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Little House

Chapter 1- That Kagome Girl


With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity-Keshavan Nair


Inuyasha stared as a familiar, pale hand shot up into the air as soon as the Literature teacher asked the question about the modern piece, Kokoro. It wasn't a surprise to anyone when they saw her show quite some enthusiasm when it came to wanting to answer every question that the teacher asked. No one else had volunteered to respond so the overly excited student was the teacher's only choice. Students watched with bored expressions as she correctly answered the question that was asked.

Inuyasha couldn't help but roll his dark eyes when the girl took her seat. Kagome Higurashi. She was a strange one and Inuyasha knew that most students would agree with that statement.

At first glance one would consider her to be mildly attractive with her long, raven locks that tumbled midway down her back, an oval, light colored face, a tiny nose that seemed to fit her face perfectly, full, pink lips and of course one couldn't forget her eyes. They were what most agreed to be the loveliest feature about her. Her eyes were a striking sea blue color with a tiny line of light ice blue surrounding each eye. Her eyes were warm and she gave off such a friendly aura that naturally one would think it easy to approach her, but as many know today, looks can be deceiving.

She was cold and terribly unfriendly to anyone she came into contact with. Inuyasha had remembered the first time he had attempted to speak to her. It wasn't over anything remotely big, or important. He was new to the school and only asked her if she could help him out by guiding him to all his assigned classes. What he didn't expect was for her to rudely turn her back on him and say that she didn't have the time for such things. Ever since that day he understood why so many people expressed such dislike for the girl. Unlike others Inuyasha did not dislike her. For some reason he couldn't and he didn't understand why.

It wasn't long after Kagome answered that the bell for the end of the period rang. Students piled out of the classroom, eager to get to the long awaited lunch hour.

Inuyasha was barely out the door when he saw Kagome trip on someone's outstretched foot and stumble to the ground. There were giggles and tiny chuckles as expected but that didn't seem to affect Kagome at all. She simply bent over and began picking up her fallen books.

Maybe it was the way she picked up her belongings without looking up at the people surrounding her, or maybe it was the fact that her shoulders slumped with a sigh. Inuyasha didn't know, but he found himself being drawn to her.

Without a second thought Inuyasha walked over to the lone student and bent down to pick up a rather large book that was lying at his feet. His eyes met hers instantly and immediately he was drawn to them. He clearly saw the distrust and confusion brewing within her eyes. He decided to ignore and handed the book to her.

They stood looking at each other for sometime. Inuyasha didn't know what she was thinking but he was expecting at least a 'thank you' from her. She said nothing and after sometime of silence Kagome nodded her head at him, her eyes were still cautious. For a moment she parted her lips, seemly debating on what she would say to him. Her lips then formed into a thin line once again. She nodded her head and looked at him briefly before walking away.

Inuyasha looked at the girl's back in astonishment as she walked away. His eyebrows came down on his forehead and his lips formed into a frown.

"What kind of lame ass thank you is that?"

"Well you look like if you had a bad day so far," Sango commented with a chuckle before tapping Inuyasha's forehead lightly with her index finger.

Inuyasha shooed her hand away before returning his attention to the instant noodles that he was eating for lunch. He didn't bother to answer her question, firstly because he preferred to stuff his face with his lunch and secondly because his friend was right about her observation.

"Yes, you're right. He does seem extra moody today," his other friend Miroku added with a grin before casually draping his arm around Inuyasha's shoulders. He was still grinning at Inuyasha seemly waiting for the teenager to say what his problem was. Inuyasha who was too stubborn to comply to any of his friend's comments gently pushed Miroku off him before returning his attention to his lunch. He ignored his friends' laughter and attempted to focus on keeping his temper at bay.

They'd always seemed to enjoy teasing him, ever since the day he had met them. He was in his sophomore year when he had entered the school and after being rejected for help by Kagome he was offered assistance by Sango and Miroku. They seemed friendly enough so Inuyasha stuck with them throughout the year and as time passed the three had been close for almost three years. Without them Inuyasha doubted that he would still be in the school. He was guy who had a low tolerance for anything and anyone and if Miroku and Sango weren't present when he'd lost his cool then Inuyasha was certain he would have been expelled for fighting.

"Keh, will you two stop it already! I'm busy," Inuyasha said in a half joking manner and put down the cup of noodles to look at his friends, both of whom were sitting across from him.

"So what got you in such a bad mood?" Miroku asked.

"Nothing," Inuyasha replied and turned his head away from the two. It was then that his golden eyes happened to land on the very same girl that he had encountered earlier. Kagome was walking across the grassy area with books piled high in her hands and a pencil between her lips. She walked over to a small tree and rested her books on the grass gently. The student sat down next to her pile of books and raised her eyes from the floor. Blue eyes clashed with violet ones causing Inuyasha to jerk his head away. He didn't want her to know that he was staring at her.

"Don't tell me it's that girl again," Miroku said, snapping Inuyasha out of his current daze. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and raised one eyebrow at his friends.

"What do you mean?"

"What did she do to you now, Inuyasha?" Sango inquired, adding to Miroku's question. "I mean isn't she always the cause of your bad mood?"

They knew him too well. It was true that Kagome's lack of gratitude for what he had done for her caused him to hold a slight grudge against her. So many times he had helped her out or at least offered to help her when she tripped, which she did quite often, or had a problem with something and yet he never received a thank you from the girl. Not once. He told himself that he would give up with attempting to help her. After all she didn't even want to help him with a simple task two years ago, so why should he even bother to help her? It made perfect sense, yet he couldn't do it. There was something about her that Inuyasha couldn't quite pinpoint that drew him to her.

"I don't get why you even bother with that girl, man," Miroku began with a frown, "I mean she's pretty and all but her personality…"

Miroku allowed the rest of his statement to trail off, knowing that Inuyasha understood where he was going.

"Miroku!" Sango said and glared at him, "She just seems like the type of girl who likes to be left alone so maybe you should just leave her."

"Keh, who said it's about that stupid girl?" Inuyasha snapped defensively and turned his head away from his friends. He didn't want them to see his face, knowing that they would easily pick up what he was thinking. He pride prevented him from admitting what was obviously true.

"But don't you…"

"Leave me alone!" Inuyasha retorted cutting Miroku off.

It was only when Inuyasha was sure that all of the attention was away from him, did his eyes travel back to the girl who he couldn't keep his eyes off of. Kagome's knees were now brought up close to her chest, and on her lap she had what seemed to be that literature book that they were currently studying. Her eyes had a certain gleam as she read the text, her lips were slightly parted and her eyebrows were hitched high on her forehead, giving away her keen interest in what she was reading. Inuyasha watched as she scribbled something down in a notebook lying right next to her before once again returning her attention back to the book. Her blue eyes rose up for a moment and immediately found Inuyasha's golden eyes. Inuyasha once again turned away so he wouldn't be caught staring.

'Damn it,' Inuyasha thought and shook his head. Why couldn't he keep his attention off that girl? There was something about her… and Inuyasha had no idea what it was. He shook his head once more. There was no way he was going to think of what that something was. He was thinking too much about some girl he didn't know anything about.

It seemed as the lunch hour came and went, Inuyasha couldn't help but take his attention off that Kagome girl and he was seeing her everywhere. She was in his sixth hour study period, which he never noticed her to be there before, while walking to his last period class which was Japanese History, he almost collided into her. Still annoyed with her for her lack of gratitude, Inuyasha yelled at her, rudely telling watch where she was going. Kagome on the other hand said nothing to him, ignoring his rude comments and continued on her way to class.

By the end of the day, Inuyasha was tired and in an even worse mood than he was earlier in the day.

He decided it best to retire home, instead of going to a fast food restaurant with his closet friends. They had expressed slight disappointment to his refusal to go with them but didn't push him further, knowing that he wasn't in the best of moods at the time.

Inuyasha walked the streets of Tokyo by himself and ended up waiting in a musky tunnel for the subway to arrive. He leaned against the cold wall and folded his arms. The stupid train was taking forever to arrive. He wanted to get home as quickly as possible so he could calm himself and relax. Luckily he didn't have any homework so he saw it fit to relax for the rest of the afternoon. His great desire to make it home was testing his already small amount of patience. He sighed and scanned his eyes around the area.

There was absolutely no one I interesting surrounding him. He noticed that there was a group of girls in a corner that her whispering amongst themselves while openly staring at him. He rolled his golden eyes and shook his head. This gave him even more reason to want to get home even faster. His eyes then landed on her.

Kagome was standing only a few feet away from him. She had a small, red bag resting on her shoulders while she was clutching two small books in her arms. Her body was slumped forward and her head was lowered, causing her long hair to cover her face.

Inuyasha stared at her curiously. Just what in the heck was wrong with that girl? By his numerous observations of her, Inuyasha knew that she normally had an upright position and her eyes were always focused in front of her.

Her body swayed to the side briefly. She shook her head and lightly touched her forehead. Inuyasha watched, almost spellbound as the young student leaned forward once again. Her eyes slid close and her lips parted slightly as her thin body fell backward.

Inuyasha barely had time to think about what was happening. His body seemed to react faster than his mind. He found himself running towards her falling body, hoping to catch her before she hit the cold ground.

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