Black Hawk Skimming
By Sinead

Author's Note: This is my first ever Knight Rider fanfic, so be nice, please. I've been learning what Kitt and Karr are like through other fics and through RP. I hope that I get the personalities down right, and that things are done well. Don't hesitate to let me know if I didn't get someone right, and I'll fix it, but c'mon. Be a bit more inventive and mature than leaving flames behind ya. Grins Raevyn is from my Transformers Series "Generation Breaker," but I'm changing her past and her character very slightly (or maybe not, depending on how I feel about it), but if you really want to know what she's like, you can find the first three stories of that series up on my profile.

"She's got the perfect aptitude for him."

"Michael, you've always managed to say the wrong things at the right time."

"Oh, and what's that supposed to mean? I know what I'm talking about."

"Right. Just like I know what I'm talking about. He would corrupt her, and in all possible outcomes that I can predict, would kill her. I cannot allow you to do this."

"Look, now I know–"

"No, Michael, I don't think that you do. You haven't been the one trying to reason with Karr all night about changing his ways and understanding that Bonnie and Devon wish to keep him alive and employed by FLAG, and not owned by the company." Kitt sighed in a very human manner. "Don't ask me how she found him still functioning, because I really don't know. But I doubt that Devon will allow her to continue her contact with Karr until he meets the terms of agreement."

"Actually," the clipped, British voice said, interrupting the argument between Kitt and his driver, leaning upon the passenger's side window, which was open as the two sat in the driveway of the mansion, home from a routine run to finish a simple case. "I feel that she is best for Karr, but at the same time, I'm sure that you know that she will get to him no matter what I say or do. And I'm not even sure how she does this. Now, that's not saying that I enjoy the idea of Karr on my property, nor the fact that he is able to communicate so freely, but I do feel that he has changed, if minutely."

"He has," Kitt replied grouchily, "but not enough to be allowed a body again. I do not want that girl around him."

"Is that your programming talking, pal, or just you?" Michael suddenly asked, looking at the dashboard.

A second very human sigh was released from the metal being, and he replied in a low tone, "Both, I'm afraid."

"Before you make any more assumptions about your brother, Kitt, may I show you something that I feel you will need to see?"

"Devon, that made no sense, and I find it increasingly more troubling that you cannot seem to give us a straight answer, other than the fact that–"

"Kitt, Kitt, please calm down. I am well aware of everything that I am doing, my good friend. Come quietly." Devon led them to the garage, where they sat outside the door to peek into the large room. Karr's CPU was sitting on a pad, carefully kept away from static and grounded, getting a steady supply of energy, the area around him triggered with laser-beam alarms that would go off if someone approached the pedestal.

Raevyn was sitting, leaning against that very pedestal, book in her lap, legs crossed, and head bowed to read, supported by her hands. Every so often, she would say something of what she was reading . . . and Karr would respond. Not always the same way, and never truly how anyone could consider "nice," but he did indeed acknowledge what the girl was saying. It was fascinating to watch as finally, she said something in return to one of his biting remarks, which caused him to bark a laugh, then stop prematurely and snarl at her.

But she merely smiled up at the CPU, reaching up to brush a hand over the black box, her voice carrying, "Good to hear that laugh again."

"You annoy me, fleshbag."

"Aw, I love you, too, Karr."



"Ugh. Disgusting."

They fell into silence again, but even the atmosphere in the room indicated that it was, believe it or not, companionable. Michael and Kitt continued to watch while Bonnie openly walked in, waving and deactivating the alarm system. "When Devon sees that you've gotten through the traps again . . ."

"Oh, he loves me and won't do a thing," Raevyn replied, smiling but not moving from where she had sat herself against Karr's perch, not looking up from her book. "He's all but said so, himself."

"Uh-huh. Well . . . do your best not to show anyone how to get to Karr. We don't want to lose him again."

Hearing that, Karr watched the woman as best as he could without his body, having become proficient in that kind of tracking in the three years since he had known Raevyn. He sighed within his processor. "By that, Dr. Barstow, what exactly are you insinuating?"

That actually got her to still her hands and turn to lean against her workbench, watching as Raevyn seemed to zone out of reality, immersing herself in her book again. But Bonnie knew more than to take it at face value. That girl was listening for not just words and meaning, but purpose in what Bonnie was about to say.

"By that, Karr, I am saying that you are Kitt's prototype, but certainly not the AI that Kitt has become."

"Flawed, you mean," Karr snarled.

Bonnie took a moment to digest that, then shook her head. "Not flawed. Different. And I don't want someone to take you from us."

"And if I wish to be taken?"

"Then hopefully it would be by Raevyn, to go back to wherever it was you two had been hiding out. Or so I would assume." Shrugging, Bonnie saw that Michael and Kitt were listening in upon this. The man stood just around the edge of the door, only his shadow showing that there was somebody there, and a small edge of the black prow "peeking" around the other side of the human-sized door. Kitt always had more stealth than his driver did. He knew that shadows often gave away position all the time. Smiling, the woman walked up to the pedestal, pausing just out of reach. "We want you back, Karr. Not to own, but as a valued associate with experience on his hands."

"Oh, but only with the 'driver' of your impeccable taste," the dark AI snarled.

"Has it ever occurred to you that we want to hire Raevyn here not as your driver, per se, but as your partner? You and she have been around each other for years, you are accustomed to each other, and you know how to work together." Shrugging lightly, even though she knew that Karr wouldn't be able to see it, the woman finished with, "We are looking at an all-or-nothing deal with you. You and her partnered together, or nothing for both parties. And Karr, you know what that will lead to."

He went silent, and Bonnie returned to her workbench, ignoring the look of shock that the young woman had on her face. The genius technician kept a straight face while she tinkered with a few connections and lines that would possibly be used in giving Karr a body again. She put her mp3 player into the aural player, cranking it to a moderate level. What she had just had reiterated to Karr still hadn't yet been revealed to Raevyn.

Raevyn turned to look up at the CPU, her voice low and annoyed, "Did you omit something in telling me the reason why I was to say here with you?"

That was uncomfortably close to the truth, and Karr paused, uneasy. He "huffed" before replying. "Yes."

"And why would you do that to me?" She glared hard at the CPU.

"Because you didn't need to know what they wanted."

"Sure sounds like it's a decision that I have some say in as well as you do," she sniped back at him, clearly angry with his decision to not tell her that she was more involved with this production than she had originally thought.

"Well I didn't find it necessary to tell you until I had thoroughly deliberated over the situation." He was getting angry, and his voice was rising with that anger. Emotions, ugh! He was getting more humanlike with every passing moment he spent with this young woman.

She stood, snapping her book shut and glaring at the CPU. "Fine. Deliberate." Raevyn dropped the book upon the black box, turned upon her heel and stalked out of the hangar, pushing past Michael. Kitt was nowhere to be found. The elder man sighed and walked after her after a subtle glare from Bonnie. "Rae?"

She kept walking, not even bothering to answer.

"Rae, baby, can we talk?"

Apparently not, as she went into the mansion and up the stairs. Michael sighed, rubbing at the back of his neck as he continued to follow her. She was going to Devon. And she was apparently going to find out that she was the only person who hadn't known about the depth of involvement she really had in what had become another project: to win over her and Karr into participating in the real project.

She was already ranting at the elder when Michael entered his office, standing at the door. Her words were fast and clipped in a familiar accent that niggled at the back of Michael's mind when he tried to place it. Slowly, he began to understand her frustration. This was summer break, and she was a college student. She didn't want her career to be tied up in secrecy, with very high chances that she was going to get hurt very badly upon each case that she would inevitably undertake.

That was when he spoke up. "Devon, I agree with Raevyn."

The black, curly ponytail whirled as he faced him. She hadn't known that he was behind her. While that could be trained out of her, Michael knew that if she didn't want to be an agent or an operative, then she wouldn't need that sixth sense sharpened.

Devon sighed. "We are not allowed to develop a third AI, Michael. Not until the problems with Karr have been resolved through relation, study of the way he thinks, and possibly reforming him."

"So you think that by resolving what you had originally called flaws in Karr's design, you can control him into playing into his programming of self-preservation? He would do that, and hate you all the more for it. Or kill you, as he doesn't have Kitt's programming, and I highly doubt that he would accept what he calls restrictive programming." Shrugging, Michael looked to the head of FLAG, his gaze not the biased look of yesteryear, but of the man that Wilton Knight had seen within the jaded officer. "Give Raevyn a job that she can agree with. Give Karr a vehicle. Give them a standing offer to come and help if they ever choose to. This isn't a job meant for just anyone, Devon. I wouldn't condemn a girl to becoming like me."

"A girl?!" Raevyn snapped.

"Woman, sorry. Look, I'm not that great with words, missie."

"You're male. It might be forgiven." But a small smile was residing around the edges of her voice.

Devon seemed to be lost in thought. Michael knew that it wasn't about the money; they could rebuild Karr a dozen times over and not be in deficit. It was the fact that they were letting Karr back on the streets that was the problem on his mind. Money might possibly have sway over Raevyn, but it had nothing over Karr. Promises, either.

"How long have you and Karr been around each other?" came the soft question in the silence that had descended. Both of the people who had been given the privilege of being around an AI intensively looked to Devon.

With a slow blink, Raevyn replied, her voice just as soft as Devon's. "Seven years."

"He will have his body. I have odd jobs that do not require any conflict, just errands of sorts that will fall in with any schedule that you will have. The proposal is off, but I will take Michael's advice to not close it down completely." Looking up at Raevyn completely, the almost-old man said, "As for payment, what I can do for now is have your college bills, that's all past, present, and future bills, paid by Knight Industries. If you wish to change schools, please let me know so we can discuss the location and price." He smiled at her slack-jawed response. "I'm sure you understand that we wish to have Karr close by in case of an emergency. He means too much to you."

"Grandpa, if you even dare assume–"

"I am not assuming anything, my dear. I am just acknowledging that it is by far too early for you to be making a lifelong commitment to this company. I will sign over all rights to the car to you, giving you ownership. Karr, himself, however, is as Kitt is: free. Neither are owned."

"Even though Kitt feels that he belongs to me," Michael chuckled, smiling and shaking his head. "Best friend I've ever had." Looking up at the college student before him, he asked, "By the way, kid; where are you from?"

She didn't miss a beat. "Boston, Massachusetts."

Oh. So that was why she and Kitt sounded alike. Shoot. He'd best not get her that angry again. He hated North-Eastern tempers.