Chapter one: Reworked

Big surprise here, once again I have to stay up with Yuki and keep an eye on those ridiculous vampires.

Those were the words going through Zero's head as he stood by his usual spot watching the night class change classes.

I don't get why the headmaster let them come to the school believing that the vampires are harmless, and then turns around and make the two of us baby-sit them.

Zero pushed his cold hands into his coat pockets and started to walk back towards Yuki. He never did understand why she placed the night class on a podium; all they were good for was trouble. And only they were allowed to deal with it.

"Zero!" Yuki called as she looked back from the windows that framed the school. "The headmaster is looking for you."

"Yeah, fine then. Just keep an eye out for your stupid vampires, and don't just look at Kuran."

"I do not do that!" She said with her face growing red.

"Whatever," Zero mumbled, walking back to the main building taking his sweet time.

"Zero, there you are," the headmaster said with a smile when the boy walked into the office. "I have some bad news for you. I'm afraid that the council of vampires have declared you are too much of a threat to continue in the day class."

"So, what are they going to do about it?" Deep inside, Zero already knew the answer, but he wasn't going to admit it.

"I'm sorry to say this, but the council has decided that you will be moved to the night class. Your belongings are already to be moved..." the headmaster was now occupied by a box behind his desk, "…but look at your new uniform! You will look so handsome in white, like a spy or a rich actor!" Zero clenched his knuckles and felt his nails digging into his palms.

"No way in hell are you getting me to live with those leaches!" Zero bellowed, crossly slamming his hands on the desk. "I would rather do anything else but be made into a night student!"

Zero's body immediately stiffened up; the smell of a vampire close by filled his nose.

Exactly what he needed now.

"This is only for a little while, Zero, I am going to talk with the council soon to see if there is anything else that can be done that doesn't end with you in the night class or pulled from this school entirely." The headmaster passed the box in his hands to Zero. Inside it was a pearl white uniform.

Zero heard a smooth, quiet voice behind him.

"Who knows' Kiryu, maybe if you are nice to me, I might just tell the council that Kiryu Zero is a very nice young vampire who as well behaved as any of the other night class students." Kaname stepped forward, standing beside Zero, a smile painted on his pale face.

Zero smirked at this little speech. The night class had become well known for their stunts, and they were most certainly not your ideal well-behaved vamps.

The headmaster stared in awe at the two vampires smirking at the same joke. Maybe there was hope for those two after all. But of course, the moment didn't last longer then a heartbeat.

"Where is your little fan-club Kuran?" Zero hissed at the Pureblood, the previous smirk disappeared completely from his face, replaced by the permeated cold heart glare.

"Waiting to jump you the moment you step out of the door, as usual," Kaname retorted, forgetting his usual 'calm and collected' mode, it seemed though this was happening more often then Kaname would like. More and more of his feelings had been leaking out whenever he was around this annoying and completely impossible kid.

"Good, I'll be waiting, haven't had a good fight in a long time."

"Now, now you two," the headmaster interrupted the hate fest, unconsciously taking a step back, "there is nothing to get in a fight about," he said with an anxious voice. "Zero you should be happy that Kuran is letting you stay in his dorm room."

"Yeah, only 'cause the rest of the night class wouldn't want a hunter in the same room as them. And that doesn't matter, because there is no way I am going to stay in the same room as this vampire." Zero said, shooting a look in that vampire's direction.

"Oh but Kiryu, you are a vampire. Or did you forget already?" Kaname turned around and walked back to the door. "Well, if you are ready to go and done complaining, it is almost sunrise and you are going to need your sleep if you want to get up for your new class schedule."

Zero turned after Kaname, and shoved him away from the door. At the moment he didn't really care that the vampire he had to live with was glaring from behind.

Once the two were out of the main building, Yuki was standing there, must have been waiting to see if Zero would come back out.

"What was that about Zero? Was the headmaster giving you a hard time again?" She smiled her renowned innocent/clueless smile. Guess she was as clueless as Zero had been.

Before Zero had a chance to explain to her that he was being abducted by her stupid vampire, Kaname Kuran, and being blackmailed into joining the damn night class, that same vampire beat him to the punch.

"Yuki," Kaname said in his soft, velvet voice. "Kiryu is now a part of the night class due to the fact that he belongs in the night class. He is now and probably always going to be a part of it seeing the fact he is a vampire." He paused, glancing back at Zero, "unless he turns back into a human somehow," Kaname told her. "No need to worry about him, I'll take good care of Kiryu." Kaname gave an inward chuckle, for him this was the best thing that could happen. Over the past few months the Pureblood had gone out of his way to annoy a certain guardian. He had even given the task to his 'fan-club' to give 110 towards annoying Zero while Kaname stood back and watched him squirm.

As Kaname talked to Yuki, Zero stood still over by the entrance to the main building

Why does Kuran have to look at her like that, it is like she is the most beautiful and important person on earth.

Feeling his stomach turn, Zero looked away, something was steering inside of him, telling him to be jealous of Yuki, but he quickly pushed the thought away when she began you speak.

"Oh," Yuki stepped back from Kaname, taking in what he said, "but then we have to move his stuff and get him ready for the night classes and, and…"

"Calm down Yuki, everything is taken care of. Get some sleep." Zero walked past the two of them; he could feel both pair of eyes watching him as he made his way to his new dormitory.

"Remember what you said just a little while ago, that you would have nothing to do with the night class. I truly am amazed and amused at how fast you can change your opinion all together."

Kaname was now walking beside Zero leaving a stuttering Yuki behind. "Kiryu says nothing? To bad, I was hoping we could stay up and talk about what we like better, Yuki or Yuki?" He was now walking in front of Zero with a sly grin on his face.

When he did answer him, Kaname continued, "I know you like Yuki, but I have no intention of giving you to Yuki."

I wish I could just take my fist and hit him in his too-pale-face! He's the one that likes Yuki, not me!

Zero thought, and then suddenly turned around to face Kaname who stopped as Zero did.

"You have things confused Kuran," Zero said taking a deep breath, knowing right away how to beat him at his own game. "That sounds fun, but I'm kind of beat so I'll tell you what would have come out of our little talk. You would have said you truly do love Yuki and all you want to do is to be with her, to kiss her soft lips and to hear her say your name before she falls asleep in your arms."

Zero paused as the Kaname grin faded fast. "But then I would say with a big fat smile on my face that that is just a dream, because you will never be with her. Yuki is scared of you, Kuran. Get used to that. You will never be with Yuki because of what you are, but myself on the other hand have been with her for four years; I know every little thing about her. And that you never will." Zero smiled as he watched Kaname fists tighten up, Zero didn't think he had ever seen the dorm president physically abuse anyone except the usual slap to Aido, but then again, Zero would take whatever Kaname dished out in return to see him lose his cool.

"Kiryu…." Kaname moved so fast that Zero lost sight of the vampire. Reappearing directly in front of him, restraining Zero's hands above his head against one of the large oaks outside the night class wall.

"Kiryu…" he said again. Zero felt Kaname's warm breath on his neck as he Kaname said his name, sending a shiver down his spine. Kaname must have felt it to because he was smiling at how well Zero had reacted.

"You get this through your thick head right now. You are now entering the night class dorms and if you step out of line, even once, my little 'fan-club' would be more then happy to tear you to shreds." Kaname leaned in closer; his lips almost brushed Zero's. Zero could feel the heat rising in his face, and felt utterly frustrated with himself for giving into the pleasure of Kaname knee between his legs. Taking a deep breath, regaining control over his emotions, Zero spoke:

"That is so terrifying; I would gladly put a bullet between every one of their eyes," he said, trying to keep his voice steady, staring Kaname in the eye.

"Good night Kiryu." Kaname said before hitting the boy on the head sending the world around him spinning and crashing to the ground.

-Chapter End-