Crimson Regret

By GabriellePheonix

disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its cast im just a fan.

Summary: during a mission near the sound ninja village Naruto encounters Sasuke and is raped by his old lover. What will happen next?Will Naruto ever forgive

him?. (yaoi) rated m for explicit content. (Narutoxsasuke).

Flashbacks will be in italics (like this)

thoughts in bold font.

Near the village hidden in sound...

Naruto lay on the cold ground with tears flowing from his eyes. They reflected the deep inner pain that should not have been in one so young. There was blood and semen running down his legs from his sanctum and soaking his pants. It hurt to move and he silently debated the question of wether or not he would be able to walk.

"Sasuke," he thought, " I've lost you again." He bit his lip to keep the sob welling up inside him from escaping, but he couldn't prevent his body from shaking from the force it took to hold it in.

His mind slowly drifted to what had happened earlier.


He was on a mission with his team near the sound village when it was decided that he would be the one to scout ahead to make sure they had a clear path home. Leaving Sakura and Kakashi behind, he and his clones fanned out for several miles ahead and where scanning the are when it happened.

He was attacked by a few sound ninjas out of almost nowhere. They did have the obvious advantage since they were on there on turf but Naruto still disposed of them easily. He was about to wait for the other to catch up, when he sensed a familiar presence.

"Well look who we have here?" said Sasuke with an evil smirk, as he came out of seemingly nowhere, "my koi, all grown up." He moved in even closer until he was just a feet away from Naruto.

"Sasuke?!" said Naruto, both happy and surprised at the same time.

It had been years since they had seen each other. In fact , they were only a few feet away from the place they had fought when Naruto tried to bring him back the first time. Sasuke had been unable to kill Naruto then and had walked away and left him there bleeding and bruised.

"Surprised to see me lover?" Sasuke asked, his smirk still evident.

Naruto didn't respond , he just feasted his eyes on his only lover, his eyes betraying the pain and loneliness he felt from being abandoned. As well as the love he still felt for him.

"Nothing to say Naruto?" Sasuke teased, "no greeting for your old lover? I thought I had taught you better than that koi," he said mockingly.

Naruto looked over at him with his heart in his eyes, "Sasuke please stop this. Come back to the village. We can all be together again, just like we used to be. Everyone there is waiting for you to come home. Forget about that bastard Orochimaru, he's just using you. Come back to us... come back to me, " he begged him.

Sasuke walked up to him and backhanded him across the face. Naruto , unprepared for the attack, hit the ground hard. He touched his lip and looked up at his lover with tears in his eyes.

Still he didn't give up, "please don't do this again, don't leave me again," he pleaded as tears ran down his face.

Sasuke leaned over and smiling viciously, began caressing the bruised and stinging area of Naruto's cheek, " begging Naruto? We're enemies now you idiot, don't you have any pride left?" he hissed.

Then he reached down and cupped Naruto's cock through his pants and began to fondle him. Although still crying, the blond moaned under his old lover's hand.

Sasuke kneeled between Naruto's leg and after releasing his cock, began stroking him. He leaned over to Naruto's ear , "I seem to remember another time when you used to beg me as well." He whispered as he began removing Naruto's pants and underwear.

Naruto just continued to moan, the feel of his lover's hand on him again overriding all his instincts and training.

"You used to beg when you were lying under me," Sasuke said, " when I took you, you used to beg for more."

He continued fisting Naruto's cock as he released his own cock from his pants. Positioning the tip of his erection at Naruto' s entrance he said, " lets see if you still beg," then he rammed his cock all the way in to the hilt into Naruto's unprepared body.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed, the pain shooting up his spine from his ass, awaking him from his almost trance-like state.

Sasuke began to laugh, slamming himself into Naruto over and over as Naruto began to push against him, in an effort to dislodge him. He was about to form a hand sign when Sasuke grabbed his hands and used one hand to secure them above his head. He continued to laugh as Naruto struggled.

Naruto looked up at his lover in horror. This was not the kind and passionate lover that he knew, it was a monster that had his lover's face. He continued to buck, trying desperately to dislodge the thrusting rod, and Sasuke used his body to restrain him as he pressed him into the ground. He used his free hand to open Naruto's legs wider and continued to pound into him.

"You're being ver naughty koi, trying to resist me like this when we both know you wanted it," teased Sasuke.

"Sasuke please stop, you're hurting me!!!" naruto begged, tears flowing freely as pain continued to shoot up his body with Sasuke's every thrust, from his bruised and torn ass.

Sasuke continued to nail him, " so you do still beg," he said laughing.

Naruto moaned, from a mixture of pain as well as a slight feeling of pleasure at feeling his lover inside him again.

"Ooow!" Naruto screamed as Sasuke bit his neck drawing blood. Sasuke released the torn skin from his lips and continued to fuck him without mercy.

Of course by now Naruto's erection was completely gone. Sasuke noticed this and said, " I don't know why your pretending to not like this lover. You're a chunin now and we both know that if you really wanted to be free you would be , don't we?" he said as he grinded his hips against the boys bleeding buttocks.

"But that wasn't what you wanted was it my naughty little fox? You wanted this didn't you? Me inside you again, fucking you the way you need it, the way only I can give it to you." he taunted as he raped him.

Naruto moaned and shuddered as he continued to sob, " Sasuke , stop it please. This isn't what I wanted, not like this , never like this." he sobbed out.

Naruto exploded inside him and emptied himself before pulling out roughly, causing the blond to grunt in pain.

"Wasn't it?" Sasuke asked as he began to clean himself up, obvlious to the blood and cum running out of the blond. "Stop lying to yourself Naruto, you knew what you were doing when you came here. Why else would you be here? In this particular place, " he asked as his zipped his pants up and got to his feet.

Naruto looked up at the only man he had ever loved, the man he still loved in spite of what he had just done to him. Ignoring the pain coming from his nether regions and the feel of his own blood mixed with Sasuke's cum running down his legs, he tried to reach the man he had once known as well as he knew himself.

"Please Sasuke, come back to me. Don't leave me again. Can't you see the person you're changing into? The man I know would never have done something like this. In spite of everything you've done I still love you... I need you." he confessed.

Sasuke looked down at him, his face showing a mixture of irritation and disgust, " you really are the number one knuckle-head ninja aren't you? You're so fucking pathetic. I just raped you but instead of you telling me to go burn in hell, you tell me you love me. Get it through your head, I'm an avenger, I don't need love I need power. I'll never need love, I'll never need you." he sneered.

Naruto felt a part of him shatter into a million pieces inside him. He didn't even resist when Sasuke knocked him unconscious, anything to spare him from the pain of his lover's actions and words, even if only for a moment.

When Naruto regained consciousness, his pants were back on and their was an insistent dull ache coming from between his thighs. But none of this meant anything to him as he laid there uncaring, Sasuke's cruel words replaying themselves over and over in his head.

end flashback

That was how Packun, Kakashi and Sakura found him.

Sakura immediately ran over to him, "oh god Naruto what happened?" she asked, ignoring the dead sound ninjas lying nearby, as she began checking him over.

"Sasuke," said Naruto brokenly, staring at nothing.

"Sasuke! You saw Sasuke?!" Sakura asked frantically. Then she saw the bloody mixture coming from between his thighs and gasped.

"Naruto you're bleeding... you've been raped ," she said in shock.

Naruto didn't respond he just continued to stare into space as tears continued to run down his face.

Kakashi took in the magnitude of the situation at a glance and made a decision, "Sakura, were still in enemy territory. You need to heal him as quickly as possible so we can get out of here," he told her.

"But he's been...," she broke off sobbing.

"I know," said Kakashi gently, his own inner turmoil evident in his voice, "but we have to get out of here and take him back to the village." he told her.

She nodded and quickly began healing him as best she could. She knew that she would be able to do nothing for his inner pain and the scars on his heart.

As soon as she was done Kakashi said, " Naruto can you travel on your own?" he asked.

Naruto didn't answer , he just continued to stare into space.

"I think he is becoming catatonic," said Sakura worriedly and Kakashi nodded.

Picking up Naruto and placing him on his back, they began the journey home. Fortunately , they made it through enemy territory without anymore attacks and only stopped twice. The first to clean up Naruto as best they could, and the second to rest and eat before continuing on. They managed to make it back to the village in record time, all things considered. During all that time Naruto remained this same, unresponsive and unaware. He was in a place deep inside himself where nothing would be able to hurt him.

With Sasuke...

Sasuke returned to his room at Orochimaru's hideout and went to the bathroom to clean up. After a quick shower he laid on his bed and kept thinking about his encounter with Naruto. He smirked when he remembered Naruto lying weak under him and a feeling of triumph and something else flared up inside him.

"Can't you see the person you're changing into? The man I know would never have done something like this." he remembered. The words striking something deep inside him.

"I love still love you... I need you," kept echoing in his mind.

"Hn, I don't need love," he told himself disgustedly. Blocking the memory from his mind, he tried to go to sleep. He slept fitfully that night, the words dancing around his mind, haunting him in his dreams.

with Naruto...

They took Naruto to the hospital as soon as they reached the village. The nurse on duty at the front desk, took one look at them and seeing the normally cheerful blond unconscious , paled and called Lady Tsunade.

Lady Tsunade arrived with Shizune five minutes later in a bit of a panic. It was well known that she thought of Naruto as the closest thing to a son.

Her eyes flew open with rage as soon as she realized what had happened to him, but managed to restrain herself from demolishing everything around her so as not to traumatize the blond further.

She finished healing him and gave him a double dose of the most powerful sedative in the village that knocked him out immediately and instructed the others to follow her. She knew that the sedative would only keep someone with his healing abilities out for the rest of the night and so she ordered immediate around the clock care for him , before leaving with the others and returning to the privacy of her office.

As soon as she reached her office , she exploded and demolished her desk. "What the hell happened?" she yelled angrily.

Kakashi quickly gave her a quick briefing on the mission and accident and hinted that there where a few other things he wanted to tell her in private. By now she was livid with fury and crying openly. Sakura and Shizune were openly crying as well.

But taking the hint she ordered Shizune to escort the distraught Sakura home and as soon as her office door closed and she was sure they were out of earshot, she turned to Kakashi.

"Tell me everything!" she ordered. Kakashi sighed sadly and began to speak.

"Sasuke and Naruto were lovers before he left," he said and Tsunade eyes widened in shock. While she had no problem with such a relationship, she had always thought that Naruto was in love with Sakura.

Kakashi ignored her gasp and continued, " when we found Naruto, while he was still covered in blood and semen, I immediately noticed that it seemed as if he hadn't put up much of a fight against his attacker and when he called Sasuke's name it all fell into place." he concluded.

Tsunade stopped crying immediately, her anger skyrocketing again, "are you telling me that Sasuke did this?" she thundered and Kakashi nodded silently.

"Why wasn't I made aware of their relationship by anyone before this?" she fumed.

Kakashi immediately answered, " the reason you didn't know is because the only people who are aware of this is Iruka and me. Naruto confided in Iruka immediately after the relationship started and I found out accidentally, when I walked in on them in bed together at Naruto's place. Sakura doesn't know obviously , they didn't want her to be told as it would affect the team.."

Tsunade calmed down immediately, it had really hit her hard. It all made so much sense to her now. She finally understood why Naruto kept on trying so hard to save him. It wasn't just out of a sense of deep loyalty and duty, it was love. He was fighting to save the man he loved. She knew what it was like to loose the man you loved, as she had lost her husband. Knowing this only made the situation worse and her heart broke for the boy. God only knew what effect this current incident would have on the normally cheerful blond. The fact that he was already catatonic gave one pause as well.

"Go get Iruka and meet me in the counsel room. He needs to be informed immediately before , we tell the others," she said.

As soon as Kakashi left she sent a chunin to inform the others to meet her in the counsel room. Then she walked tiredly to the counsel room. By now Shizune had returned and began to follow her.

Iruka and Kakashi had arrived by the time she got there, having teleported straight from there apartment. She informed Shizune to wait outside with the others in order to maintain order and to help prevent outright panic.

Iruka looked at her worriedly , he knew that whatever she was going to say would not be good. And by the way Kakashi was rubbing his back , he had a bad feeling it was about Naruto.

"Iruka, sit down," Tsunade said gently. Iruka obeyed and Kakashi stood immediately behind him.

"Its about Naruto," she said confirming his worst fear, " he was raped on his mission while scouting alone. It was by Sasuke."

Iruka placed his knuckles against his mouth to stifle the scream coming up inside him as he began to cry. Kakashi immediately pulled him out of the chair and pulled him in close. Iruka buried his head into Kakashi chest as he continued to sob.

"He is in the hospital under sedation," said Tsunade, " I had to do this as he came back Catatonic and I was afraid of what he might do to himself when he became aware.."

Iruka didn't speak as he couldn't seem to form words as he fell apart. His shoulders shook with the force of his sobs.

Kakashi looked at Tsunade over Iruka's head, "I'm going to take him to the hospital to visit Naruto before taking him home." he said.

Lady Tsunade nodded, trying to fight back the tears that were returning and dismissed him. They teleported out the room and Tsunade called the other in.

The others immediately filed in. They were Jiraiya, Shizune, Ebisu, Ibiki, the rest of the rookie 9, Anko, Konohamaru, Asuma, Kurenai, Guy, Udon, Moegi as well as a few others.

Lady Tsunade cleared her throat, " I'll get right to the point then. During Team Kakashi's mission, Naruto accidentally ran into Sasuke when he was scouting ahead. I'm sure most of you didn't know but they were lovers while Sasuke was still here." she said and there was a collective surprised gasp.

"But that isn't why I called you here, you're here because Sasuke manipulated the fact that Naruto and he were lovers and used it to rape him. As a result of this Naruto is now Catatonic and had to be sedated."she said bluntly.

There was a collective, "what did you just say?" , before everyone started talking at once, about what they were going to do to Sasuke as soon as they found him. Anko even pulled out a Kunai and began licking it in anticipation. The only person who didn't yell along with the others was Jiraiya, instead he stood there quietly with tears running down his face.

"Quiet!" yelled Tsunade and silence instantly followed. She turned to Jiraiya, " you don't seem to be surprised Jiraiya ," she said inquiringly.

He sighed and began to wipe his tears away, "that's because I already knew of the fact that they were lovers," he confirmed. "While we were away training, Naruto would often talk to Sasuke in his sleep. From what he said I quickly grasped the situation. The first week was the worst, it was like he was reliving their last fight." he told them.

"Then why the hell didn't you ever say anything about it when you came back?" asked Tsunade royally pissed off.

Jiraiya looked directly at her, "because he asked me not to," he said simply, " he didn't want you think he would ever betray this village or give you more cause to worry. His main concern has always been this village and protecting it," he told them.

Everyone stood there quietly, pondering all they had heard.

Finally Lee asked, "what are we going to do about this?" he said, wiping his tears.

To everyone surprise it was Ebisu who spoke up.

"I think we should all be there for him and help him move past this. We already know that if he really wanted to, he could have abandoned us all and join Orochimaru in order to be with Sasuke. But instead he has stayed behind and fought to protect the people who have scorned him his whole life, in spite of his own pain. He deserves our loyalty and support." he said.

The others nodded in agreement. They all decided that they would all take turns watching over him once he was no longer under sedation and began to work out the order in which they would do so. Finally they returned to their homes, sobered up by the fact that they had been with Naruto all this time and yet they hadn't noticed his own inner turmoil.

Lady Tsunade told Shizune to have Sakura in her office first thing in the morning and then she left with Jiraiya to go to a bar so she could try to drown her sorrows.

With Iruka and Kakashi...

Iruka sat on Kakashi's lap in the chair beside Naruto's bed and continued to cry. Kakashi did his best to comfort his crying lover , while trying to deal with his own guilt at not being able to protect the cheerful blond. He didn't bother suggesting going home as he knew that Iruka would refuse to leave. He wondered what would happen when Naruto woke up the next day and how it would affect them all. But most of all he feared the damage this event had had on the boy.

with Sakura...

She went home with Shizune as an escort. As soon as her mother saw her , she pulled her into her arms and after nodding a thank you to Shizune, pulled her obviously upset daughter inside. Her mother made sure she ate dinner and prepare for bed.

Her mother gently tucked her in, and for the first time since becoming a Kunoichi , she didnt protest.


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