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High school. It sounded ominous. But he would be challenged here… at least, that's what Zack's parents told him. He had spent the past year and a half going from grade to grade, classroom to classroom, trying to find something challenging. He was beginning to think that something didn't exist. Now, after spending 3 weeks at the local middle school, they had decided to send him to Kenwood High.

His older siblings all objected for different reasons. The ones in high school didn't want him in the same building, especially if he would be taking more advanced courses and getting better grades. Sam, his older brother by one year, still hadn't gotten over the fact that Zack was in a higher grade than him. It had been that way for years, but being older was supposed to make him superior somehow. …At least, that's how Sam saw it. Sam's only solace was in the fact that he was more socially advanced, so he rubbed it in ad every opportunity. Josh, who was in 8th grade, was really pissed that Zack had finally passed him. That was the fear of all his older brothers and sisters… that they would have to face the embarrassment of having their little brother in a higher grade than them. The older they were, the worse it was. The ones in high school were not looking forward to being passed by an eight-year old. It was even worse when he tried to help them with their math homework. His siblings in college told his mother that it would ruin his social life. His mother's response, "Of course it won't, don't be silly" was an obvious cover-up for the fact that all of Zack's closer siblings knew well: Zack had no social life to ruin.

At least Zack's younger siblings had no reason to resent him for making them look bad. Zack loved his whole family, of course, but he preferred the younger ones to the older ones. Jamie, at age six, could be a real pain, though. He always got mad at Zack for using big words and had an uncanny ability to make him feel naïve in social situations. Ariel was Zack's favorite. She was only three and looked up to Zack. They shared the common bond of having objects as friends… she had her stuffed animals and he had his microscope and his books. Zack knew that Ariel would eventually outgrow this and make real friends… a stage that he seemed to have skipped in life. When she did reach this stage, she would turn against him like the other kids. That was OK. He was used to it… he had learned to enjoy others interacting with him while it was happening, because it usually didn't last long.

The main thing separating Zack from his siblings was probably the fact that he freaked them out. He had overheard Josh talking to his mother about him once. "It's not human," he'd said. It had taken a while for this to make sense. In the beginning, he hadn't understood that he was strange. He had assumed that it worked the same with everyone… until that one fateful day…

"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…" Zack didn't get the stimulation of such bland reading material. "Are all books like this?" he wondered. He walked into his sister Nicky's room and saw a much larger book lying on the floor. He picked it up and started heading. He was there for about an hour before Nicky walked in.

When Nicky saw Zack on the floor reading, she laughed. "That book isn't for little kids," she said, "That's my biology textbook. Don't you want to read something easier?" Nicky picked up the abandoned Dr. Seuss book from the ground. Zack looked at it with disdain.

"This is easy!" said Zack. To prove it, he started to read aloud about mitosis. Nicky just gaped. Zack wondered what was surprising her so much.

"Holy crap!" said Nicky. She then ran into the hall. "Mom! Mom!" she called, "Come here! You gotta see Zack!" His mother came into the room and Zack continued to read.

After that, it was a whirlwind of activities, tests, and advanced schooling. At one point, Zack had asked what was going on and his mother had explained that it was very unusual for a 6-year old to be able to read an advanced science textbook. They had put him into 2nd grade a year early and for a while, Zack continued to be bored during school and read science textbooks at home. They realized that he wasn't being challenged and moved him to 3rd grade, then 4th… he stayed in 5th for a while before they decided to try the middle school. After 3 weeks, however, they had realized that he needed something even more advanced: Kenwood High.


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