Disclaimer: None of the characters from Disney are mine, but Clara Gates and this idea are.

A/N: Surprise! Because of all of the reviews that this story got and how awesome all of you reviewers are, I have decided to make a sequel to Three Words. Yes, sequel. Now, this is my first attempt at a trailer, so everyone be nice! I'm not sure when the first chapter will be posted, but I do have it started, so everyone watch out for it! Thank you all so much! Enjoy the "trailer"!

They had found the secret treasure of Jesse James,

Shows treasure-filled room and Riley taking the silver bracelet

And now a time of peace has fallen on the Gates family…

Shows a sequence of shots:

Abigail laughing before Ben kisses her

Riley hugging a now eight-year-old Clara

Patrick laughing as Emily smiles while they open presents

Until that peace is shattered.

Shows Ben and Abigail yelling at each other while Riley tries to break them up as he shouts, "Stop!", and then cuts to Clara sitting up in bed an screaming. Ben rushes in and picks her up into his arms while Abigail stands pale in the doorway

Ben: "I'm here, Clara. What did you see?"

Shows Clara with her head on Ben's shoulder, a single tear falling from her eye; cuts sharply to black screen

Clara (voiceover): "Nothing."

Now the world they know is threatened

Riley: "Why does everything always have to be so difficult?"

In an event that could bring all life to an end.

Shows Ben crossing his arms and sighing while Riley puts his head into his hands.

Ben: "The fate of the entire world rests on this one hunt."

And when times are tough, they will have to depend on the help of the most unlikely person.

Cuts to black screen, hear a phone ringing followed by a man with a heavy English accent saying, "Hello?". Shows an anxious Ben with his cell phone out and speaking into it

Ben: "Ian, we need your help."

Cuts to a smirking Ian with his cell phone

Ian: "You come crawling to me for help, Ben. How do I know that this isn't a set up? And what makes you think that I would help you? You landed me in jail before."

Ben (over the phone): "Ian, if we don't find this in time, everyone will die!"

Shows Ian slowly turning around to look at Nick sitting behind him, his expression torn

Time is running out

Shows a long sequence of shots:

Ben and Ian standing together over a book

Dustin punching Riley

Abigail screaming as she nearly falls off of a ledge

Ian smiling at a terrified-looking Clara

Emily crying while Patrick tries to comfort her

Sadusky yelling anxiously into his walkie-talkie while pulling out his gun

Ben unrolling a map of Russia

Ian lighting a torch and passing it to Riley

Clara happily watching the movie Anastasia

Powell and Nick throwing stones at an unseen person

A castle exploding

Ian shoving Dustin and then turning to catch Nick as he falls over a railing

Riley falling to the ground

The silver diamond pendant bracelet falling off of Clara's wrist and hitting the hard floor

To solve a world mystery of the secret of one of the most powerful royal families never fully explained

Shows Riley looking down at the cover of one of Clara's DVDs and then shows portrait of the Romanov family, cuts to just the youngest daughter

Riley (voiceover): "Anastasia?"

To save the world from suffering the same fate.

Shows sequence of shots:

Abigail gasping as she quickly whirls around

Clara screaming

Ian looking above him nervously

Powell yelling out in warning

Nick hugging Ian

Dustin pulling out his gun and firing it

Riley smiling sadly

Ben shouting, "No!"

The Forgotten Heir