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Don't tear me down.

"Don't tear me down, for all I need. Make my heart a better place; give me something I can believe. Don't tear me down, what's left of me. All my agony fades away when you hold me in your embrace. "

All I need- By Within Temptation


Katara was lying in her bed. It was cold, and even though she was used to it, it still got to her, at least in this place.

She was thinking about the past few weeks. So much had changed. How could he ask them to accept him? She couldn't. She wouldn't. Not because it was impossible, she just didn't want to.

The waterbender didn't trust "Prince" Zuko. She winced at the thought of his title.

Yet she hadn't opposed when he and Aang went to the Gods know where to learn how to dance. They kept claiming it was a firebending technique. "Yeah right" she spoke to herself. A curious observation sped in and out of her mind and she mentally slapped herself.

"How can I think he looked cute whilst dancing??... Firebending??... Whatever that was!" The words came from her mouth unnoticed.

Her body was getting cramped. The blue eyed beauty sighed and turned towards the wall. Maybe it would be easier for sleep to come this way. She placed her hands under her head, and she noticed they were shaking.

"Why is it so damned cold in here?" she grumbled under her breath. Her mind lingered in the fact that she trusted Zuko enough to leave him alone with Aang. Why was that?

Her body was sore. Katara spent the entire night twisting and turning in her bed. The Water Tribe girl exhaled heavily as her feet touched the ground. Today was cleaning day. Slowly, she rose from her bed. Her clothing lay on a dresser besides her bed. Her mind drifted off to her father. How was he? Was he being ill treated by the Fire Nation? Were they torturing him? She couldn't lose him as she did her mother. No! It wouldn't happen! Her eyes swell up with tears. The waterbender, for the first time since she met Aang, wished she had never embarked in this adventure. Her hands went up, reaching for her face. She could feel the tears trapped inside, screaming to come out. It was giving her a headache. She knew she was breaking down. She couldn't for Aang's sake. And for Sokka. And for Toph.


A voice came from the door frame. The girl closed her eyes and clenched her fists at the impact of the voice in her ears. She was trying hard not to explode, especially now that he had stepped in. What right did he have to come in her room, one of the only two that had a door? And he didn't even knock! She was appalled.

"Yes?" the girl muttered through greeted teeth. The boy's eyes swiped around the room. It was a mess. Her figure lay still in the very middle of the tiny room. The firebender's eyes fell on her petit frame. She was still in her undergarments. Zuko's orbs widened and he spun around, feeling his cheeks fill with hot blood. He knew he was turning red. Oh Agni, what was him to do?

The young Prince cleared his throat, before speaking for Katara was still unaware of her nudity.

"I'm so sorry I came in" he stuttered, trying to find the words in his mouth and forcing them out. He wasn't succeeding, and to top it all he was trembling. "I didn't know you were still not…hum…ready to come out yet, since it is past noon and the sun is already high…you slept in" He raised his arm and scratched the back of his head clearing his throat again to gain confidence. "I'll inform Sokka you are still not ready to make us lunch". This time his tone was nonchalant.

Katara thought of his words. He wasn't making any sense. "What is he talking about?" she wondered, still stiff in her position. Suddenly her shoulders got rigid. Her slits widened with horrific realisation. She was still in her undergarments. Although she was used to walk around like that with Aang and Sokka, Zuko was a totally different matter. She walked for her dresser and grabbed her clothes. Then it hit her.

"Past noon?" Her voice was cracked and the words were almost spit out.

"Yes…you slept in…Aang-." He was cut off by her angry tone. "Can you step out of my room so I can get ready" Her eyes were narrowed into slits again and he could tell she would be angry at him for a long time. He took her warning half-seriously. Of course she wasn't going to kill him. Was she? Either way he was waiting patiently for her to calm down and accept him. Not that he needed her acceptance, he was already training "with" the Ava-Aang, and so there was no need to care for what she felt. But still…Maybe this was part of being a good guy.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. I'll be going then" He walked out of her room and into one of the many halls the Western Air Temple had, possibly to go outside and wait for lunch.

It made Katara angrier when Zuko didn't even fight back. What was up with him? She knew for a fact that he was just waiting for a chance to take Aang back to the Fire Nation, it was just a matter of time. Why was he being so nice, especially towards her? Whenever Sokka or Aang would pick on him he would yell at them or reply with a nasty comment, but every time she did it, it was like he was excusing himself for doing nothing, a thing she know he didn't. As a matter of fact he was really behaving with all of them and he already participated in the fun, hum, "games", at a lack o a better word she thought, that Sokka and Aang would come up with to stay entertained. Even Momo and Appa loved him. Momo had now found that he liked the Prince's warmth a lot more than the fire's and every night he would nestle himself on his lap. "And that idiot just smiles and pets him" she angrily added to herself "Where has all the anger gone off to??" The waterbender screamed that sentence.

"It seems to be right there, Sugar Queen!" Toph cut in.

"What? What does that mean?" She indignantly placed her hands on her hips looking at the blind girl.

"You've been picking a fight with Hot-Head ever since he joined us. He let go of his anger and you held onto it."

"I didn't hold onto anything!" Her voice was almost a falsetto.

"You need to keep your temper in check. As much as you hate the guy, I don't see why he is so hilarious with his «I'm-so-serious-but-when-anyone-picks-on-my-nerves-I-act-like-a-child-and-do-stupid-things-that-only-suceed-in-embarassing-myself attitude», we have a common interest: To defeat the Fire Lord!" Toph replied, grinning.

"Do you really believe he is going to do anything against his own father? I think not!" She spun around and headed towards the dresser where she picked up a bone comb she had brought form the South Pole with her and combed her bushy hair.

"Well there are a lot of things about him you don't know! Maybe, if you take the time to know-." She was severely interrupted by Katara's outburst.

"I know much about him already. I know he is manipulative, obsessessive, a liar and a fake! There is nothing more I need to know!" She yelled to herself in the mirror, as if she was trying to convince herself of her self proclaimed words.

Toph sighed. This was harder than convincing Sokka it was his time to clean the rooms. And believe me, that it wasn't the easiest of jobs. "Oh, everyone is waiting for lunch. Sokka already tried to eat some climbing weeds that were on the walls. It didn't work out that well, and Zuko and Aang had to help him out of their deadly grasp"

"Shut up with Zuko already!! Is everyone in love with him?" That question deserved no answer, so Toph didn't even bother. Even Katara arched an eyebrow at the stupid question. What was wrong with her?

"If you wait two more minutes I'll walk out with you. Then I'll start lunch"

I didn't take long before Katara was ready for the day. After taking the sheets from all the beds, including Zuko's she went outside and placed them near the fountain.

"Toph can you ask Haru to wash the sheets for me today? I have to get started on lunch"

Toph's face was one of dissatisfaction but still, she stormed out of the outside courtyard to call Haru, who was playing with The Duke and Teo in the Echo chamber.

Katara directed herself to the large basin which she filled with water to cook the rice. She bended the water from the fountain into it and started a fire. It took her about twelve minutes to get the flames going but she succeeded.

"No need for him after all" she smirked.

She took a pot from one of the bags they carried and, after chopping them, she placed some vegetables inside it to stew. She was a little sad her food would be a little distasteful but still, it was food and all of them eagerly gobbled it down with contentment. After a good half an hour the food was cooked and she incited Sokka, who was at the moment sun bathing, to go get the others. He growled trying to intimidate her but it was of no use. She glared at him, and knowing of the irritable state she was in lately, complied to her request.

The lunch went without many incidents, except for the times Zuko opened his mouth to say something and Katara would cut him off or spit out a nasty reply, even though he wasn't talking to her. Of course no one noticed the side glances that she send his way, or at least they pretend not to. As for Zuko he wasn't too uncomfortable with it either. He had gotten used to it.

She was left alone again while Aang, Zuko and Sokka went for a walk to digest the food. They had become the best of palls, the trio as Teo liked to call them. She stuck out her tongue at the thought of the both the Avatar and her brother holding hands with the fire Prince and singing "WE ARE THREE LITTLE CHILDREN, FRIENDS FOREVER"

"What a horrible image" She grimaced. It was time to clean the pots, and so she did. Afterwards she helped Haru with the sheets, and made everyone's beds, fresh and clean.

"Time for some deserved rest" she contemplated. It was dusk and the sun was setting down. It was to beautiful for her to let it past by. She sat at the edge of the Temple grounds and sighed with content.

"Great view, hum?"

"Why is he here? Can't I get two minutes of quiet contemplation?" she asked herself silently. Katara was not about to walk out. She really wanted this time alone.

"Can you please leave?" she asked politely. Zuko looked at her in bewilderment. She was finally being nice. Maybe he could risk it. He sat besides her a looked at the gentle picture that was laid before them. The sun was already tucking behind the horizon. The sky was painted in shades of orange and a beautiful pinkish-red that mixed together at the middle of the big cut in half yellow orb that was crossing the view line. There was a gentle breeze in the air and a sweet scent lingered in the air. A scent Zuko latter noticed, it was Katara's bodily fragrance.

She sighed. At least he was quiet. It wasn't the best sunset she had ever seen, mainly because of the company.

"Orange is such a dreadful colour, don't you think?"

"Why would I think orange to be a dreadful colour? It's as beautiful as any other colour"

His serene look vanished from his face. He contemplated the waterbender with a look of both anger and sadness.

"Do you want to know what I loath about this sunset?" She asked sweetly. Zuko looked back at it. It was nothing wrong with the view in front of them. It was almost magical. His eyes darted back to her, who took a deep breath and exhaled to calm herself. When the words came out from her full lips, they were slow and evenly paused so he could understand every syllable she voiced.

"You! You are what's wrong with this sunset" With those harsh words she got up and proceeded to walk to the basin to start dinner. There was nothing more Zuko could do but stay there. He let his head hung from his shoulders. He was in no mood to fight her back. Besides they were on the same side now. "This is going to be harder than I though" he mumbled to himself. Thoughts of Mai passed him and he smiled inwardly. He wondered how she was doing in the Fire Nation right now. Probably missing him as much as he was missing her, maybe even trying to find out where he was. As the sun went down all he could think was about Mai and her emotionless personality that at this moment seemed a lot better than Katara's angry attitude.


Dinner was quiet. One could hear the sound of roach-crickets all around. No one spoke. Not even Sokka dared to speak, even though he and Aang were exchanging some really dirty looks, and when Katara gazed at him he would seem to hold a fit of laughter.

"What is going on?" She wondered.

As all of them went to their rooms, Katara seemed to be restless.

"Aren't you coming, Katara" The Airbender asked in his cheerful chirping tone.

"No Aang! I'm just going to watch the moon a little longer" She smiled weakly at him and he nodded.

After a few minutes of silence, the hairs in her arms went alarmingly up and she felt a shiver down her spine. She was not alone and could feel a pair of eyes ripping her apart and trying to dig in her.

"What part of "I don't want you near me" don't you understand" She asked coldly.

"Don't pick a fight, don't pick a fight, don't pick a fight." Zuko repeated the mantra over and over again in his mind before finally answering.

"I came here to collect my swords. I left them outside after training with the Ava- Aang"

Katara whirled around and faced him, a frown on her face. She didn't move. "Fine you can go now"

He finally snapped. "I can stay wherever I want to!" He yelled in her direction.

"Not when I'm around" Katara realised how close minded and almost…"Azula-ish" she was being.

"Well if you have problems then why don't you step out?" His eyes sparkled an angry fire, a type of glitter that hadn't been there since he joined them.

"Look here, if you think that I'm going to put up with you much longer just let me warn you, I'm watching. And I know sooner or latter you will slip up and I will be delighted to send your burning bottom back to the Fire Nation." She stepped closer and was now mere inches way from him, her eyes defying him in an almost deadly manner.

"Will you be too disappointed if I don't slip up? Because I have no intention of doing so" His eyes were as narrowed as hers. He was defying her back.

"We shall see" Was all she said before pushing him with her shoulder and heading for her room.

Zuko sigh in exasperation. He was so tired of all the hate, the loathing. Why couldn't she see he had changed, and for the better this time. Slowly he picked up his twin blades and headed for his roam for a open "chat" with his uncle.


Katara closed the door with all her might. With a loud bang it closed, while every single piece of furniture in her room jumped at the sudden impact. With her fists clenched and eyes swelling up, she rolled down the door and sat at the floor, her head on her knees and hands around her legs. She sighed deeply. What was it about his figure that infuriated her so? She could hate him and still not get mad at his every move or every word.

Between sleep and awareness, only one thing came to her mind. At the point of the threat she had made him, it wasn't solely Aang she was trying to protect it was herself also. She did trust Zuko to be around Aang. She just didn't trust him to be around her.


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