Me: I thought I might as well put this here. It's a review from Yodeladyhoo that I found quite interesting.

Jareth: -mutters- You would. You know, you're only doing this to make up for the fact that you haven't updated in, well...forever.

Me: -off-key and loudly- It's ONly FOREVER!! Not LONG at AlL!!

Jareth: Make it stop!

Sarah: Oh, you were so asking for that.

Jareth: My ears! My precious royal ears!!

Me: Whatever. Just read:

Yodeladyhoo: takes both the Authoress and Jareth by the hand each

Yodeladyhoo: There, there, the two of you. Jareth, you should know the power of words. You did call her love and darling. What is she to expect?

Jareth: But that's what she put in my mouth!

Yodeladyhoo: with a wicked ginAnd do you always accept what is put in your mouth?

C.A.S.: looks up at that question expectantly, after staring at the floor dejectedly

Jareth: takes up staring at the floor where C.A.S. has left off--no--

Yodeladyhoo: So, you chose to accept the words of the Mighty Authoress as your own?

Jareth: glares

Yodeladyhoo: raises an eyebrow Well? Pretend I'm blind. You need to use your words, your Royalness.

Jareth: mumbles --yes. If they are the only words I have.

Yodeladyhoo: So, Crystal, if you want him to apologize to you for raising your expectations falsely, do you know what you have to do?

C.A.S.: nods headMm-hmm.

Yodeladyhoo: And, it doesn't involve a baseball bat, does it?

C.S.A.: scrunches her face Aww, please...

Yodeladyhoo: raises eyebrow

C.A.S.: --no--

Yodeladyhoo: Good. Now, get to work!

Did I help?


Me: I really hope Yodeladyhoo doesn't mind me doing this, as I didn't think to ask her.

Jareth: You don't think at all, darling.

Next Time...Something!!