We were nearly out of the city, traveling through the tunnel to the northern exit when I spied Felix. He was waiting for me, for her. Reading minds wasn't the only power the Volturi had in their coven.

"She cannot leave that way. You heard Aro." Apparently no one else had. He was alone as he stood before me blocking my exit.

"Let her go, I know what you really want. I can read your mind remember." I growled deep in my throat and pulled my self in front of Bella, backing her against the wall of the tunnel.

"Then you know I've decided neither of you should be leaving. You've fallen from grace Edward. No one will protect you now." A murderous snarl escaped from his throat and he lunged for me

Our bodies collided in a loud thunderous impact. I pushed him back into the wall, and it crumbled under him letting him continue through it. He shot back, furious. I ducked from side to side avoiding his blows, a few of mine landing. It was easy to stay a step ahead of him, I could hear him think his next move. Suddenly he took me by surprise, and sharp fist cracking against my ribs sending me flying down the tunnel.

As quickly as I could I recovered and jumped to my feet. He ran towards me, this time I would make my mark. I grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground, tearing the limb from him. I threw the disembodied limb to the ground and was about to go for the kill when I heard him.

"That wasn't very nice of you Edward." A raspy voiced chided me.

"Aro…" I whipped around to find him standing between Bella and I. How could I have been so careless, how hadn't I heard him!

"He's right. You've fallen from my good graces Edward. But I have always had a soft spot for you. So I'll let you decide, should I kill her or you? The choice is yours." He grabbed her as she tried to run. Her eyes full of fear as his fingers wrapped around her throat, yanking her to him.

"Let her go. She's no risk to you."

"She knows, and there is only one rule. You of all should know this Edward. How many have you helped to destroy?" his thumb ran across her jaw lawn eliciting a growl from me. "She does smell sweet, I can see why you would want to keep her." His teeth grazed dangerously close to her throat. I heard her whimper under his unwanted attention.

"Why can't I hear you?" he asked, angry now as he whipped her around to stare into her face, his hand gripping her throat beneath her chin. She stood frozen still, I had no move to make, he had her and there was nothing I could do. I stood helpless as he stared at her, trying to elicit her thoughts.

"Answer me." He growled, tightening his grip around her throat. She gasped for air and tried to shake her head. Her fingers clawed at his hand as it strangled her neck

"Stop!" I roared "I can't hear her either! I don't know why, now let her go!"

"You can't hear her?" his voice faded into utter curiosity. "Jane."

"No-" I was cut off as waves of pain crashed down on me.

"No dear not him. Her." I watched as he held Bella in front of Jane.

"Stop!" I croaked out. I stared at Bella, waiting for the pain to consume her, but it never did. She shook under Aro's grip, but nothing more happened.

"Interesting…" he eyed her as Jane tried desperately to inflict unimaginable pain upon her. "Change her." He flung her against me and I cradled her in my arms.
"Don't make me do this." I pleaded. This wasn't the life she deserved.
"Then shall I do it?" he took as step towards us and I held her tighter. This was not what I had wanted to happen. She shook in my arms, she had only moved from the oven to the frying pan.

"Then what? What if she won't join you?" I was trying to buy her time, buy her soul.

"I've time to wait, she'll come around."

"Just kill her Aro." I heard Felix cry, cradling his arm trying to force it to heal itself. "Kill them both." He snarled.

"Silence." Felix's face fell but his eyes glared at mine with hate.

Her fingers trailed across my cheek, her hand shaking, pulling my focus to her. I kissed the soft skin of her wrist and looked into her eyes. "I know what has to happen." She said to me softly, her voice was hoarse.

"No, I won't let you die."

"I don't have to stay dead."

"You don't know what you're asking." How could I allow her to be changed, changed into a monster like myself?

"I think I've got a pretty good idea what I'm asking. I was raised by vampires remember? And I'm certainly not ready to lie down in my grave."

"She's willing, what more could you want Edward. Change her or you both die." He was growing impatient. I could hear him, his plans for her, for us. He would take us both back if I begged him, but not without her. I didn't want to go back, and I never wanted her to be pulled into that life.

"Do it." She pulled her hair away from her neck revealing the bruising skin.

"I'm sorry." I whispered into her skin as my teeth sliced through it.

Yes, the end. I hope you enjoyed it :)