I'm Sorry

By Kate Carter

Disclaimer: If I had anything to do with "Doctor Who" there'd be a whole channel devoted to it.

The beach was deserted. It was far too cold out for anyone to be out on a beach, and even in the summer, this beach was usually far too cold. Norway wasn't really known for its pleasant sea getaways.

There was no one around for miles, other than perhaps a bird or two, no one to notice the lone figure of a man who stood on a rock and looked at the sea, his long brown coat blowing in the breeze. If anyone had been there, and had looked directly into his face, they wouldn't have seen him actually looking at the ocean; it was quite clear that he was staring off into the distance – or, perhaps, more accurately, that he was staring into the past. Another time, another universe, away.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice breaking as he said it. A tear rolled down his cheek. "I'm sorry I never told you, Rose. I'm sorry I said so many things, but I never said the most important thing."

He paused for a moment, bowing his head. When he looked up again, the tears were flowing down his cheeks, almost freezing in the icy wind. "I'm sorry I never told you…just how much…I love you."

And with that, the Doctor turned and walked back to the TARDIS.