him over...

"Who asked you!?" he called out to the voice.

The response came quicker than Roxas expected. "You really think you can fool me, Roxas?"

"I'm not trying to fool anyone!"

"Really? You're not? Kinda looks like it t' me! Still, more than anyone, you're foolin' yourself!"

"Knock it off!" Roxas growled, waving a hand in the wet air as if he were sending a punch across someone's face. He had to get out of here. It seemed that no matter where he went someone else would follow. On that note, Roxas knitted his brows and dashed off across the roof, trying to the best of his ability to avoid bumping into walls or chimneys. The rain was coming down heavier now, and his skin was starting to feel battered and bruised by the incoming droplets. No matter where he went...there was always something, someone to bother him.

What did he want? To be alone...or to be with someone?

No, no, he couldn't think about any of that! He couldn't—he couldn't—


Just like that, Roxas was trapped. The voice came from out of nowhere and in an instant the blonde felt his entire body being pushed to his left. He nearly cried out as his left arm met with the hard surface of what felt like the exit door, but he bit on his wounded tongue and kept himself together. Pain was searing through every bit of the poor kid's body...and he knew he couldn't handle it...he didn't want to.

"Look at me, ok?"

Roxas growled and squirmed stubbornly as he was held firmly by his upper arms. "I don't take orders from you!"

"Why'd you run away, Roxas?"

"That's none of your business!"

"'Cause you were scared?"

"Shut up!"

"Did I push you too far? Is that it!?"

"Why the hell do you care!?"

"If you wanted to die here then you should've just told me!"


"You wanted to die alone, right?"

"I don't—!"

"Just tell me so I know what I can give you, Roxas! It ain't that hard!"


"You wanna tell me the truth or are we gonna stay bantering like this all night?"

"There's nothing—there's nothing I can tell you. You don't need to know anything!"

"Maybe you wanted me to die back there, hm?"


"No? Then what? You'd rather we go down together? Where're you standing right now, Roxas? Hm?"

"I don't even know!"

"What do you really want Roxas? You wanna live?"

"Axel, I don't know!" Roxas's voice gradually began to shake and lower as his and Axel's conversation went on. The rain was still falling at a dramatic pace, but because Axel was literally hovering over the blonde, Roxas could see his face fairly well. He could feel the redhead's fingers clawing into his arms, holding him against the door and preventing him from running away. He shut his eyes and tried to forget...shut things away...

"...Don't lie t' yourself," Axel muttered, his voice slightly rose as if lecturing the kid. "Don't lie."

"I—I don't—"

Axel leaned in closer to hear the kid's whispers and searched Roxas's wet little face for a reaction. He loosened his grip on Roxas's arms, but still pressed his body tightly against the door, no matter how much it hurt. It was now or never for Roxas to admit what he really wanted, to come out and say what he'd held bottled up. Axel knew this...he knew Roxas was holding in too much. Find the trigger...


"I don't want..."


"I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Roxas screamed so loudly that it even made Axel twitch. It echoed across the rooftop, through the night and more than likely across the street...but no one else was around to hear it. Because, in reality, in this little world, Roxas wasn't really by himself...He didn't only have himself to talk to, to listen to.

He had Axel. And now that someone was here to listen, Roxas could honestly say that hereally...didn't want to die.

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