Hinata stared at Itachi, "No…this-this isn't real."

He smirked, "Wasn't transformation taught at the academy? I thought my little Hyuga would be able to tell. Oh, well. I guess you can't go back to Konoha or Sasuke now."

Hinata felt more tears come to her eyes, "Why can't I-I?"

He stared down at her, "Well Sasuke wouldn't want you, because you had sex with his brother and the person who killed our clan. Konoha has probably already labeled you a missing-nin, and you had sex with another missing-nin, whether you tell them it was me or Sasuke doesn't matter."

Hinata quickly climbed off of the bed, "I-I didn't have s-sex with y-you. You r-raped me, because I-I thought you were Sasuke when…"

He laughed, "So. Who's going to believe that the previous heir to the infamous Hyuga Clan couldn't tell she was having sex with someone using transformation?" Hinata grabbed a mirror off the wall and smashed it over his head.


Deidara yawned, "I wonder what that noise is…" He opened the door and barely dodged a piece of glass, "WHAT THE HELL, UN!" Deidara looked at Itachi who had Hinata pinned against the wall by her throat, with one hand pulled back to punch her. "What is going on, un? And why are you both naked?"

Itachi threw Hinata across the room, knocking her out, "She smashed my favorite mirror over my head, then she fucking bit me!"

Deidara stared at Hinata, "Why'd she do that, hn?"

Itachi shrugged, "I transformed into my brother, and then I got her to have sex with me."

Deidara frowned, "So she loves your bro, and you transform into him. Then you let her think she is having sex with Sasuke…that's like rape man, un." He walked over and picked up Hinata and left the room with her.


Hinata woke up sitting in a bath tub. She looked into the water, 'There's water…but how…?'

Hinata shrieked as she saw a man sitting on the counter, "What's wrong, un? Deidara's the name, by the way."

Hinata ducked under the water, "I'm naked!"


"…You're a g-guy!"

"Oh…I'm gay. So it doesn't matter to me…"




"Is that why y-you look l-like a gir-"

"Yes. But Itachi is still pretty pissed off about…you."


"Well mainly because you broke his favorite mirror, un"


"Well…long time ago Itachi had an assignment to kill this singer. Well he like idolized her, so before he killed her he got her to sign that mirror." He stared at the floor, "Why I'm I working with these stupid-ass people, hn?"

Hinata laughed, "Um…where i-is Itachi now?"

Deidara folded his arms over his chest, "Looking for you…I think he wants to do the Transformers thing again…"

Hinata shivered, "Is there somewhere safe I can sleep?"

Deidara nodded, "Yeah, you can sleep in my room, un. I won't be here, but Itachi thinks it would be too obvious for me to hide you in here so…"



Hinata swallowed feeling someone enter through the window. She shook slightly, 'Itachi…' She controlled her breathing as he placed his hand on her shoulder.


She turned over, and saw Sasuke's face. 'No…not again.' Tears slipped down her face, "Deidara-kun…please help."

"What are you talking about Hinata?"

"J-just stay away from m-me Itachi."

"Sa-su-ke, not Itachi."

Hinata shook her head, "No…y-you're not g-going to do this again."

"What? Okay, just tell me what happened since you were brought here."

She sighed, "You told me to go to sleep; I woke up and Sasuke was under me, instead of you. Then you tricked me into having sex with you…then you undid the transformation justu. I smashed a mirror over you're head, bit you, and then you started choking me. I blacked out after that. I woke up in Deidara-kun's bathtub, and he told me that I could sleep here…safe from you."

Sasuke pounded his fist into the, while grinding his teeth, "That…FUCKING BASTARD! Hinata how can I prove to you I'm not him?"

She stared idly at her hands, "What did Naruto-kun first say to you after he found you…?"

Sasuke laughed, "He said, 'I am a future Hokage…and I will kick your ass.' Which…he, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato did together." Hinata sniffed slightly before throw herself into Sasuke's arms, and crying.



"I love you…"

"……I love you, too."


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