To the Fallen

By: Shannon

To the fallen
To the families
To the horror
That everyone sees.

I say a prayer for you
I pray for hope
I pray for joy
I pray that, from this tragedy, we cope.

To the enemies
I pray that you see The Light
I pray that you see your horrible ways
I pray for your salvation this night.

Many saw Heaven
On this bloody Tuesday
And the critically wounded
Might see Him today.

I am thankful for my life
I am thankful that I wasn't among the dead
My heart is saddened by the many deaths
And the amount of blood that was shed.

I am thankful for Jesus
Because He gave His life
So that we may be with Him
And have no strife.

I am thankful for Jesus
Because He rose from the grave
He is my passion
And lives He did save.

To the families
Of the slain
I pray for everyone of you
Who suffered because of this attack done in vain.