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Chapter 1

Scotland Here I Come

As Bella looked out of the plane's window down onto the fields below her, her stomach churned at the thought of living here. Forks was bad enough but Scotland, it was colder, greener than and probably just as rainy as Forks. This was going to be hell; she was starting a new school, had no friends and was going to live with family she hadn't seen in about 8 years. Aunt Annabel and Uncle David were nice and she got on with Ailidh really well but it wasn't her family, her parents and little brother – John, had died in a car crash a week ago coming home from her brother's soccer match. Her dad's brother David was the only family members left so Bella was going to Scotland to live with them until she was eighteen.

The plane spiralled down towards Dalcross Airport and landed, we climbed down the stairs out of the plane to be hit by cold winds and rain – perfect. I followed the crowd inside and made my way to the baggage claim. Aunt Annabel squealed and ran over taking me into a warm hug; I hugged her back and walked towards the family.

"Hey Bella. How was the flight?" Uncle David gave me a quick hug.

"Yeah good thanks." I smiled back and he walked over to the carousel and waited for my luggage to appear.

"Hey cuz' looks like you're stuck in this dump with me!" Ailidh gave me a hug and we went to sit down by the cafe. Aunt Annabel stood with Uncle David while Ailidh and I caught up. I had always liked Ailidh; she had short dark hair, brown eyes and lots of piercings. We were only talking for a couple of minutes when Annabel and David came over with my two suitcases. It was quite sad that I could fit my whole life in two suitcases but I wasn't a materialistic person so it was the essentials, photos, books and my cd collection which wasn't that big.

"Okay let's get home; I've got a roast in the oven."

We walked out of the airport and into the car park; David put my luggage in the back of his black jeep as I climbed into the back seat.

"Have you sat you driving test Bella?" David asked as he started the car and drove out of the car park.

"Yeah . . . why?"

"Did you sit a manual or automatic?"

"Manual, dad said it would benefit me to know how to drive a stick."

"Always knew my brother wasn't as stupid as he made out." I could feel myself begin to tear up when he mentioned my dad but I sucked back the tears.

"Why are you wondering?" I was confused by his questions.

"Well I need to know for getting you a car, Ailidh can't drive so you can be drive her about and she can show you the beautiful Black Isle – your new home!" I groaned inwardly as Ailidh groaned out loud. Annabel shot her a glance as David laughed.

"There's nothing to show her apart from a few crappy shops, petrol station and fields filled with cows or sheep!" I had to laugh at that but stopped when Ailidh shot me a serious look.

"I'm not joking Bella that's it, really." I turned to look out the window only to see my reflection – I looked terrible I hadn't slept in days which left me with dark circles under my eyes and my pale skin even paler. I had just cried for days after the accident not wanting to eat or drink or sleep, just lie there. I shook my head to clear the thoughts that plagued me, making me feel so wretched. We drove for about 20 minutes before we came into the little village called Munlochy which would be my home for the next two years. It was really small; it had a local pub, school, grocery store, post office and a gas station.

"Is that our school?" I asked Ailidh as we passed the small building.

"No that's the primary school, you'll be going to the Academy in Fortrose, it's about 15 minutes away from here. We get the bus over there in the mornings" She pointed over to a small shelter with a bench covered in graffiti.

"What's an Academy? You mean a High School?"

"Yeah I suppose but you start Academy when you're about 11 and stay on until sixth year. Don't worry it won't be too different I'm a year younger than you I won't be in any of your classes this year but I will next year."

We drove past a few rows of houses then up a hill, past a park, turned left then right, turning into a small area of housing with a communal car park.

"Home Sweet Home." Annabel turned to me and smiled before jumping out of the car.

I stepped out of the car and looked around there was two rows of houses in the shape of an L, they were all identical. Ailidh trudged toward number 16 which had a small but modest garden with a path leading up to the yellow front door. I followed her with Annabel as David took in my luggage. The inside was pretty small but comfy. The kitchen was long and narrow and very white, the place was spotless and perfect, next was the living room which was a deep red with black leather couches, beautiful pine furniture and a large TV in the corner. The dining room had a large round glass table which had been decorated with napkins, flowers and set for dinner.

"I'll show you your bedroom it's upstairs with mine." Ailidh dragged me upstairs and to the room at the end of the corridor. She opened the door to a large room, it had cream and chocolate walls, a large oak double bed with matching wardrobe, dressers and cabinets, there was a TV with a DVD player and a stereo. It was beautiful, Annabel must have spent a fortune doing the room up for me, tears welled in my eyes and I couldn't stop them. I realised my mouth had been hanging open as I stared round the room in awe.

"You like it?" Ailidh asked.

"Obviously, it's so nice, much better than my one at home." I thought back to my stuffy little room it had no comparison to this one.

Once I stopped crying and closed my mouth Ailidh showed me the bathroom which we shared, it was your normal bathroom – toilet, bath, sink and shower but had the world's make up collection covering the unit. Then she took me to her room, it was the complete opposite to mine. It was black and a deep purple/pink colour with the same furniture as mine but much darker, but it was beautiful too. There were posters of bands and actors and shelves of books – well at least I would have something other than my worn books to read. David had taken my suitcases up to my room so I began unpacking and Ailidh helped me.

"DINNER GIRLS!" Annabel shouted from downstairs.

We went down into the dining room where there was a spread to feed at least ten people. There was a large chicken in the middle, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, stuffing and gravy. I helped myself to a large plate then a second. I was still hungry after my second helping but didn't want to be greedy. I helped carry the plates through to the kitchen and set the table for pudding. Annabel came through with a cheesecake and cut a large slice for me. I slowly ate it savouring every little piece.

"Right Ailidh, will you help Bella finish unpacking so she can get to bed early. You'll need all your energy for school tomorrow." Ailidh nodded and grabbed my hand to take me upstairs.

"Thanks for dinner it was lovely." I shouted over my shoulder heading upstairs.

As we unpacked my stuff which didn't take that long Ailidh filled me in with gossip about school, boys and my new home.

"You'll probably hate this place as much as I do but it's a good school you know. Not too big but not too small. Just so you know gossip spreads fast round here and everyone knows about the new kid coming to school tomorrow." I groaned at the thought of having every set of eyes watching my every move judging me, it was the last thing I needed.

"Just what I need." I sat down on my bed and lay back.

"It's not that bad you'll get to meet the Cullen family, now that's a family you'll want to know you." I looked up to see Ailidh with love in her eyes.

"Who are the Cullen's?"

"They are like the hottest family in the whole of Britain Bella. There's Emmett big, lots of muscles and intimidating in a good way, Jasper the strong silent type, Edward now where do I start he's soooo good looking like Oh. My. God good looking, tousled bronze hair, gorgeous butterscotch eyes, tall, a bit lanky but not too skinny, one look from him and you're in love but he never dates. Edward is the only one that's available but you probably have a better chance in becoming royalty than his girlfriend. Emmett has a girlfriend - Rosalie who's like a model and Jasper's girlfriend - Alice is like a little pixie you know all sugar and spice. Emmett, Edward and Alice are brother and sister and Jasper and Rosalie are also brother and sister but their surname is Hale. Their all adopted."

"You sound like an avid fan of the Cullen's." She came out of her gaze to stare at me.

"Everyone is a fan either that or their jealous of them. I choose to be fan." She smiled at me then got to her feet. "Better let you get to sleep you'll need all the rest you can get with all the questioning you're gonna get tomorrow." With that she left my room.

I had a shower and changed into my pyjamas and walked back to my bedroom. I slipped under the duvet and switched in my iPod, music always helped me go to sleep somehow. As the music began the thoughts of my family crept into my mind filling it with images, I felt tears well up and spill over silently. The rain noisily clattered of window, the noise was so familiar from home it made me sob slightly. I curled into the foetal position and eventually fell asleep.

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