Chapter 1- Sanity Lost

The elevator finally rose to it's destination and stopped. There was blood everywhere on the wall behind him and Point man awoke feeling like his body and his mind had taken all it could. He scanned the room although he could hardly see for everything around him was blurry. Through his blurred vision he sat and watched Alma walk away. Ahead of her was a great white light with to mangled metal doors wide open. Could that be the way out. It sure seemed it to the Point man however he could hardly move at the moment as he ached all over.

A voice soon resonated throughout the room. It was Almas and the Point man knew it. "Don't get up, rest, sleep now eternally. If you do not then the true nightmare will begin. Give up, relax now, drift into death's embrace." The Point man rested his head on the wall behind him and looked ahead realizing Alma had now vanished. His vision was still blurred but it was getting better.

Feeling for his weapon with his left hand the Point man realized he'd been disarmed some time between his ride up the elevator and his unconcious state. Come to think of it what had happened? All he could remember was Alma appearing in the elevator and then fear taking him over, finally he remembered waking up where he was and that was it.

Why wasn't he dead? The Point man desperate to get out of the hell hold he was in and refusing to give up used his left hand to pull himself to his feet and stand more hobbling than anything as he stepped forward. His body ached, his hand throbbed and his head pounded and felt as if it was going to explode. With each step the Point man struggled and hurt more. Half way down the corridor he soon found underneath some rubble his radio. He picked it up and attempted to use it but it was no use as it was dead. Still carrying his radio he pushed onward till finally at long last he reached the doorway with the bright light for which he soon rested on the doorway upon reaching it.

Then he stepped forward and inside. His vision restored fully the Point man saw before him a room with a floor made of black and white checkered tile that was made from marble. Then he heard a haunting laughter that was easily distinguishable as Almas. It haunted his psyche and the Point man was confused as he realized this was not a way outside of the complex he had been in before. He was sure it was and yet here he was in a mysterious room. He turned to run out but the metal doors once mangled before were now restored and slammed in his face now revealing only wooden doors. The Point man frantically fought for a way out but banging and beating on the doors did nothing.

Alma's laughter continued and soon she spoke. "Hehehehehehehehehehehe...welcome to your nightmare! You have made your choice and now your suffering will truly begin. You ran here desperate for an exit when I gave you a chance. I gave you a choice upon your waking. You could have slept, slipping into deaths embrace but you decided to walk right here, right into the real nightmare. Your will and desperation have brought you to here, and now your suffering and your nightmare will truly begin! Until now I've been toying with you, Judgement and all of that was a way to toy with you eventually luring you here were I wanted you to be. Leading you to suffering, you will know worse than death, you will know only suffering! Now, the real nightmare has nightmare! I want you to suffer like the rest only I want you to suffer far worse than the rest! Consider this the end of your life and the beginning of your NIGHTMARE!"

Alma soon laughed even more and as she did the Point man fell to his knees dropping his already dead radio on the floor next to him. He had been led into this trap all along. Point man wanted more than anything for all of this to end for his suffering to be done with for this nightmare to stop! He had now lost all grip and his sanity had left him. How had it come to this? How could he have been led into this only to be tortured. His psyche had been fractured, his mind and soul suffered and tormented. He felt lost, cold alone. The room fell silent and he scanned it once more seeing a door ahead of him and a staircase next to it. Regardless of the path he chose his descension into hell had begun and his suffering only just now truly beginning although he felt as though he'd suffered a long time ago.

The room grew cold and Point man was dazed and lost, grieving, in pain and more suffering and torment than he'd ever felt in his life time. His only chance for survival and escape was to escape his fears and his nightmare but was it even possible now? The Point man was now past his breaking point and sat wondering what his nightmare was going to bring, wondering if there would ever be an end to this suffering and this torment he found. His greatest fear being what had Alma planned for him now...what did she intend his nightmare to be?

It was clear now, he was in hell...the only question being, is there even a way out? Was there, or was this nightmare eternal?