Dear Readers,

Due to a massive amount of requests for a continuation of the "humorous part" of my story; "Dearest Sarah": I have created this fan fiction to meet your demands.

Sincerely yours,

-Crystal A. Shores

JARETH: You are so proud of yourself for having readers demanding things; aren't you?

ME: Shut up, oh one whose head is like a pincushion. Who am I to argue with the readers?

JARETH: You argue with everyone, darling.

ME: And your point is? Anyway: this is a prologue.

JARETH: You also point out the obvious far too much.

ME: Didn't I tell you to shut up?

JARETH: Do you want to go back into the closet?

ME: You wouldn't dare!!!! I'll just have yodeladyhoo talk you out of it again.

JARETH: Tsk, tsk; sending your readers in to do your dirty work. What sort of an Authoress are you?

ME: You know; you really should be quiet. I am the Authoress, after all.

JARETH: Oh, I shiver. What are you going to do? Poke me to death with a pen?

ME: I wrote you into this fic and I can write you right back out, little mister.

JARETH: -is insulted- "Little mister"? How dare you call me that?!?! Me; the all-powerful king of the goblins!!!!!!!!

ME: …you sound like a girl when you're mad.

JARETH: -is in shock that someone would dare insult his royal person-

ME: What? You do!

JARETH: -sobs- It's true!!!!!

ME: Stop that! You don't act like that!!!!

JARETH: Don't panic too much, love. Remember; I only say what you write me as saying.

ME: -stares at Jareth in shock-


SARAH: You called her "love".


SARAH: She's a girl.

JARETH: What of it?

SARAH: Her mind is reeling.

JARETH: Oh, for the love of Sarah WHY?!?!?!?!

SARAH: -ignores last comment- I think she's trying to figure out what your kids will look like.

JARETH: -is disgusted-

SARAH: Oh, Authoress: I have a problem!!

ME: What now?

SARAH: I just went and read "It Is Strange…" and I go crazy in it!!!!!

ME: And this is a problem…why?

SARAH: -shrieks- I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JARETH: I beg to disagree.

SARAH: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

JARETH: -stares at Sarah with odd expression-

ME: Anyway; as I was saying before Mr. and Miss Crazy over here butted in-

JARETH: I do not "butt" into anything.

ME AND SARAH: -exchange highly amused look and begin giggling-

JARETH: -disconcerted- What?

ME: You said "butt".

SARAH: With both "T"s. You can't worm out of this one: it's in print.

JARETH: Kill me now.

ME: Too busy, deary-doll. So…this fic will be the random ramblings of…what now?!??!?!?!

JARETH: -stops raising his hand- You have no disclaimer.

SARAH: Déjà vu, anyone?

ME: Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with the movie "Labyrinth".

ME: Happy?

JARETH: That was painfully blunt.

ME: I. Don't. CARE!!!!!!!! –shouts- AS I WAS SAYING BEFOREmzgfhjsthtrsa!!!!!!!!!

SARAH: Untie the Authoress!!!!!!!

JARETH: But love; she annoys me. –gives Sarah very-hard-to-resist puppy dog eyes-

SARAH: -resists-

JARETH: -is annoyed but unties Authoress-

ME: -sobs heartbrokenly-

JARETH: -is uncomfortable- What's wrong?

ME: I thought you loved meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JARETH: -backs away in confusion- What?!

SARAH: You called me love; effectively ending your relationship with the Authoress.

ME: Hey, Sarah; did you notice that Jareth's been confused a lot in this chapter?

JARETH: Because you wrote me that way!!!!

ME: Shut up! You're taking away from the illusion.

JARETH: What illusion?! You're a crazy fan-girl who talks to fictional characters! And how did you go from heartbroken to annoyed so quickly?

ME: Poor editing. Well, that and the fact that you're easy to get over.

JARETH: -is shocked-

ME: So as I was saying-

SARAH: What were you saying? I'm sorry; I wasn't listening.

ME: Augh!! I give up! Here's the story; enjoy! I'm going to go get a pretzel. –leaves-

JARETH: -to Sarah- I'm not really easy to get over…am I?

SARAH: -dies laughing-

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