Chapter 6- Nightmarish End Chapter 6- Nightmarish End

The Point Man stared into the eyes of his greatest fear as he stood waiting to see what would happen next and quickly thinking of what he was going to do to make it out alive. Alma, the very definition of his greatest fear stared at him seemingly empty. It un-nerved him just staring into the cold heartless and empty eyes before him. He hadn't the slightest idea of what Alma might be thinking.

Alma didn't hesitate to show him what she was thinking and immediately focused on him. The Point Man dropped immediately and watched the world around him disorient and grow dizzy. It seemed to be between shifting and the screaming was returning inside his head. He felt a headache begin to pulsate inside to such a degree he felt like vomiting and also felt as though his head was going to explode! "NOOO!! I..won't, DIE!" Alma stepped back for a moment and noticed a shift in the world around them.

Something wasn't right, it felt different. It didn't feel like she had full control of everything or the situation and now she watched as The Point Man was on his knees and gripping his head in pain. Something still felt different about him though. He was slowly absorbing the pain and using it to somehow fuel himself. Alma wasn't expecting this. She quickly tried harder to make him feel fear and pain and she was forcibly trying to end him using his own mind but now she felt she was no longer getting through to him.

The Point Man remembered inside the lost and all the suffering and more than anything he wanted to live. His pain brought him new life and the suffering he had felt was being used to keep the drive inside of him alive. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on though as he felt himself partially losing himself as his mind began to unlock more of his hidden psychic abilities within himself. Still, something wasn't right, he couldn't quite control it which is understandable being it was new but at the same time he was losing control of himself in some ways.

The dark world around him was beginning to brighten and a light broke through and shined on him creating a white aura around his body and he soon screamed in pain before feeling his heart racing even more. His soul had been pushed beyond it's limits, everything inside of him wanted to live and yet he felt a new darkness welling on the inside. The souls of the damned appeared everywhere, many of which he hadn't seen in there before and they writhed in fear at him and pain. They soon cowered behind Alma.

The light that was previously shining soon turned black and The Point Man's armor slowly took a new look. It appeared to turn black however it also ran with crimson blood and seemed to eminate darkness! Alma began to wonder what was going on and as she felt The Point Man he seemed to no longer be the same. His mind seemed to fracture and his soul felt dark. What was going on she wondered? The Point man stood up and seemed to be thriving with life but in a very dark way.

Alma soon tried bring him down to his knees again but it barely did a thing. The Point Man began to twitch and turn and convulse and soon the whole place began to flow with blood and a dark laughter was heard throughout the place. The flames were quelched and all that ran in their place was blood and darkness. Alma stood in awe for a moment and it wasn't long before The Point Man looked towards Alma and without so much as the slightest bit of effort he used his mind and Alma soon went flying backwards and slammed hard against a wall far down the hallway.

She then heard the screams of the damned which were soon unleashed and freed from her control and trap. The Point Man felt a darkness inside of him and now he found himself being controlled by a much darker half of himself. He didn't seem to feel remorse and he was afraid of what was happening, however the fear soon turned to dark pleasure as he turned around and ripped the some debris from the ground and saw a hatch leading downward. He opened it and upon entering it he suddenly found the world fade away and reappear only to have him kick another door open and climb out from an underground shelter.

All around him the city burned, a city that once had no escape, and a city that he once feared. Now he felt the fear of others and it appeared all the hell that Alma had put The Point Man through had it's price. The will to live on inside of him and the pain and suffering he'd felt, mixed with the desperation for escape appeared to have unleashed a much darker half inside of The Point Man and unlocked new psychic abilities. An escape from the city seemed apparent after all this time however was the price paid worth it?

A static seemed to go off above from a radio tower and soon a radio transmission seemed to come through. It was Betters. "If your out there Point Man, and if your still alive we have a rescue team waiting just outside of the city if you can get there then head there immediately! You have 5 minutes!"

The transmission died and The Point Man headed out of the city which fell in ruin behind him. Death was all that was left there and as he exited the city he saw a chopper waiting for him with a rescue team. The Point Man stepped inside the chopper and they took off. One of the members asked what was going on and what happened to him...he sat in silence...his armor still black and running with blood. The members on the chopper seemed uneasy and they had good reason for as they were reporting the safe extraction of The Point Man to Betters there was suddenly a gushing sound over the radio and screams!

"This is Betters! What the hell is going on over there!?" All he heard was screams and blood splatter and then a very dark voice come over the radio. "Everything is fine, I'm heading over to headquarters now." Betters then heard a rasping and the sound of static before the line died...

FEAR: Nightmare