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Five minutes before Hermione and Draco kiss:

Ginny watched as Hermione left the great hall and her lips twisted into a small smile, she looked over at the Slytherin tables and try to see Blaise. As soon as her gaze caught his she nodded and he smile back as he stood up and started walking towards her.

If this was going to happen then it was going to have to be now, they needed help and as much as she did not like the idea there was only two people that they could got to for help.

Harry and Ron.

She knew that they wanted their friend to be happy but were they going to be able to except that she could be happy with some one like Malfoy?

As Blaise got closer to the table she smiled at him and Harry and Ron spotted the Slytherin boy and they frowned at one another, what the hell did he want? Wondering what was happening their shocked double as he sat down next to Ginny and he smiled at them like this was some thing normal.

It was then that Ginny found it the right time to tell them.

"Guys, we have to talk"

Ron looked towards Harry to see his reaction and much to his surprise Harry put down his fork, crossed his arms and leaned forward slightly, an unreadable expression placed on his face.

"What about?" he asked politely, no true emotion in his voice.

Ginny was subconsciously tapping her fingers on the table and Ron knew what it meant when Ginny did that, some thing was making her nervous and uneasy and Ron hated seeing his sister like this. Some thing had to be wrong which is why before Ginny could get a work out Ron had spoken over her.

"What's wrong?" he looked at Blaise and his face twisted into an angry expression as his ears coloured slightly. "Is it some thing to do with him?"

Blaise blinked at the older brother and even though it was Weasley, of all people, he could not help but feel slightly worried, being a big brother him self to his seven year old sister he knew what it was like to feel protective, he also knew the he would do any thing for his sister.

Ginny scoffed "No Ron it has nothing to do with his and if it did do you honestly think that he would be here when I talked to you about him?"

Ron frowned and glanced back at Blaise.

"No, no you are right, sorry"

"Right well like I was saying we need to talk. Its Hermione there is some thing wrong and Blaise and I need your help"

She raised her hands at the two boys.

"Before you even ask, no she is not in any danger, no one wants to hurt or kill her. But I don't know if you guess have noticed but I personally think that Hermione is not very happy right now…you see…well….Hermione likes some one, a guy and we know that he likes her too but they do not know that the other one like them so they are kind of walking around in circles"

The boys sat there blinking, some one liked Hermione? Like a guy…they knew that there friends was pretty and every thing and she was smart but some were along the lines of the past few years they must have just forgotten that Hermione was…well a girl.

Harry seemed to recover before Ron because he was the first to speak.

"Well, that's ok and every thing but how does the involve us"

"We need your help to get them together"

Ron's ears redden once more "What you want us to…but we can't…I mean we want to see her happy and every thing but this is Hermione…and well-"

"Exactly!" Ginny snapped "This is Hermione you remember her? The girl who has help your guys over the year? Who has saved your lives more times then she had hot meals? Who had stood by your sides always and who had tried to do every thing in her power to make sure that you to were happy? Well guess what? It is about time that you two do some thing for her once!"

To say that the two boys were taken back would have been an understatement. They had always heard that Ginny had a temper on her when she wanted to but she had never told the boys off before and Ron had the curtsy to look ashamed and Harry was looking down at her hands.

"Who is it?" Ron muttered.

It was then that Blaise spoke for the first time and Ron and Harry looked taken back because not once in their years of Hogwarts had they ever heard him talk before now.

"You see that is where it gets weird. Its Draco Malfoy"

Both the boys looked taken back.

Draco Malfoy liked Hermione? Hermione liked Hermione? That could not be right, some thing was not making sense.

Ron laughed, thinking that this must be some kind of joke.

"No that is not possible. Malfoy like Hermione? This has to be one of his games"

Blaise frowned at the boys.

"I can assure you that its not. He had liked her for some time and all we ask is your help to make them happy, I want my mate happy and I know that you must want the same."

Harry leaned back and seemed to be lost in thought before he looked Blaise up and down.

"Give me one good reason why we could trust you?"

He looked over at Ginny and she smiled at him slightly, she knew that this was going to happen and she also knew just what she was going to tell them and if they cared for her then it was going to have to be good enough for them.

"You should trust him because I am asking you too and I trust him just as much as I do you two and their have been times when I have trusted you with my life.

The two boys looked at each other, what else could they do?


Now back to the kissing and the WHAT THE HELL!


As though they had been suddenly burn by each others touch Hermione and Draco sprang away from each other and turned to the source of the voice.

Before them stood Harry, Ron, Hermione and Blaise, their mouths all hanging open slightly at the site that laid before them.

They did, of course know that some thing was happening but the last thing that they could of expected was to find the two people that they were about to go looking for standing in an open corridor kissing.

It would appear that they did not need any help finding out how each other felt about one another.

Ron had been the source of the voice and he looked more taken back then all of them.

As Hermione took in what just happened her cheeks started to redden and attempted to straighten her hair that had some how become more frizzy in the last few seconds.

She had never felt more mortified, her two best friends and Blaise had just seen her and Draco kiss each other (A/N because Ginny already knows she does not really count, true Blaise knows but she does not know that)

Trying to calm down she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"It isn't like it looks"

Draco raised his eyebrows.

"It's not?"

She turned to him slightly alarmed "Well yeah but, I mean no you see we were just…well you see…what happened was…um…"

Harry laughed.

"Let me guess you tripped and just happened to fall onto Draco Malfoys lips? And then your tongues started to join in of their own accord?"

Ginny and Blaise coughed to cover up there laughing and while Ron found it funny he was still in a little bit too much shocked to do any thing.

He could except this, he knew that he could, after Ginny and Blaise had explained every thing to him and Harry he knew that he was going to have to put what he felt towards Draco (cold hearted hate) and try and get him and one of his best friends together if he wanted Hermione to be happy.

And he did of course, want Hermione to be happy she was like a sister to him and if there was one thing that a brother wanted it was to make her happy.

But seeing them kiss just seemed plain wrong.

Seeing how stressed Hermione seemed to be getting Ron quickly came back to his senses and did the only thing that seemed right.

He walked up to her took hold of her shoulders looked at her and pulled her into a hug. Although she seemed taken back she hugged back after a second.

"Do you like him?"

She frozen for a second before replying "Yeah I do."

"You love him?"

"I think that I might, are you mad?"

He smiled into her hair, they had been friends such a long time and she did not want him to think any less then her and he knew that no matter what was going to happen he was not going too. Not know and not ever.

"No, I am not mad at you but I will be mad at Malfoy if he ever does any to you I think that me and Harry both will. We just want you to be happy Hermione and I am sorry that we have not done any thing before"

He let go of her and she smiled at him as she mouthed thank you before moving over to Draco and looking up at him, a smile playing on her lips.

"Draco I have some thing to tell you"

He looked over at Blaise who gave him the thumbs up and he smiled down at the brown hair girl before him and his heart felt lighter just be looking into her eyes.

"Really is that right Granger, what do you need to tell me?"

"I like you"

"Alright then."

"I may possibly love you"

His heart skipped a beat and he now felt like he was floating, did she really just say that or is he dreaming, does she feel the same?"

When he did not answer she carried on.

"But I am come across a problem, your girlfriend"

Draco nodded his head not really taken in what she was saying.

"She needs to go. Now"

He looked down at her and he nodded slowly.

Hermione, she loved him and he loved her.

Pansy…his girlfriend…well he was going to have to deal with that when he came to it. But right now there was some thing that she needed to know.

He looked over at the other people and Ginny seemed to know what he meant because he looked around them and nudged Blaise.

"You know some thing I just remembered that we have that thing to do…at um…that place that we were talking about yesterday you know?"

He looked at her.


After a stamp on the foot he seemed to get the message and from one look from Blaise so did Harry and Ron and left down the corridor while talking about going to some place so that they could do a thing that need to be done.


But it was time he told her, it had to be now.

"Hermione there in some thing that I need to tell you as well, you see its about what I said about that Snake eyes guess"

Hermione's eyes widened.

"oh right...well that dies not matter now does it? I mean it is in the past, he is history, I will never think about him again, I will never write to him again, I will never even think about him again Draco really I won't!"

"I hope that you do not mean that Hermione?"


"Hermione had any one ever told you just how beautiful you are? Has any one ever said to you that they love you above all others?"

Where had she heard that before?

"Its me Hermione" he whispered as he walked closer to her. "I was the one who sent the letters"

She raised her eyebrows, it had been Draco, she had been falling him, twice and after every thing that happened that is why she stopped getting the letters. Because he was mad.

This seemed imposable.

Imposable, but perfect.

There was only one thing that she could say.


He laughed as he cupped her face before kissed her forehead and the tip of her nose with care and devotion in each one.

"I did it because I love you, then and now"

"I love you too"

And then just like he had dreamed so many times before he kissed her on her soft lips and this time no one interrupted them


One week later….

Things for Hermione had never been so better, Harry and Ron had started paying more attention to her after every thing that had happened and their friendship had not been this better in some time.

It seemed that even after all of this time their was still things that they all needed know about one another. They had even started to do all of their work by them selves. Well almost all by them selves any way.

She had also become a lot closer to Ginny after every thing that she had done for her and after some time it came clear them Hermione was not the only person who was in love.

Ginny and Blaise soon become a couple and even after such a short time of going out you could see that they were falling for each other fast.

And then their was Draco, her boyfriend.

As she sat down at the Gryffindor table, Draco by her side, his hand webbed with hers she smiled to herself slightly.

It was nice to use that word.


It was true that they had had some problems when they got together but after Pansy had stopped yelling about what Draco had done (dumped her in front of the whole school) things had calmed down a bit and you could see that all of the teacher were happy with what was going on.

It was what they had always wanted the students were getting on, well some of them were, you see people had started to be nicer to the people in the other houses, it seemed that every one thought that if Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger of all people could not just get on but date then why could they not get on with the other houses?

And after Ginny and Blaise had become public people just wanted to do it even more. There were now over ten other relationships that had been started with people in other house and that was just within the week alone.

Hermione felt waves of pleasure run through her every time she looked at him or even when she thought about him and she knew it wasn't long in till she knew that she loved him.

Hermione Granger was in love with Draco Malfoy.


Later that night Hermione and Draco stood at the highest point of the Hogwarts school and looked up at the many starts that brightened up the winters sky.

The wind blew lightly but there was no chill in the air and even if there was some thing told Hermione that in her boyfriends warm arms she would still not be able to feel it.

They had nothing to worry about at that moment and every thing seemed perfect.

Their friends did not mind and they loved each other and that was all they needed.

Hermione looked at Draco and she knew that she had to say what she was thinking.



"What are we going to do about your father?"

He tensed slightly against her body but as he looked into her eyes he relaxed slightly, he knew that they were going to have to talk about this at one point.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean about me and you and what your father will think about me and…"

She paused slightly while trying to think about what the best think would be to say.

"what he expects of you"

She knew that he wanted him to be Death Eater and this was some thing that they had not talked about so far.

He sighed and turned her so that she was looking into his grey eyes and he tried to smile at her, he did not want her to worry.

"Darling, he is never going to be able to except us you know that and about what he wants…that is not some thing that I want and I think that we should try to not think about it. Please not now"

She smiled at him and nodded.

"You are right, I am sorry darling"

And they spent another twenty minutes watching the stars and just as they were about to leave a sparking star shot through the sky and he watched as Draco closed his eyes.

Hermione smile, he was making a wish.

She leaned up and whispered to him quietly.

"What did you wish for?"

He took hold of her waist, smiled and leaned down to whisper back.

"And they lived happily ever after"

And I can assure you that one day, they will.


For now.

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