Tsume had let his younger daughter, Akahana, go and relax with her friends. He knew that she was too young to worry over a ceremony such as theirs, but he knew his little girl would move onto better and higher things. "Tsume, darling, where's Akahana?" Daciana, Tsume's wife, asked concerned and tired. "She's out with her friends. Don't worry so much." "I know. It's just that in two days the ceremony will be held, and we need to get ready fast. And you do know about Akatsuki Kaname?"

"of course. It's a good thing she has him too, and know it's one less thing to worry about, Daciana. Go rest, it's only in two days, you need your rest."




"Get back here you idiot! I'm gonna kill you!!!!!"

Akahana smiled as she approached her friends near the watery edge of another, smaller lake and river. Her best friend Nami, a girl of short blonde hair with hazel green eyes, was chasing after another one of her close friends, Takashi. Takashi was a fiery red head with wolf's eyes and always dressed in his dirty dark blue hoodie. She laughed as Takashi tripped and was ambushed by Nami. Both were shy towards others, but really crazy around friends, but Takashi, on the other hand, was the funny man of the group.

"Enough you two, my head already feels like it's going to explode, do you think you can do this later?" a boy with gray hair in a ponytail with blue tips and green eyes said. Katsutoshi was another of Akahana's frinds who was serious but had his "blonde" moments once in a while.

"Tashi-san, let them play, you can always take an Advil you know?" Then there was Akatsuki Kaname, and that's his whole first name. Akatsuki Kaname was muscular and had jet black hair and golden eyes that turned a shade of light blue sometimes. Akahana and Akatsuki had known each other since they were little, and inseperable since, and rumors flew about the two of them everywhere.

"Don't call me Tashi-san. Sounds like your calling me an ass," Katsutoshi said in a low, dull voice. "Watch the lingo here, Tashi, we got ladies present."

"Oh shut up Takashi!"

"Enough! We've got business to attend to," Akahana demanded. "oh right!" nami replied in a sugar high tone. When they were young, these five had met on a hunting day for Akahana's sisters into adulthood. Each have their own ability that they contributed to the pack they themselves made. Takashi and Katsutoshi had fought over what to name their little pose, which turned into the House of Wolves after many a food fight. They each had a bandana wrapped aorund their right arms : Takashi had green for his power of earth, Katsutoshi had gray for light, Nami had blue for water, Akatsuki Kaname had black for wind, but Akahana didn't know her power yet, but all knew she was extremely powerful, so she had the color red. The colors red and black were the leaders colors that first made the group, which was Akahana and Akatsuki.

"So what's up?" Katsutoshi asked.

"Well you know the ceremony is coming up in two days, but we need extra help for deorating and such."

"What's the problem then, Hana-chan?" Akatsuki asked sweetly.

"If you guessed my sisters, you get a free cookie."

"COOKIE!!!" Takashi and Nami screamed in a fit of joy. "Sorry no cookie, but it's ok. We shouldn't worry about my sisters, since my mother is taking care of them with the help of Uncle Kiba."

"Alrighty then, let's go!"

"YEAHHH!! Let's go..!!...where?" Namie questioned Katsutoshi. "Out hunting of course, we haven't eaten all day blonde!!" "Oh shut up Tashi-san!" All five bolted in their wolf form out to hunt. Each of their wolf colors were different : Nami was gray with darker gray and blackish-blue markings, Takashi was a deep red and light gray color, Katsutoshi was brown, black, and white, Akatsuki Kaname was maroon black and white, and Akahana was pure black with a white star on her forhead.

after the hunting they stopped by a small creek that led deeper into the southern part of their world. Takashi had fallen alseep under one of the maple trees, while the rest sat on the large rocks near the plains of wild flowers and butterflies. Nami had gone off chasing the butterflies into the fields, while Katsutoshi decided to get revenge on Tashi-san for a prior event.

Akahana and Akatsuki Kaname sat by the waters edge, their feet dipped into the cool summer waters. "I can't wait for autumn, Hana-chan, you know why?" "No Suki-san, tell me." "It's so that all the leaves change beautiful colors and I can throw you into a phile of them," he teased. "Oh!! I'm gonna kill you foo!!" she said jokingly. "Hey Suki-san, I can't wait for winter, know why?" He chuckled to himself, " No, tell me." "It's to wait for the first snow to hit the ground, untouched until we go outside and I throw a giant snowball at you, and we go inside for hot chocloate."

"Sounds perfect. I can't wait for either."

"Hey you two love birds, let's go!! It's almost nightfall," Nami yelled while Taskashi and Katsutoshi were running around screaming bloody murder. Akatsuki and Akahana giggled as they walked on, holding each other's hands until they stopped to see the sunset, and Akatsuki gave her a kiss on the cheek.