"Oh, good grief, Deshi!!" Madoka cried as Naru raised a fist to knock on the hotel room door. He shared a look with Mai and she gave a soft giggle. Madoka and Lin had come to visit them for Deshi's first birthday. And it sounded as though Deshi was driving his mother crazy.

Naru knocked on the door and for a moment Mai wondered if Madoka was even going to answer. She smiled as the door opened and Lin was standing there shaking his head. He let them in before closing the door once more.

"She's been trying to get him dressed for the past hour and he's not having it." Lin told them. Mai giggled before she hugged the Chinese man in greeting.

"Happy Belated Birthday. I'm sorry I didn't call, we were on a case and the clients didn't have a phone." she told him with a bright smile. He returned it with a small one of his own before he shook hands with Naru before they all looked up as Deshi came running into the room with blue overalls on and a white undershirt.

"Papa! Papa!!" the boy was laughing as he latched on his father's leg. Lin bent down on his knees and kissed his son on the head. "Papa!!"

"Oh, he's so cute!" Mai squealed. The boy looked at her curiously before leaving his father and holding his arms up. Mai smiled before she bent down and picked him up and the boy wiggled and giggled as she put him on her hip.

"He must remember you." Lin said as he straightened up. Madoka entered the living room from the bedroom part of the suite that they were in. She smiled at Mai and Noll before she hugged them both, ignoring Noll's slight protest before she kissed Deshi on the cheek.

"Can you say Mai's name?" Madoka asked Deshi. The boy blinked at her before moving his mouth but no sound coming out. "Can you say Mai? M-ai." Madoka said with a gentle smile. Deshi looked at Mai and grinned as big as he could.

"M-Mai!" he said and Mai gave a small gasp before hugging him tightly. He looked at Naru for a moment with a tilt to his head. Naru blinked before suddenly the baby smiled as big as he could once again.

"Nolly!" he cried and Naru frowned. Mai bit her lip at the look that Naru was sending her. This couldn't be good. She handed the toddler to his father as Naru began to walk towards her.

"Naru...now look, he hasn't heard that name in months!" Mai said before she dashed out of the room with him following her. She realized that the elevator wasn't going fast enough. She quickly made her way towards the steps before screaming as he whirled her around and she looked up at him with a pleading look.

"Naru, I promise that I only taught him that name when he was four months old!" she pleaded before she gasped as his mouth descended on hers to muffle her pleas. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his mouth continued to caress hers. She gave a soft moan as his tongue entered her mouth and he pulled her even closer to his body before they pulled apart, both breathing hard.

"We...we should go back. Before they think you've killed me." she told him with a smile. He chuckled before his mask slipped back into place and she shook her head. His personality was so odd, sometimes he was very kind and other times it would be Naru worthy. And it changed quickly and Mai found it hard to read when it would change.

"Hn. I like this task better." he told her as he leaned down to kiss her again. She quickly lost focus of what she was trying to convince him to do. Until he pulled away again and she pushed him away before heading back to the hotel room.

"They came all the way from England so that we could celebrate Deshi's birthday with them. Now come on." she told him before squeaking as he placed his hand lower than the lower part of her back. She reached back and pulled his hand up so that it was resting on her back and not her rear.

"Pervert." she hissed at him and he chuckled. He bent down and nipped her ear and she gave a small gasp before pushing him away with a raised eyebrow. "What has gotten into you, Oliver?" she asked, hoping his given name would give him a hint. He smirked at her before replying.

"You." she squeaked before dashing back into Lin and Madoka's hotel room. She sat down on the couch as Naru followed her and closed the door. She looked anywhere but at him as he sat down beside her.

"So, how has Japan been since you returned?" Madoka asked as Deshi lay on the couch drinking his bottle. Mai could see that he was struggling with sleep but failing miserably. Lin was sitting beside Madoka and his arm was rapped around her shoulders as Madoka rested her hand on Deshi's stomach.

"Alright. School is school. How has parent life been treating you?" Mai asked brightly. Madoka glanced down at the now sleeping Deshi before gently extracting his bottle from his hands and setting it on the table.

"Good. Deshi is a very good baby." Madoka said as she rested her head against Lin's shoulder. "He's very quiet, like his daddy."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me." Naru spoke up and Lin glared at him. Mai giggled as Madoka leaned up and kissed Lin on the cheek causing his scowl to fade away. He turned his attention to her and she gave a gentle smile before turning her attention back to the other couple sitting across from them.

"That's a very good thing. At least he won't cry all night." Mai pointed out. Madoka nodded with a smile before her attention was caught as Deshi coughed. She gently rubbed his stomach until his coughing died down.

"I'm going to put him in his crib." Madoka said as she stood up. Mai also stood to follow her. The woman looked at her curiously as she lay the baby in his crib. Mai was looking slightly worried as she sat down on the bed.

"Mai, is everything okay?" Madoka asked. Mai nodded as she gave a gentle smile before she stood up and walked to the window. She looked out on the street as people walked on the streets below.

"Does it...hurt?" Mai asked unsurely. She looked at Madoka and the woman blinked curiously. Mai realized that the woman didn't understand the question. "Having a baby, I mean. Does it hurt?"

"I had an epidural." Madoka said with a smile before frowning. "How come you're asking? Are you pregnant?!"

"No. It's just, well. Naru has been walking me home ever since I moved to Shibuya so I'd be closer to work and I'd be closer to the college that I'll be attending. And there are several ways to get there. But...he's been taking me past the same jewelry shop for nearly a week. And last week he took me inside. I asked him why and he just steered me over to where the wedding bands and engagement rings were." Mai said softly.

"Do you think he's getting ready to propose?" Madoka asked gently as she steered her back to the bed and they sat down beside each other. Mai shrugged her shoulders with a smile.

"I don't know. The thing is...I don't know what I'd say. I mean I love him dearly but I don't think I'm ready for that commitment and neither is he. He's still hurting because Gene has moved on." Mai whispered. Madoka wrapped her arm around Mai's shoulders. "How did you know what to say when Lin proposed?"

"I just did. I mean, he didn't have a ring and it wasn't the typical proposal. He just asked me what I would say if he asked me to marry him. I told him yes. He just looked at me and then proceeded to ask again and I said yes again." Madoka chuckled. Mai giggled softly.

"It may not sound romantic but it does sound perfect." Mai whispered and Madoka giggled before she stood up to cover the sleeping Deshi.

"It was. And it will be for you too. When he asks, chances are you will be ready." Madoka told her. Mai rolled her eyes.

"If he asks. This could be total speculation on my part." Mai whispered softly. She looked over at the crib and smiled as Deshi shifted in his sleep and she looked at Madoka and the woman gave her a gentle smile.

"Mai, I can't see Noll letting you go. It took him to long to see what was right in front of him and now that he's found it...I can't see him letting it go." Madoka whispered before she stood up and Mai followed her out of the room. Mai smiled at Naru brightly and he gave her a smirk in return. It wasn't a smile but Naru wasn't supposed to smile often.

Mai sat down beside him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He blinked in surprise as she lay her head on his shoulder. He swallowed wondering what she was doing. She held onto him for a few more moments before she leaned up to his ear.

"I love you, Oliver."

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