This story actually talks about Naruto reviving his father when near-death. His father now has to save his son, and find out why everyone failed their promises that they would take care of his son.

AN : I don't know if Rin actually lives, but I added her to the story, because I didn't know who else could Minato encounter in the hospital.

Hope you'll enjoy it at least a bit... And I think its quite original though :)...

Darkness swept around the peaceful village called Konoha. Although it was a deep night, the street lights were still shining brightly, guiding the ones still walking the empty streets.

Small boy, about age of four, was running through an empty street. He was running as fast as he could. He was running like his life was in danger. And actually, it was. This night was rather noisy. About a hundred villagers decided, the today was the day. Actually today was the celebration of the Yondaime Hokage, when he protected the village from the fearsome Kyuubi no Youko.

Small boy kept running. Only hearing the voices of the angry mob, overflowing with a grudgesome killing intent.

Anyhow, the boy could not run forever. He did not have a chance to eat for about two day, and now, he was running for a half an hour straight. It was just his consciousness that drove him.

He stopped. Unable to take a step forward he fell on the ground, nearly spacing out.

Swiftly, the mob approached him. Most of the people laughed. They knew thet now was their time. The time to crush the '$&(' demon boy.

"Don't hurt me, please" the boy whispered

"Don..." he tried to whisper again, but his attempt was stopped by a kunai stitching out of his back. He gave out a solid yell. After another bunch of solid kicks, he fell unconscious.

He opened his eyes and realized, that it wasn't the street anymore. It was quite familiar place, since it was his mindscape. He slowly stood up to see the familiar cage.

"Today, you're really going to die..." Harsh voice whispered

"That's what it looks like"

"Pathetic" The voice sighed loudly

"Do you want to live?" Asked the voice

"W...w...yeah...i have a dream. I need to live." The boy whispered


"A...and you could save me?"

"Thinking about it boy, I actually recall that the shinigami owes me a big favor, since I kicked his ass in shogi about 10 times in a row..."

"You mean death god? You mean something like that... exists?"

"Of course. I am the king of the demon realm. How could I not know the gods? However lets get back to the point, boy. We don't have much time left, since you are dying..."

"Would you like to see your father, kid?"

"... f...father? He is alive? Who is he?" The boy whispered

"Calm down kid. Your father is not alive. That is why I talked about shinigami owing me a favor you know?"

"I... don't understand..."

"Geez, kid... if shinigami can take lives, he can probably give life too, right?"

"So shut up and let me save you..."


The crowd was totally shocked. The boy started to glow red. Demonic red. Filled with a killing intent. However it didn't do anything. The monster did not move. Instead, a large amout of chakra was shot into the skies.

The crowd watched it, but soon enough the continues with their kicking and stabbing exercises.

The space filled with a large killing intent. The crowd felt that it was something on the right. There stood a stature. It seemed to be a grown man wearing a long coat. His face couldn't be seen.

"And what the crap you want" Someone from the crowd yelled.

"I am ...sorry..." Said the stature.

Before anyone in the crowd could realize anything, people were starting to get kicked off the ground. Crowd was shattered and the people rather than getting injured ran away, leaving.

The boy laying on the ground only managed to whisper "P...please don't hurt me"

The man kneeled beside the beaten up boy. His eyes quickly started watering.

"You are Naruto right?" He asked in a shaken voice

The boy didn't say anything. Suddenly they both gazed in each other's large blue orbs. Two filled with pain, and two angered and on the same time saying 'sorry...'.

"I am sorry Naruto... I so sorry" He whispered

He lifted the boy. Naruto would probably resist somehow, but he couldn't. He didn't understand this situation at all.

He hugged the crying child. "Don't worry... everything will be fine Naruto. Dad is here. Everything will be just fine..."

This made the small Naruto even more confused. "Dad...?" He whispered

"Yes, Naruto, dad is here." Naruto stopped crying. On the other hand, the man just started crying even more.

He walked down the dark street, carrying the boy. He never let go of him. His gaze never left the boy. His destination was the Hokage tower.

The mob woke up many people. They all stared at the man carrying the boy. They stared blankly, asking themselfs, who was that man, and why was he carrying the monster. The demon.


Sarutobi was sleeping in his comfortable chair in his office. Paperwork was all over the place.

"SARUTOBI!" A scream was heard throughout the whole tower.

This woke the old kage up. Soon enough the doors of the office were kicked wide open. The old man was prepared for anything. Everything from renowed Kyuubi to his old wife. But nothing prepared him for the thing he saw.

There stood a man. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Long white coat, with red fire markings on it. His watery eyes showed a significant amout of anger. Sadistic anger. The man was ready to take lives.

The old man fell off his chair. He dragged himself in to the corner, muttering loudly "Impossible..."..."Impossible..."..."Minato!"

Minato kicked a guest chair so hard that it flew out of the window, and actually crashed into a nearby house.

"Can't be... Impossible... How?... What?" The old man was scared to death

Minato walked towards Sarutobi. He was still carrying the child. He gave an angry look at the kage. "How the could you allow this?" He yelled.

Sarutobi was still in a deep state of shock.

"$& LOOK AT HIM" He yelled again

Sarutobi gazed at the kid. His shirt was ragged. It was brown. Used to be white though. Blood was falling from it. Kid had lots of scars. Lots of bruises. Lots of cuts. He looked like he survived a day in a food-mixer.

"" Muttered Sarutobi "Couldn't..."

"Couldn't what? Couldn't follow the promise you gave me? Couldn't do something that made me die without regrets? I was such a fool..." He nearly yelled. In the moment he turned away, and left the office. Smashed the door with such a power that it actually exploded to bits taking a part of the wall with it.

Minato now aimed for the hospital. This anger wasn't his style. Anger wasn't his style at all. But this was the kind of situation when even the most peaceful man would tottaly change. He approached the Konoha Hospital, hoping that he would find her inside. And actually he did. She was sitting in the corridor, she just finished a nasty operation. ( Minato made his way into the hospital with a quick sunshin, so he appeared out of nowhere, kinda ).

She heard a "poof" and looked the way it came from, only to recieve a hard smack the sent her flying across the corridor. He regretted it. But he could no longer control himself.


She sat on the ground and here eyes were wide open. "S..see..." she muttered, but couldn't finish before he approached her. He took her arm and dragged her into the nearest free hospital room.

He put the unconscious boy on the bed. "Save him... i beg you..." He said, not calmly, but just attempting to say it softly.

Rin did not hesitate even a second and started healing the boy.

There actually were a several reasons for Minato to act like this.
a) He just found his son half-dead.
b) No one actually made the promises they gave him reality.
c) It was actually his own son that revived him in the moment he might die. His son called him to save him.
d) some other but they kinda did not matter at the time being.

Simply, Minato was tottaly pissed off.

"He... h... he will be fine" Rin whispered.

She was smacked again.

"Why, Rin" Minato spoke.

"Why didn't you take care of him as you promised?"

"I...I..." Rin whispered

"I am wondering... first there was Sarutobi to take care of him. But he didn't. Then there were the two of you. And what you did? NOTHING"

"S...Ssss..s" Rin attempted to whisper that she's sorry.

Minato took the unconscious boy, and used a Sunshin to teleport away from the hospital.

"Crap..." Said Rin, relieved

She still couldn't believe what she saw and what happened. Her sensei was alive. He found his son, and found out that all the people he counted on failed him and his son.

Minato teleported to a place he recalled as choosing to be an apartment for his son. Before he died it was quite well furnished. Was a nice place. But the sight broke his heart even more.

Everything inside was broken. Bed, stools windows. There were also stains of blood on the walls along with many graffiti saying not very encouraging things to the boy. Anyhow he didn't know where else to go, so he laid down the boy on the thing that used to be a bed. He laid next to him. Watching him. Gazing at him. Giving out slight cries.

"Just what happened here..." he thought