Icha Icha Paradise
Hatake Kakashi and Ayaka Sayuri

Alright, so. A few things:
-In this story, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and all their little friends are 16-17, but still genins. (This is my story, I can do that.)
-I do not own Naruto, this is just a fan rendition of my idea of a perfect Kakashi Romance.
-Sayuri is young for Kakashi, I know. I made it that way, get over it :)
-This is a remake of the first chapter, because I started it years ago and, well... it was shit. I'm working on fixing the chapters before I finish it up. Also fixing some mysteries and inconsistancies.
-I didn't exactly spell check this chapter that well, but it should be readable.
-Other than that, I hope you like it. -M :)

Sayuri's Point of View

I travelled from branch to branch, barely touching before jumping to the next one. As I flew my green hair traveled behind me. I turned around and saw that they were gaining quickly. A kunai skimmed the side of my face leaving a mild gash on my dirty cheek. My hair darkened to blue as I turned to them and threw some kunai back at them. "Blue!" I heard them yell so they knew that my appearence had changed again. "Purple!"

I smirked as I stopped on a fallen log near some lillies and faced them, wincing in pain as another lucky kunai landed in my shoulder. I closed my eyes and everything went black. My energy was focused on those chasing me. I knew that they all had a common fear of water. What dust nin didn't?

I turned and bolted strait up to the shore of a deep, dark pond that seemed to come out of nowhere and jumped in. My hands made the signs needed for a tsunami jutsu. The men cast a fearful look toward the advancing water and were forced to retreat. Smiling, I got out of the water and returned to my real body on the log by the lillies.
At least I lost them for a few days.

I found a spot high on a branch so I could take inventory on my injuries. I was pretty badly beaten up."Wonderful,"I sighed weakly before moving again.

Unfortunately, I started to feel weak after only eleven miles. Dizzy. Very dizzy.

Kakashi's Point of View

My team and I were walking back to Konoha from Akashiragakure -about forty seven miles away- when they started getting ancy. "Kakashi-sensei!I'm bored!"

"Shut up, Naruto," the already bitter Sakura groaned.

"That's nice, find a way to entertain yourself," I told him.

"Race you back!" Naruto shouted as he bolted away.

Naturally the other two followed him. Worse things have happened than the three of them leaving. I stayed behind enjoying the silence and my Icha Icha Paradise book. I should flag this page, I thought as I turned a page.

Suddenly I heard Sakura scream,"Ah! Sasuke-kun!"

After racing to the scene I couldn't help but chuckle, maybe not the best time to laugh, but come on. Sakura was pointing and screaming at Naruto who was poking at the heap that had fallen on Sasuke. Sasuke was on his stomach with his hand on his chin,"Will someone get this girl off of me!"He yelled.

I looked up at the hole in the canopy of trees above us. Long fall. I removed the girl from his back and set her on the ground. Mostly covered in blood, save a few clean inches, she was wearing a a short grey short-sleeved cropped jacket, a white tank top, fingerless gloves and grey cargo pants. Bandages wrapped from the crook of her elbows to underneath her gloves and from her knees to ankles. She looked about 20. The nin head band on told me she was from the village hidden in the clouds, but I wasn't sure it was entirely possible.

I looked toward Sakura, she was into these kind of things. "What can you tell about the body?"

She cautiously squatted down near the fallen girl's head. "Her chakra level is really low. She'll need medical attention fast if she's going to make it."

I nodded and made eye contact with all of them. Learning opportunities like this don't usually just fall in place like this. "So team, what should we do?"

Sakura raised her hand, "assuming we're where we are?"

"Yes? Where else would we be?"

Sasuke's question came next. "Assuming we want to save her?"

I looked at the girl's chest and then back at the kids. "Yes.'

Finally, Sakura stepped up with a plan. "Send someone ahead to the hospital to ensure someone is availible?"

"Good. Sakura's in charge. Now, deligate."

She nodded. "Sasuke, run to the village and inform the Hokage."

I cut in, "and give an oral report on the status of our mission while you're there."

"Naruto, run to the hospital and tell them..." she looked toward the girl and back at the blond, "... 20 minutes. We'll be there in 20 minutes with a person, 115 pounds, blood loss, and unconscious. I'll stop the bleeding for now so she doesn't die on the way. Kakashi-Sensei, could you carry her? You're faster." We all nodded and went to work.

As Sakura gauzed the severest of wounds, I asked her what had happened.

"She fell from the tree tops and on Sasuke-kun."

"That's it?"


"Alright." After no more than 30 seconds, Sakura had done the best she could so I picked up the girl and started running, leaving my student running after us. I examined the girl with my own eyes as I ran. There was a huge cut in her shirt that led to an even larger gash going from one side of her stomach to the other. I wondered how she wasn't dead. She was bleeding heavily through the gauze already and a few kunai still stuck in her with their handles broken off. Thinking back to her headband, I stopped for only a second to look at the back of her jacket. There's a silver star. She's part of the Ayaka clan. Soon to be was.

The village came into sight, and I looked down at the girl's face. She wasn't breathing.


She had barely made it to the hospital where they put her under extensive treatment. Now she was sleeping in a hospital bed. Resting peacefully, I didn't know, but I was pretty sure it was a no.

"Hatake-san," a nurse called. "She wasn't in good shape when you brought her here, but she's stable now. She got lucky; if you hadn't brought her when she did..." She trailed off. "Do you know what happened to her?"

"No,she just fellon my team. What's the damage?"

"She had quite a few old fractures on her bones, but she must have gotten them a while ago. Most healed correctly. She has eleven broken ribs, dislocated left wrist, broken left ankle, and completely shattered some bones in her left hand. It looked like someone had tried to gut her by the looks of the gash on her stomach. We managed to completely fix the one on her cheek, but it's too soon to tell if there will be scarring. One kunai stuck in her shoulder, three in her left arm, two on right, three scattered on her back, and two in her chest. Either she broken the handles off in her skin, or someone else did, but we had to do a lot of digging to get them out. I don't know how her organs kept up."

"So, why isn't she dead? With all those injuries, the fall should've killed her."

"The fall?"

"She fell from from the trees. About 160 feet up."

The nurse gaped and pointed up disbelievingly."Trees?"

I nodded."When will she be released?"

"Well," she looked down sadly, "she most likely wont wake up. And if she does,she'll have to do a lot of healing; painful healing. So I don't know. But Hatake-san,when we were removing her clothes, we noticed something peculiar on her arms. It appears she had been-"

She was interupted by a loud beeping sound coming from the girl's room and a doctor calling her, "Shizuka! We need you here stat!"

Sayuri's Point of View

I sat up coughing. Mother fuck that hurt. Ow! My stomach hurt so much, it was unbarable. I kept coughing. Blood poured from my lips, but if I didn't cough I would choke on my own blood. With each wretch I felt a ripple across my stomach. I couldn't breath now and my vision was failing me. The last thing I could make out was a bunch of people rushing toward me before I blacked out.

Kakashi's Point of View

I had watched as all the doctors and nurses healed her as best they could. They sedated her heavily, so she was sleeping peacefuly in her bed again. I felt bad for her and mentally told her to hang in there.

"Kakashi-sensei. I reported to the Hokage on our mission. He requests to see you." Sasuke said as came to look at the girl through the glass.


After a few hand signs and a poof of a cloud, I was outside the Hokage's office. Just as I was about to knock on his door I heard, "come in Kakashi."

"Hokage-sama." I said with a bow.

"I heard the mission was a success," he said, not looking up from his paperwork. "But what I don't know is about that girl. What could you gather from her?"

"Not much. But she appears to be from the Village Hidden in the Clouds." Maybe he thought I was crazy as I said this, because he looked up with a confused look on his face. "More specifically... She had a silver star on her back."

The papers and pens he had been holding onto were gently released. "Are you certain?"

"Unless there's another clan using a silver star, I'm sure it's an Ayaka jacket."

The old man looked troubled, but still relatively calm. "It's possible she could have stolen the jacket, but Naruto told me she had jet black hair... What color was her blood?"

Did I really not notice what color blood she had?

I looked down at myself, looking to see if any of her blood had gotten on me. Sure enough it had. I had a big, long, pink trail of blood going down my forearm. It was shimmering and soft, unlike any blood properties I had ever seen. The Hokage noticed and told me to touch it. It felt like a fine, silky powder.

"That's an Ayaka alright. Hatake-san, do you know how that village got it's name?" I shook my head. The Hokage left his seat and came up to my blood-covered arm, wiping the powder off into his hands. With a clap, a pink and sparklely cloud burst from his palms. There's the cloud part. "Now, don't breathe that in unless you want to go on a nice trip for a second. Ayaka blood has hallucinagenic properties, which is why their Kekkei Genkai is able to work."

"Ichoo Bureeka."

"That's right."

"The clan was a brilliant nin family, but lacked... Coordination, in a sorts. Graceful at times, but constantly in... Naruto-mode. Maybe it was because of their own blood affecting them to some degree. Because they constantly hurt themselves by accident or hurt from missions, their blood was everywhere. Normal blood dries up, but their blood turned into a powdery cloud of hallucinations. They were a peaceful village, but when travelling nin got to breathing it in, some of them got the idea that they were under attack. The village -used to the cloud- merely defended themselves, but they couldn't tell what was an attack or madness from the cloud."

"That must have angered the travelling nin's villages."

"That's exactly what happened. Villages sought revenge, and eventually the whole village was under attack. Many Ayaka's were killed with a lot of blood loss, so it just became a blood bath. If the ruins were still around, it would be littered in glittered powder of all colors. And many corpses. Not a single person, child, or animal was spared, according to the records. Of course this was about eleven years ago, so they were forgotten for the most part. Very strange incedent."

"So she's a survivor?"

"Must be. It's entirely possible she just happened to be away when it happened."

I shook my head in disbelief. "Just... away? While her entire village and clan got massacred?"

I thought he was going to say something more relevant, but all he said was, "keep in mind, the Ayaka's were the bulk of that entire village. I wouldn't be able to trace what line of Ayaka she even is. Point being, people constantly got lost. But Ayaka's are remarkable survivors, even young they could last weeks on their own." He paused. "How old did she look?"

"Twenty, maybe?"

"So she had to be at least nine. She probably wandered back to her village and hallucinated herself away for some time."

"They sound very unique and specific, shouldn't there have been at least some sign of her?"

"That's just one of the mysteries, I suppose." I wasn't sure if he was going to say more, as our conversation was interupted by a knock at the door.

His assistant walked in. "Hokage-sama, the girl has awoken."

"Thank you. Kakashi-san, please bring her here when she is well enough."

"Is she safe to be around, with her blood and what not?"

"Alone, their blood didn't really have any power but to fuel their Ichoo Bureeka. We wont have to worry about anything if her blood is around, assuming it's just her alone."

"Hai, Hokage-Sama."


As I walked into the room I saw the girl was sitting up in bed. But something wasn't right. She looked like she was breathing and wide awake, but she wasn't moving. I got closer and examined her.

"Kakashi-sensei? What're you doing-" Sakura began from behind me.

"Nurse!" I called, looking around the room.

"Yes? Oh, Hatake-san! What can I do for you," the nurse from before asked sweetly.

"Where is she?"

"Where is who?"

"The girl."

Everyone looked confused. "She's right there... Are you feeling alright?"

"That's not her." Before anyone could stop me, I pulled out a kunai and shot it at the girl's chest. The nurse to gasp in shock and run over to the girl in panic. But she stopped in her tracks when all she saw was a lily where the girl once sat. "Replacement Jutsu."

Sayuri's Point of View

I moved quickly through the village, knowing well that they would soon find out that I wasn't there anymore. I mentally scolded myself for my lack of direction sense, but I had to keep moving. Looking over myself, I realized I needed to bandage myself again. I came upon a field and on the field stood a tall green blob. A tall green blob with medical supplies most likely. A small sadistic smirk played across my lips. "Oh tall green blob... Here I come."

Kakashi's Point of View

I had searched all through the village and was soon approaching the fields. I then saw a flat green blob lying in a heap on the ground. I kicked the guy in the stomach. "Wake up."

The green blob jumped up. "Kakashi! My rival!"

"What happened to you?"

"I-" He looked down at himself. All of his pockets were pulled out.

"So she washere." I mumbled to myself. "You've been stripped of medical supplies, correct?"

The green guy looked down and patted himself. "Yeah. And two kunai."

"Alright." And I left.

"Hey Rival! Wait! Who're you looking for!"


After searching the woods, I was finally able to say, "found you." I approached the girl in the tree. She had a roll of bandages in her mouth, as she was in the middle of patching herself up. She looked up and stood to run.

"I wouldn't run." I said as she was caught by one of my clones from behind. My clone held her put by pulling her arms behind her. The real me walked up to her, "you shouldn't move with injuries like that." She didn't say anything and her face was emotionless, so I went on. "Wh-" I was interupted as I had to block a kick to the head. I lost focus and my clone disapeared, letting her escape. "Shit."

I chased after her, unsure of how she could be moving so well with injuries. Painful ones at that. Eventually I caught up with her, with some difficulty. I jumped and tackled her to the ground.

Sayuri's Point of View

"Ha," I grunted from up above my clone, who was on the ground fighting with the guy chasing me. Suddenly my chest convulsed and I coughed up more blood. Hearing a footstep on the branch I was standing on, my head shot up. I quickly glanced down at the ground, only to see my clone still fighting the dude. Clone.

"You really shouldn't mov-" He had to dodge the kunai I sent at him as I got away, but I didn't get far before another clone got in my way. I quickly got rid of the clone and bolted through the trees. He was close behind me so I made a motion of throwing a kunai behind, but shot it forward instead.

Satisfied with the grunt I heard from the real him, I kept going. A few moments later a kunai struck me in my shoulder. I was in pain and my breath was getting more shallow by the minute, but I had to keep going. I jumped into the air and let the guy run right under me before throwing the kunai at him. A direct hit, if it weren't for that fucking vest.

Kakashi's Point of View

Somehow, she had managed to land both kunai into me, but I hit her once. I chased after her, but after a moment I realized something. She had no kunai in her shoulder.

Another clone.

I felt a kunai on my neck; cold metal against my skin. I tried to move, but it only pressed harder. In a second I had reversed the roles. I had my arm barred around her neck. She gripped my arm and within a milisecond she had bent over and sent me flying over her shoulders. I landed on my back with a thud. She planted her knee in my chest and stared at me. I rolled ontop of her but she kicked me in the chest and sent me flying again.

And naturally she ran. From the ground my hand came out and grabbed her ankle causing her to fall to the ground where she promptly coughed up more blood. I knew she wouldn't be able to handle much more. Then suddenly she was gone and I had to block a kick from behind. While I was occupied, she snuck three kunai out from my pockets. She tossed each clone one and circled around me. I looked at all of them then pulled up my forehead protector. All of the clones' eyes went wide and they all tilted their head in worried confusion.

The clones all attacked at once, but I read each one of their movements and defended. Finally I found the real girl. We fought evenly; every time we attacked the other one would block and counter.

The girl kicked away from me and weakly did some handsigns. Everything became darker than night, almost pitch black, and suddenly I couldn't see as well. Again, she got away and ran off.

Sayuri's Point of View

I crouched down in the dark, I knew he wouldn't be able to see as inhumanly as I could. To me,everything was as bright as day. Below I heard movement, so I jumped down and took it out. Fucking clones. Suddenly I was forced to the ground on my stomach and was held there. I bent my back up and kicked the attacker down in front of me, following up by running. However, the pain had become too much and I fell to my knees, coughed up a little more blood, and blacked out.