Hinata smiled happily at her new soon to be husband. She snuggled closer to his chest, "You're so warm…"

He laughed, "I always seem to be." She 'eeped' realizing he was awake. He laughed again, rustling the pale sheets as he sat up, "Hinata, you need to go home. If your dad finds out you stayed here last night…hell he might literally implode."

She giggled, "I think Sasuke-sama has been back too long. You're starting to sound like him, Naruto-kun." Naruto huffed in defeat, and continued urging her to leave. She sighed and decided to leave, "Goodbye, Naruto-kun."


Hinata brushed her semi-damp hair with a pearl embroidered brushed Neji had bought her on her birthday. She looked at the door as she heard light tap on it, "Y-yes?"

"Hinata-sama…Haishi-sama is expecting you. Please hurry along." Hinata sighed as she heard his graceful footsteps carry him down the hall. She quickly finished with her hair, and went to her father's quarters.

Hinata knocked quietly on the paper door, "F-father?"

"Come in." His response was cold, as usual. Hinata opened the door and slipped in. She began to sit on the mat, but his voice stopped her. "Was having sex with Uzumaki really worth losing your title as heiress?"

Hinata's eyes widened, "But we didn't-!"

"Enough! Hinata consider yourself disowned from the Hyuga Clan."

Hinata swallowed down her tears as she began to leave the room. She turned around with her hand placed on the door, "But I want you t-to know…I didn't have sex with Naruto-kun. But he is my future husband, Haishi."


Naruto yawned as he answered a frantic knocking on his door, "Huh? Hinata…what's wrong!?"

Hinata cried into his chest, "My…disowned…from…Hyuga…"

Naruto blinked, "Wh-what?"

Hinata took a deep breath to stabilize her breathing, "My father disowned me from the Hyuga Clan…"

Naruto wrapped her up in his arms, and let her cry her frustrations, disappointments, troubles, and god knows what else out. He stroked her back soothingly, "Its okay Hinata…I promise."

She sat up, "You can't promise me that…I'm starting to see why the Uchiha left this village. My clan is lucky they disowned me before-before I turned into another Itachi." It was then for the first time in her life that she felt completely broken…when he slapped her. Hinata quickly jumped out of his arms, and ran towards the door with tears already lining her face.


Sasuke Uchiha jammed his hands in his pockets as he walked slowly towards the Konoha gates. He stretched as he readjusted his backpack, "Damned 'fan-girls." His eyes widened as he saw a shaking figure propped against the walls. He looked closer, "Hinata?" She tried running, but twisted her ankle, causing Sasuke to catch her. "Hey, relax Hinata it's just me. Just Sasuke, okay."

Hinata curled into his chest slightly, "I couldn't do it…I want to so bad. But I couldn't do it." Sasuke looked beside wear she was sitting; there laid a kunai and her forehead protector.

Sasuke sighed, "Great minds think alike." Sasuke grabbed her forehead protector and pushed it into his backpack, "Here I'll help you. I was going to leave again anyways. Give me your ring." Hinata reluctantly handed it to him. He smirked, "Now hold on to this kunai, and cut a single line across it." She brought a shaking hand up to it, but she could hold still long enough to cut it. He sighed, and wrapped his hand around hers, "Like this." He helped her cut a thin, but noticeable line through it. He grabbed it and threw it up in the air, then threw a kunai at it, pinning it to the wall.

"Wow…that was i-impressive Sasuke-sama." His eyebrow twitched. He walked to where he pinned her engagement ring to the wall, and carved an Uchiha symbol around it. "What will a-all this mean?"

Sasuke nodded, "Well by keeping your headband unscratched you can return and say I kidnapped you, raped you, tortured you, or anything else you can think of. My clan's symbol let's them know it was me. And your ring will only have significance to Naruto, because he should be the only one to recognize it. I guess that about sums it up. So are you ready to go?"

She gulped, and nodded, "Y-yes Sasuke-sama."

"Say –kun, not –sama…it makes me feel old."