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Chapter 4 - Decisions

( About a week after )

Minato sat on the Hokage monument. To be precise, he sat on his own head. His gaze was locked on the great village of Konoha. The town he once ruled. The town he once lowed. The town that broke his heart, and caused unimaginable pain to his only son.

'This place...'

'What would you do, sensei?'


Meanwhile little Naruto and Sakura became best friends. They played outside everyday. They enjoyed the presence of each other so much. Those were their best days. Both couldn't stop smiling. They were happy. Sakura felt safe with this particular boy.


Naruto and Sakura were building a sandcastle in the playground. With a great effort it was finally completed. It was quite huge, it was even taller than Naruto. They were both amazed by their accomplishments.

About nine people approached them.

"Forhead..." one said

"And Monster..." another whispered angrily

"Beauty and a Beast" One laughed

Sakura was shocked.

Naruto stood in front of her.

"Don't hurt her!" He yelled

"Don't worry. You won't even know about it" One said

"Beat me up, but leave her alone!" He yelled again

"Naruto..." Sakura whispered

"Sure monster. We will enjoy your pain..." They whispered collectively.


Naruto stood for her. He was there for her. He sworn to protect. And he paid the price. Naruto spent three days in the hospital. He had serious injuries, but thanks to his tenant, he healed quite quickly.

Sakura visited him every day.

"Naruto... you didn't have to... " she whispered

"What d'ya mean? I had to. You are my friend." he answered


"No buts. What would we be friends for, Sakura-chan" he grinned

She was reassured. He was her only true friend. He was her friend from the bottom of his heart. It was an ultimate friendship. Protect and love.

Sakura was four years old, but she understood that much.

End Flashback.

"Sakura-chan... gotta go... Otou-san is waiting for me." Naruto told her, grinning. Anyhow he was sad. He didn't want to stop their good time. However he was bound to go.

"Okay, Naruto, 'll see ya later" She smiled. Naruto nodded.


Naruto arrived at his apartment. Minato was waiting for him already. He was about to propose his decision. Decision that would change Naruto's life. To worse or better, he didn't know.

"Naruto..." He said


"What do you think about leaving this village for a while?" He asked his son.

"Leaving... B-but..."

"Don't worry, you will see her again. Trust me Naruto. I think it would be better. You will meet many nice people..." Said Minato, looking out of the window, nearly lost in thoughts... "If we go, you will be able to become strong. Strong ninja. Strong enough to protect, what is precious to you. You will be on the path to achieve your dear dream..."

Minato didn't want to stay in this village. He didn't hate the villagers. But that didn't mean he loved them the same way as before. He wanted to protect his son. He wanted to make his dreams come true. His dreams were so pure...

"O-okay, otou-san..."

"Dont worry, squirt! We will be back before you know, that we left!" He grinned at his son... He knew he was lying. It would be truly long trip.


Hokage tower, Sandaime's office.

Minato appeared from nowhere with a swirl of leaves.

"Hey, jiji" He said

"M-Minato..." Sarutobi whispered

"I am here only to inform you of something. We will leave this village. Do not worry. We will be back for the genin exams. Then you will place him on a team of my choice. Understood?" Minato informed the old man...

Sarutobi didn't complain. He was quite happy that Mianto didn't cause bigger ruckus. Somebody could want something more drastic... He practically allowed Minato to do anything. He was scared of his vengeance.

"Understood. Good luck, Minato..."

After this, Minato dissapeared from the tower.

End flashback.