Husbanding England

Rated T

AN/Disclaimer; see Chapter One. If I did own it, this is how it would have ended. Obviously. Sadly, my fangirl fluff version is more historically and cannotonically accurate. I'll stop making up words now. Special thanks to my wonderful beta and friend, Matriaya, for beta-ing all five chapters, pointing out inaccuracies and inconsistancies, and generally being awesome. Now, with out further ado, and with limited commercial interruptions, the exciting, incredibly fluffy, conclusion of ROBIN HOOD, SEASON TWO!



The small church was packed with villagers, from all over Nottinghamshire, scrubbed clean to their ears and out in their finest. They were not the only guests. Many lords and ladies, all loyal to King Richard and in some way helpful to Robin and his old gang were also made welcome. It was standing room only. The kindly old priest, Father Tuck, was not at all surprised to see so many people there. If it had been any other lord, it would have only been because of the Bridal Breakfast to follow the wedding. But this was Robin Hood, the Earl of Huntington, and his bonny bride, Lady Marian of Knighton Hall, otherwise known as the Nightwatchman.

Talk of the devil, Robin was already standing at the altar, fidgeting worse than the newly elevated Lord Much of Bonchurch. The benevolent priest laid his hand on Robin's shoulder. "You are already married, my son. This is a mere formality. And it was your idea. Please relax, you are making me nervous."

Robin smiled at him, and said, "I am sorry, Father. I did not anticipate being this anxious."

The good father laughed. "No bridegroom ever does."

The church doors were throne in, flooding it with light. Whether it was from the new August sun or his glowing bride, Robin could not be sure. She was clad in a soft mossy green dress, trimmed in lace that he recognized as a gift from Queen Eleanor. She reminded him of sea-foam, lightly floating about the seas. His own personal Venus. She was dancing with impatience down the aisle of the Church, the King supporting her, but also anchoring her, trying to keep her from floating away.

Neither Robin nor Marian remembered anything from this second wedding, only that it was a joy filled celebration. They were surrounded by their dearest friends, probably for the last time. The King was going to London, and then home to Aquitaine. Little John had surprised them all by announcing his intention to go with the King, back to France.

Will and Djaq Scarlett were already starting their family. Djaq had a dream to be the Shire's most trusted midwife, and gain from her own personal experience in a few months time. Will of course had already begun to carry on his father's excellent carpentry legacy. His brother, Luke Scarlett, was expected to arrive sometime next year, giving the new couple time to be alone in their honeymoon period and to have their baby.

Much already held Bonchurch, and the King had surprised him yesterday by making him the Sheriff of Nottingham. Richard the Lion-Heart declared he needed someone he could trust keeping an eye on Prince John in London; and of course, on the famous Robin Hood and the Nightwatchman. Sheriff Much, the loyal chivalrous soul he was, had begun to court Eve.

Things had not turned out as Robin had thought, and yet, they had. The villain, Vaisey, was on trial in France. Robin was married to the love of his life. His best friend and companion had come into great fortune. Little John was no longer lonely, again having a Lord, Master, and King to serve. Allan-A-Dale, always the wild ball, had found peace. And he was not alone in his wedded bliss, Will and Djaq were starting on a matrimonial adventure as well.

Because for the merry gang of Robin Hood, Earl of Locksley, how could life seem to be anything but an adventure?