Ok, I know that this is late but I must admit that I am indeed a very lazy person, lol. And I had this last minute story that was due this previous Friday and I spent a whole lot of time on it :( I'm pretty sure I got an A though ;) And it's based on D. Gray Man so for any DGM fans out there, there's going to be a new story out soon :D (hopefully). Well, I really wanted to make a list of what I decided that Interception of Love is going to rest upon but by now you're probably thinking "Get on with the story already, you're holding us up! -shakes fists angrily-" But this is pretty important :O Well, there's that important list.

-Hoshi has light blue hair, not silver.
-She most defiantly has her own family traits (kakegenkai, special jutsus.)
-I now know why I called this story "Interception of Love", lol, there's going to be a lot of pairing swichoffs and love triangles ;)
-Yes, Sakura and Naruto are paired up in this fic but Sakura still likes Sasuke and is still going after him and Naruto is still a clueless dope xD
-Writer's block is more than real but I never get it, I just constantly space off without knowing when I'm in front of my keyboard.
-Reviews are loved :) yes, they make my world go 'round -hint-hint-
-I don't have a grammar checker, but I do have a minor spell checker on Firefox.
-Turtles can breathe out of their butts.
-Polar bears are left handed
-I have major ADD o.o (or do I?)
-I randomly add humor to serious parts in my story for some reason, I think it's just that I don't like being all that serious, lol -rubs back of head-
-Writing a story and keeping on the update schedule is more than hard, especially if you don't have much time to start with.
-No, I will not write a real lemon for this story so don't even ask -.- I might mention it though, but I'm not going to go into detail.
-I'll be skipping a day so we can go straight to the mission day. Reason 1 is because all that happens on the skipped day is that they get two unknown medi nin(yes, they'll get a disguise like everyone else) and reason 2 is because I feel very lazy and don't feel like writing something so insignificant.

Well, I think that I should get on to the story now, don't you?

Oh yea, !SPOILER ALERT! Yes, there are a few spoilers to those who haven't read the manga to the latest episode yet.

Hoshi does NOT own Naruto in any way. She owns the plot and Hoshi (and her sense of humor ;D) Naruto Characters Copyrighted Masashi Kishimoto.
Hoshi doesn't own Naomi Misora from Death Note. Naomi copyrighted Tsugumi Ohba.

Sasuke: Yea right, like she has any.

-laughs- see, I have a sense of humor ;D Now, let's go on with the story!! -strangles Sasuke-

I woke up the next morning, surprisingly early. The curtains were opened and the dawn of our mission day peeked through my window. It's been 3 days since we were assigned and today I felt the anticipation. I wanted to leave the city gates and get out of this city. I rarely had this feeling to just run out of the city, but when I do, I end up being very careless about my actions. I stood up and walked over to Sasuke's room. His blanket was tossed a few feet away from him and his hair was messy from the sleep. I walked back to my room and grabbed my cloths to go take a shower. When I stepped out of the shower, I heard a thump from Sasuke's room. I smirked, Sasuke probably fell. I got dressed and left the bathroom and stepped back into his room. He was on the floor in an odd position, it looked like he tripped over his blanket.

"Hey Sasuke, you ok?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I just tripped over my blanket when I woke up."

"Oh, ok, but you need to hurry up, we need to get to the gates within 2 hours.."

"Really?! Did I really sleep that late?" I showed him my wrist watch, 2:15 A.M. We have to get there by 4:00A.M., just some time left to get Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke quickly shook off his pain and went to get ready. We got our bags and set off to go find the others, Mizu and Naomi would be at the gates by 4:00. Sasuke went to find Sakura, while I went to find Naruto. When I finally got to his house, I found out that his door was left unlocked, but when I tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. When I pushed harder, I noticed something that fell out, an empty instant raman bowl. -sweat drops- I pushed at the door with more force and crushed most of the styrofoam bowls. Well, this was more messy than I thought. Down Naruto's front hall, there was a whole bunch of raman bowls and I was stuck knee deep as I closed the door. All the while, I was thinking, "Damn, how much does this kid eat?" But then I remembered that this is natural for and jinchuuriki to eat this much, especially the nine tailed fox. I walked into Naruto's bedroom and found him burried in 3 feet of raman cups and wooden chopsticks. I nudged him softly with my foot and felt him wake up.

"Whaaaa? Who's there?"

"It's me, baka, hurry up and get ready, we have to leave soon."

"Huh? Already? Hoshi, can't we go an hour later?"

"No. There was a lot of preperations that led to this so we cant waste and efforts, besides, Mizu and Naomi are probably waiting for us already."

"Fine, fine, I'll get ready and you can do what ever. I'll just meet everyone on time, I swear." I really hoped he would keep that promise.

"Ok, but if you aren't there, I'm going to have your head." He twitched a bit and then went into his closet and started to look through his closet. As I started to leave the room, I pulsed a strong flow of chakra through my body and the extremely large (6ft of bowls) pile of bowls rumbled and avalanched down onto Naruto.

"Ok, ok, I get it, you can go now." His voice was muffled as I left his apartment. The first thing I thought of doing was to find Sasuke, but then there's Sakura that I have to deal with.

You're scared of a girl like her? You're better than that, Hoshi. I've seen you face worse.

Who, who's there?! The sudden coy voice caught me off guard and I lost my footing and fell on the ground. SHOW YOURSELF! Tell me who you are!

Oh, I'm just someone. Not that It's important.

Just great. Just when I get an important mission, something weird happens to my head. It's just nothing, I'll just ignore him. I kept walking.

I wouldn't ignore me if I were you. I'm much closer than you think.

Sudden memories of my first encounter with Itachi flooded through me head. I defeated you once, I can defeat you again!

Don't you ever think of my true potential? Maybe I let you win, knowing that you'll never make it. I'm. Not. Ticklish.

Then what was that spazz attack when I poked you back then?

I like to kid, at times. I'm not really a bad man.

You're not a bad man? You killed your whole clan and you only left Sasuke to suffer.

I never wanted to kill my weak clan.

Then explain how your family died. Explain how Sasuke suffered the trauma of seeing his parents be killed, by you.

You will find out, soon. Don't worry, our next encounter will be much, much more than expected.

Just then, I walked into my own door.

"Owww. Dang, I guess I wasn't paying attention." I took out my keys and walked into my living room to quickly grab my backpack and Sasuke's. I looked back into my bag and made sure everything was in there. Extra Cloths. Extra kunai, son bon, and shuriken. I looked into a deeper part of my backpack and I saw my ANBU mask. I traced my finger over the flowing lines of the dragon(I'm not sure if that's considered an animal but oh well). The last time I wore this mask, the last cruel mission I had this. Yes, I've known I already mentioned this story, but, if what Itachi said of holding back was true, it was still pretty rough, and why in the world would he do it? As I quickly put my armor on, I just placed the mask on for once in a long time. I missed the way that I can just be myself with someone criticizing me about how I behave, I don't have to be restrained by own self.

"Hoshi! Sakura's here and she's outside waiting. Hurry up!" I heard Sasuke yell for outside and I quickly grabbed his pack and mine. I hastily slipped my mask back where it's supposed to be in my bag and I ran for the door, making sure to lock it to turn around to Sasuke, and a scowling Sakura behind him.

"Come on, let's go, we have 10 minutes to get all the way across town to the main gates."

He quickly grabbed my arm and tugged me so I would hurry up and go.

"Sasuke, physical contact with our captain like that isn't very respectful. You should let go of Hoshi." Sakura frowned. I never knew it, but Sakura can be very jealous when it comes to Sasuke. When we were almost at the gate, I ran into Neji.

"Hoshi-san, I heard about your mission. Be careful, ok? I know my uncle won't really care if his niece is killed, but I know that Hinata and Hanabi will be more than sad. So for their sake, please come back in one piece, and I know you like to go all out on these missions, but, please, but more careful."

"Ok," I flashed a smile at Neji," I promise to be careful, Neji-nii-san." It's been years since I've called him that, and me smiled when I did. Something I didn't notice was Sasuke's jealous scowl on his face.

"Come on, Hoshi, we have to go." As I was dragged off by Sasuke again, I smiled at Neji and waved good-bye at him with my free hand. He waved back before disappearing after turning into the corner of the street.

"Um Sasuke, could you let go please?" He blushed and looked away as he set free my hand. I would have never guessed that Sasuke would end up this possessive about me. But soon, we were there and as promised, Naruto was there waiting with Naomi and Mizu. One had short, blue hair and icey blue eyes, much like the color of my iteru ome (frozen eyes). The other had long, purple hair and light, almost hyuuga-like eyes. The purple haired one waved.

"Hi! My name is Misora Naomi (yes, I'm using Misora Naomi from Death Note). My partner, here, is Hyouga Mizu."

"Hello, here's my team. That's Naruto, over there. Sasuke's right here, and Sakura's right behind Sasuke. My name is Miruzaki Hoshi, thank you for coming today. Come on, Tsunade had us schedualed to leave a few minutes ago so we might as well go now." The both gave me a smile and we continued on our journey. This, was going to be one heck of a time.

Well, the ending was a bit too cliff-hangerish for my taste, but I hope you liked my chapter. I would love reviews (yes, I mean love). And I know that I made Naomi Misora look differently than she really is, for any Death Note watchers(or readers ;D). I know that this isn't the longest chapter and that I won't be updating until I finish another chapter for my other fanfic (it's a back and forth switching routine) but yes, Hoshi and everyone are finally setting off on their long-awaited journey. Lol, and here's another list of things that I've forgotten to state in the beginning.

-This uses the Shippuuden series's characters.
-Yes, I'm still a newbie writer.
-I volunteer my old elementary school's summer school from 8-12 and then I go to peer leading camp from 12-5, so I'm not home for 9 hours x.x and I get off my (shared) computer at around 11 or 12, so that's up to 3 hours of writing a day. Also, I'm going to be going to Canada (yes, canada -.-;) for a week, starting at the weekend, which means even less writing time. So I'm really, really sorry if I don't update for a looooooooong time. I'm actually already sorry now because I think it's been forever since the last time I uploaded. lol.
-Yes, I'm very lazy, and I don't have a regular updating schedule (well, I wish I had one.)
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