Me: Alright, this story is about a character named Miruzaki Hoshi. She--

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Sasuke: Uhhh... Why me?

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Me: Well, let's let them argue and get on with the story -

Hello, my name is Miruzaki Hoshi, from the Miruzaki clan. I'm 16 and I'm in ANBU, today I'm going to Tsunade-sama so I can get placed out of ANBU and into a more normal placing for my age, even though I'll still be very young, I'll be able to hang with my age group more. I live near the middle of Konoha, alone in a big house... I zipped passed a few more trees and finaly came to the hokage's building. Slowly, I walked up the stairs, thinking about what Tsunade-sama will do to me, one of the best ANBU, quiting this spot will surely get her angry. I reached the top and took a left turn, I came up to her office.


I walked in with my head high. She looked worried though.

"Whats the worried face about Tsunade-sama?"

"Well, I heard you're quiting the ANBU. Kakashi's injured, and I have no replacement for team Kakashi."

"I'll be the replacement for you."

"Really? Someone of your standards teaching this team, they're some team."

"I'll do it, but I just need files."

"But Hoshi, you're 16, they're 16. It might feel weird for them to have you as the daijo."

"But this will get me to understand my age group more. I've been acting as my own adult for a long while, let me try to fit in more."

"Ok, ok. Let me get the files out and you can review the students."

Tsunade walked into a side room, and came back with a manila folder. She handed it to me without a sound and motioned me to look it over.

Uzumaki Naruto: Genin, 16

Hair: Yellow, Spiky

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male

Extra Info: A jinchurikii of the nine tailed fox, his father was the fourth hokage. Over active imagination and hyper. Came back from a voyage of 3 years. Student of Jiraya.

Haruno Sakura: Chunin, 16

Hair: Pink, Short

Eyes: Emerald

Sex: Female

Extra Info: Super strength. Student of Tsunade herself. No known information of her family. Bubbly personality and works hard.

Uchiha Sasuke: Genin, 16

Hair: Black, Spikey

Eyes: Piercing onyx

Sex: Male

Extra Info: One of the last surviving Uchiha members. Very serious of his position and is always looking for power. He has trained himself hard ever since his parents were murdered. Uchiha Itachi is his brother, murderer, Akatsuki member, run away leaf ninja, wanted. Relaxed personality, but tries so hard inside. Hates competition. Former student of Orochimaru.

What a weird team, 2 genin and 1 chunin, I'm gonna have to work at this Team. But Uchiha-san, he's so much like me. Loving, then parents are killed, turned serious. But the only thing is, I don't know how my parents are killed, how my clan was killed. I had no siblings, no enimies(sp?) .But that's all in the past now, I need to focus on what's coming.

"Tsunade-sama, how come Uchiha-san and Uzumaki-san are genin?"

"Well, they haven't completed the chunin exams yet, you're going to have to deal with that later on.

"Oh, ok. Are we meeting today or tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, so that way I can get the papers ready, and you're going to have to do a file paper for the team."

"Ok, I'll get right to it. And Tsunade-sama, I'm still ANBU, this will be like researching my age group and helping you out"

"Ok, here's the paper. No one will be looking at these so fill in 'ANBU' next to your name."

I grabbed the paper and started to fill it in...

Miruzaki Hoshi: ANBU, 16

Hair: Dark silver, long

Eyes: Dark silver

Sex: Female

Extra Info: Live's alone by herself, she focuses mostely on work and strength and will do mostly anything to get more power. Her whole clan was murdered somehow , and she never even noticed killing while she was asleep. She's taking a break from ANBU to study the habits of the teenagers of her age and hopes to make progress. She likes to joke around at times but it's a serious kinda joke, laughs but it can't get out of hand.

I left shortly after I finished I ran out to get a good night's rest at home. Cold air blew at my face, it felt nice. I thought about what the day ahead will bring me, but what I thought was just the beginning...

x Next day x

I woke up an hour before my alarm rang. 8 A.M. I got dressed and thought about where to have breakfast. Itaraku raman, I haven't had that in a while and it was just around the corner. I put on my boots and took a jog down to the raman shop.

"Ohayo! I haven't seen you guys in a while! How's it going?"

"Well, everything's fine. I took a break from ANBU and decided to lead some kids my age, I'm taking over team Kakashi for a long while."

"Oh, that team? We have one of the ninja from that team come over here so often."

"I bet it's Uzumaki-san. In his form, it seems he just has to love this place, the food's just so good. I bet it's even better now."

"Yup, you got that right. He loves it here."

His daughter came out, she looked very tired.

"Hey, whats wrong?"

"Well I've been working so hard this past week because Naruto's been coming over and over again."

"Hey, he'll be under my watch starting today, I'll make sure he doesn't do that so much, I'll even take them out to dinner somewhere else if needed."

"Thanks, you're a help. How about a bowl of raman, on the house. How about that dad, lets give her a bowl of raman, Naruto's such a eater and she'll be taking the whole team out to dinner."

"No, it's fine, don't worry about me. I'll pay for the raman like everyone else."

"No, no. Let us treat you this one time, Naruto will be burning a whole through your pocket even before a week pasts."

"Ok, but only this once because you guys are my old friends, treating you like this isn't really that needed."

She began to make my bowl and I sat down. Soon, I heard arguing behind me, I looked back, 2 kids came into the store, then one more. One with dark hair, one with pink hair, and one with yellow hair and a pout on his face. I started to overhear their conversation, but not on perpose, because they were so loud.

"Naruto, sit down and stop fighting with Sasuke-kun!"

"But Sasuke-teme started it. I would never be this way. And Sasuke, how come you look feelingless right now? You should be happy that Sakura only yells at me!"

"Dobe! Don't you understnad the concept of being selfcontroled in public? There's a young lady over there and she must be very annoyed at your yelling."

I ran over this conversation after they noticed me. Naruto, Sasuke, the last one was probibly Sakura. I walked over to the cook and told him to give me the orders for those 3 when they're done cooking, which was in a long while. I sat down and started to eat my bowl while they and I waited. SlurpSlurp All done, I drank the rest of that soup and suddenly, all 3 of their bowls on a tray appered infront of me. I picked it up and walked twords them.

"Here you go. Enjoy, it might be the only thing you'll get after today."

They looked at me with an expression and I walked out of the store.

"Thanks for the meal guys! Ja ne!"

They yelled back "See ya!"

I started to dash to Tsunade-sama's, only 30min left, I can't wait to see the reaction of their faces when they see me. Then I'll get so many questions about the "Enjoy, it might be the only thing you get after today". Run, run, pant, run some more, I dashed up the stares and into Tsunade's room.

"You're here early."

"Well, I want to be early for the meeting. By the way, where are we even going to meet?"

"You'll meet at the bridge going through the park, it's ok to be late because Kakashi was always late, they're used to it."

"What ever, I just want to get there early."

"Ok, you may leave now."

I left without a good-bye and ran all the way across Konoha to that bridge, 15min left. Step, step, sprint. I can see the bridge not to far off, I was close. A few more sprints and I got there, I took a seat onto of the rail and looked down into the clear water. My mind started to go over today's happenings and computing all the things together. Haruno-san, she blushes when she peeks at Uchiha-san, maybe she likes him, I guess I'll find out. Uzumaki-san, he seems to pout more when Haruno peeks at Uchiha. Uchiha-san, he doesn't really seem to care about much, so much like me, I can't wait to find out more about him. Then, Uchiha-san came, he stood so close to me.

"Oi, I came due to Tsunade-sama's orders. Have you seen an older woman by chance? I'm supposed to meet this lady who's supposed to be my new team leader."

This was funny, I think I'll play along for a while ;

"No, I was here for a while, and has saw no other woman other than myself."

"Hey, weren't you at Itaraku earlyer?"

"Yea, I probibly was, were you one of those annoying 3?"

"I wan't the annoying one, only the one with yellow hair was being annoying. And the one with pink hair was annoying to."

He had no expression, I need to keep this going, but it isn't so long untill I just have to giggle.

"Well, I guess your name is Uchiha-san, isn't it?"

"Yes, and may I ask what is your name?"

"It's...", I paused for a moment, should I tell him my real name or wait untill later? Nahh, right now is good."Well, my name is Miruzaki Hoshi, your new team leader."

He was kinda shocked.

"But aren't you a little to young to be our leader?"

"Well, I'm 16. Got a problem with that?"

"Yes, how did Tsunade let you take this spot? Are you even chunin yet?"

"Oh, I can't tell you what rank I'm at. The people at my rank aren't supposed to tell people what rank we're in, it'll cause danger."

I was laughing so hard on the inside, he seemed so confused. Can't wait untill Haruno and Uzumaki get here.

"Baka, I won't belive that you're placed on our team as the leader, it's just not possible."

"Well, Uchiha Sasuke, genin. I belive that if you go and ask Tsunade-sama yourself, you'll be surprised at what you hear."


I gave a smile and turned away to look at the water. Later, Haruno and Uzumaki came, they were confused just like Uchiha-san.

"Oi Sasuke-teme, where's that daijo. I hope she isn't like Kakashi sensei and is late everytime."

"Yea Sasuke-kun, where is she?"

Sasuke pointed to me and I said, "Well, I don't know what you're talking about, I'm a regular 16 year old. Just a chunin, how can I ever look after 3 others of my age?"

Uchiha looked pissed now, I made him look stupid.

"Sasuke-kun, she's too young to be the new leader, right Naruto?"

"Yea, she's so scrawny, no way she can teach us."

After hearing this, I knew that Uzumaki-dobe was going to have the most difficult time of all.

"Fine, don't belive me. Keep saying bad things about her Naruto. you're going to regret it later."

I grined a small grin. This way they won't suck up to me, I'll know how they act before they know it's me.

"Uchiha-kun, are you sure that the new leader's me?"

"Hai, the new leader is you."

He looked away, probibly embarised(sp?), a very unnoticable shade of pink was on his cheeks though.

"Well, Uchiha-san is right. I'm the new leader, little me. Or should I say scrawny little me."

Uzumaki chuckle innocently. He looked troubled. Haruno was kinda shocked, but she stayed quiet.

"Yea Uzumaki-dobe. I am not weak and scrawny, you shouldn't call any girl scrawny too, what goes around comes around. Haruno-san, what's with your quietness?", she took a peek at Uchiha and then looked to the ground. I looked at Uchiha myself, he was already looking at me, a barely noticable shade of pink appered on our faces, "Uchiha-san, I want you to make sure that Dobe and Miss Haruno learn what they're supposed to learn. Got it?"


"Well, for a first before I have to leave, lets introduce ourselves. I'm Miruzaki Hoshi, new leader. My ranking can not be stated. My hobbies are training, cooking, and art. Haruno, your turn. My goal is to pass this mission, and"

"Ehhh, I'm Haruno Sakura. Sasuke-kun and I are ment to be. Naruto is one of my goood friends. I'm chunin. My hobbies are shopping, studying medical issues, and I like to expand my mind. My futer dream is to be the best medical ninja ever!"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Futer Hokage! I'm genin. Sasuke is my arch rival. My hobbies are watching T.V., eating raman, and training to be Hokage! And my goal in life is to be the next Hokage"

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. Genin. I hate Naruto. Hobbies are training, training, and training. My goal is to kill my brother who murdered my clan."

"Well Uchiha-san, we have one thing in common, my clan was murdered too, but the only thing is that I don't know who was the murderer, I can't avenge my clan even if I wanted to. I was asleep, I didn't know what happened. No memories. My father and my mother were ANBU at a young age, then they quit so they could have me. When I turned 4, they let me stay home alone and everytime they went on a mission, I knew they would come back, I kept thinking that my parents could have done anything, go through anything dangerous, live through anything else and will always be there for me. But I lost all that hope on that night. I was getting ready to sleep, all the dishes put away, but it was a silent night. And I put my head down to my pillow and slept, a picture of my mom was in my head, she was beautiful, a Hyuuga, she had those pretty white eyes. I knew my parents came home because the next morning I saw their shoes, their dirty clothes, and their beds messed up, I went into the bathroom and I-I-I saw my parents, blood everywhere. Kunai through their home clothes. While I just stood there and cried, I decided to listen to my mother, she said to never be sad while she was gone, never to cry, to always take care of myself. My clan was also as important as the Uchiha clan, we had a part of Konoha put off for us, and when I walked outside of my house, I saw that blood was splattered everywhere. I started to sob, but I couldn't cry, my mother didn't want me to. I ran out of the Miruzaki area and into the Hyuuga compound. Haiashi let me in, my mother was his younger sister. I stayed for a long period of time; training with Neji-kun and hanging with Hinata-chan in my spare time. I grew more powerfull, and more shy. Hiashi never said I didn't have people skills though, I can make just about anyone laugh. I was starting to feel connected to a family again, a family I can call my own, but just when I turned 10, Hiashi let me go and live by myself back at the Miruzaki space. There, I got even more excluded. I was known at my genin school as the best student, but worst student at life itself. I was excluded at most things. Sports, which I beat everyone at so no one wanted me to play. Art, my best subject, people never belived what I wrote, drew, or sang. Learning, I was the smartest in all the classes, but unfortuantly being the smartest excludes you too. I was no one then, but I had to keep strong, mother hates seeing me sad. This is close to the treatment for a jinchurikii, you're a jinchurikii right Uzumaki?"

"Ye-yea, but call me Naruto. I've had that treatment for so long, I never liked it and without my friends I'd probibly be sulking somewhere, or end up as the old Gaara, killing everyone in my site so I feel like I have a perpose in life."

"Yea, thats how it was. I started to carve wood in the beginning, into shaped of my loved ones but they always seemed to rot away. I never seemed to get angry though. I wanted everyone to just see me as a regular person, not some super perfect freak."

Sakura finally started to speak.

"I-I'm so sorry Hoshi-senpai, i never knew."

I didn't know why, but I wanted to see what Uchiha was going to say, it might have been interesting, but he wasn't the talkitive type.

"Miruzaki, I understand your pain, I've been through it myself. But would you ever think of who acctualy killed your clan? Maybe get revenge on them, if they can't take what they dish out, then maybe the shouldn't have ever done it."

"Well, I don't want to do that because it's a fight after a fight. I wanted things to stay in peace but if I just knew the person who killed my family, then it might have been a very nice thing. Hatred takes over your body after a while, it keeps building up and once your body has had enough hate, it's going to explode so I recommend to you, Uchiha-kun, to look at the brighter side. To stay away from saddness and maybe focus less on training or work and more on the fun things in life."

"But what about you being our captian? Isn't that hard work?"

"Well no, this is acctualy easy compaired to my other ranking's job. This was to get to know my age group too, so I think of this as a vacation."

"And you're telling me to be more on the fun side, how am I supposed to do that?"

"Well, you're kinda cute, get yourself a girl, party a bit. Life isn't all work, and I think we'll figure that out the hard way."

"But I need to seek revenge on my brother, that can't wait."

"Yes it can, what will he do in the mean time that he can't do now?"

I saw a funny expression on his face, he was startled..

"Yea, I knew it. You have no clue. If you just keep working yourself to death, then you're wasting your youth on such useless things. I'm even ashamed at myself for working myself so hard. This change of heart is pretty nice, no more stress, but only for a while because too much fun can be bad too," I looked at Naruto," But when you only party once a while to release yourself, it can be just as good as working that day "

"But this makes no sense, if you work, you gain power, but if you party the same amount of time, it's equal to that amount of work?"

"Yes, thats just what I'm saying and tonight, I'm hosting my own welcome party, you three are invited and I want you guys to invite as many of your friends as possible."

"Yeah! A party! This is going to be great! Belive it!!"

I stood there, a few moments of silence, but I dismissed them before anymore comments were made. My head hurt and my leg did too, I was half limping home. I sensed a familiar chakra behind me, most of the time I was walking, and suddely when I was jumping from a tree to another, my left leg shot with extreme pain. I waited for my body to hit the floor, 10 yards down, but it never happened. I opened my eyes and instead of opening them to an angel, I opened them to Sasuke.

"S-Sasuke, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I was just passing by and you happen to be clumsy and fell and I thought that having the new captian die on the first day would be a bad image."

I chuckled and I knew why he was here, he saw my limping when I was leaving the bridge. I guess he cared enough to follow me all the way here.

"Do you live near here?"

"No, I live across town."

"Well I shouldn't bother you, you can put me down."

I suddenly noticed how he was holding me, bridal style. I blushed and hid my face. I shouldn't be blushing, I can't feel this way about anyone. But I was wearing a skirt, well not really, I had shorts under but this was enough to make any girl blush.

"Sasuke, I'm fine, put me down."

"No, you're going to hurt yourself, I can't let that happen.

More like Don't want that to happen. I think he acctualy cares for me.

"I'll even show you I'm ok, let me down right now, this is an order."

He put me down, and I fell, the pain was to much for me.

"Look, see, you were going to hurt yourself, and now you have a bruse on your left leg."

"No, I'm fine. Absolutly fine. You don't need to bring me all the way home."

But he wouldn't listen to me, and I didn't want to give things to him as an order, it would seem very meanish. Well, we got to my house and he stayed to help me with my brused leg.

"Sasuke, I want you to go to Naruto and cancel the party, it'll be a disaster if I'm like this."

"No, you don't need to do that, I'll help you around during the party."

"Are you sure that's ok? Because you might have so many better things to do other than help me during a party."

"No, I want to do this, honest."

He's making me blush again, I want to kill him for it. And helping me at my party? That seems so nice of him, why is he being so nice? We've only known each other for 12 hours. I kept thinking while he bandaged the bruse. After we finished, Sasuke and I talked about jutsus and more educational things about shinobi untill the doorbell ran, it was the first people to come to the party. And guess who it was, Naruto with this guy who seemed very bored about a party.

"Oi! Hoshi-senpai! Nice decorations," then he saw Sasuke," what's he doing here?"

"Well, my leg started to hurt and I almost fel out of the trees, but thanks to Sasuke-kun here, I didn't die."

Naruto made a pout, I wonder what that was about. More and more people started to come. Sakura, a blond girl, Hinata, Neji, a very fat looking ninja, one with a doggy looking face, and one with bugs following him. Thanks Kami my house was big because everyone wouldn't have fit. Sasuke held my hand and lead me to the front of the room.

"Hey everyone! This is a welcome party for myself but just think of it as a "no-reason" party."

Sakura and that blond girl were looking, with scowls on their face though. I quickly let go of Sasuke's hand and fell. Naruto and Sasuke came to help. They scowled even more.

"Sasuke, Naruto, no need to help. I'll do fine by myself on the couch."

"No, you just need one person to help. Naruto, you can leave this to me."

"Why do I have to let you do everything? Why can't I help for once. We have to work as a team. And I'm working as a team with you by helping you help Hoshi-senpai."

Sasuke growled and let Naruto help me to my couch. What has gotten into these two? Didn't they hate me 3 hours ago? I can tell that from now on, things are going to be harder than planned. The party was nice, everyone seemed to like me. I learned everyone's name, even the blond girl's name, Ino. Apparently, Ino and Sakura are fighting over the love of Sasuke, maybe that's why they were mad at me. After the party, everyone left, even Naruto. Sasuke stayed. Isn't he supposed to go home too?

"Sasuke-san, why are you still here? Why don't you go home."

I got up and tried to walk over to him, but I couldn't, my leg hurt too much.

"That's why I wouldn't leave. I'm not going to let you be by yourself untill you're better."

There was something about me, that I can never tell anyone. I have a mark, on my left leg that only comes when I needed the power. The power was that I can copy any family jutsu, but for a price, my family traits will start to fade away. So far, I've only copied the byakugan and made it a main move, this is what my clan could do. Our trait move was the chidori, I heard that more and more people are getting to use that move. My clan, was a copy ninja clan. The chidori was getting harder and harder to use so I stopped using it over all. Everything that I could have carried on for my family was almost gone. When I was little, I was always told the story of my adopted brother. He was adopted way before I was born, thus making extremely older than me. He had white hair, and learnt our family traits like he was part of this family already. But, a week before I was born, he ran away. I don't know where he ran to but I heard that there's someone who knows the chidori, right here in Konoha. My curiosity got the better of me. Another move of mine is drawing. I love to draw and somethings happen to my drawings that are bad, very bad. My drawings come to life, anyone can make the 'life' part real but only is I draw the picture. This is why it's so dangerous, I haven't drawn a picture in a long time anyways.

"Sasuke, do you know anyone who knows the move Chidori?"

"Well, I know it myself. Why do you ask?"

"Well, jut tell me this, who trained you, and showed you how to do this move?"

"My sensei, Hataki Kakashi."

Could it be? Hataki san, could he be my brother?

"Now, tell me why you asked while I re-bandage your leg."

Well, I told him my story, he sat down next to me when he was done. He walked to my kitchen and brought me a glass of water. I still don't understand why he's treating my this way.

"Arigato Uchiha-kun. When are you leaving for home?" I took a sip of water.

"Once your leg fully heals. I'll be right by your side until that day."

I choked a bit on my water.I never thought that he would be here that long. We chatted the rest of the night and got a bit closer. When it was around 11, he carried me up to my room and let me sleep.

"Sasuke-kun, where are you going to sleep?"

"The couch, of course."

"No, I can't let you do that, there's a room accros from this one, You can sleep there."


"And tomorrow, we have to wake up early to clean the house up and go around Konoha Doing chores for Tsunade-sama."

"Ok, ok. Just sleep and we'll worry about this later."

I closed me eyes, I guess this isn't so bad. Having company. But I'm going to be alone again when my leg heals. I've become less and less familiar with lonelyness. That night, I dreamt a dream, not a nightmare. The night went by so fast too, it's like the dream carried me safely. Nightmares used to haunt me whenever I sleep, but now, it seems as though they're starting to stop.

x End Chapter x

Well, I hope you liked the first chapter. It's my first story so don't kill me. I'll try to upload once a week but my writing is so wide and various that I have a bunch of other stories I have to complete. This story was supposed to be for xanga, and it is but I thought it was easier for me to post my work here hope you liked it.