Chapter Ten: Sam's Diner

Sam's Diner was unusually empty for 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Hannah and Amy noted when they walked in. Hannah, who had just moved back in with Nina a few days ago, had agreed to meet Amy for some afternoon girlfriend coffee klatsch. "So what's new in the Feeney house?" Amy asked her friend after they had sat down comfortably at one of the tables by the window from where they could overlook most of Everwood's main street. "And how did Nina and Sam like California?" "They liked it very much and they both look very rested" Hannah answered. "Apparently Jake's parents have this massive ranch just an hour and a half outside of L.A. where they are even breeding their own horses. Sam had his first riding lessons there and he enjoyed them so much that he didn't want to leave anymore." "Yeah? I am afraid of horses, but it still sounds nice." Amy answered. "So what about Nina?" she added "Did she ever think about staying there?" "Not sure" Hannah answered "from what she has told me, Jake's parents are very nice people and they really liked her and Sam. I still don't think Nina would move away that easily considering she has lived in Everwood all her life and has all her friends and family living here. But you never know what could happen, right?"

"Hi you two, what can I get you?" the waitress asked them. After they had ordered, Hannah asked "So what about you? I haven't seen or heard much of you these last few days. What have you been up to all this time?" "I spent a lot of time with Colin." Amy answered "I thought it would help me figure out how I feel about him and about Ephram.""And did it?" Hannah interrupted her "I mean have you made a decision yet?" "No, not really." Amy sighed. "I thought that if I spent more time with Colin it would make me forget my feelings for Ephram, because it would be the best for all of us, wouldn't it? Well, except for Ephram of course. If he actually still loves me that is." "I am sure he does. But I don't think it's that easy." Hannah said shaking her head "You can't push your feelings down forever, Amy, not if you really love Ephram. Besides he has feelings too, you know" "Yeah, I know…" Amy answered sadly.

"There you go girls, cappuccino, hot chocolate and two blueberry muffins." the waitress said when she came back to put their order on the table. "Thank you, Lucy" Hannah replied happily and took a big bite of her muffin."I am sorry" she mumbled while chewing "but I haven't had anything to eat since early this morning and I am starving. Nina has started a cleaning marathon and there was no getting through to the kitchen earlier because the floor was all wet." "It's ok " Amy laughed "You can order something else if you like. How about a nice burger?" "No, I am fine" Hannah answered. "It's not like I went thin over the holidays with your mom's excellent cooking and everything. No offence, but another week at your place and I probably wouldn't be able to fit into my jeans anymore. "I know" Amy sighed "the world is unjust. Some people, including my stupid brother, can eat as much as they want and never get fat." "Yeah?" Hannah asked "where is Bright anyway. "I have no idea" Amy answered "he took the car earlier today. Probably hanging out with Ephram or Colin now. That reminds me, Colin and I are going to watch a movie later. You want to join us?"

"I really wish I could" Hannah answered "but I promised to help Nina with the laundry. She is probably already waiting for me and I am afraid I have to leave soon." "Aww, that's too bad" Amy answered disappointedly " I really wish you would come with us. After all we will be going back to New York in a few days. You have to promise me that we will see each other again before we leave." "Of course we will see each other, you wouldn't just sneak off without saying goodbye, would you? Also I am thinking about bugging you by coming over to New York for the Easter holidays. What do you say now?" "That's a great idea" Amy replied excitedly "You definitely have to come. I will show you all my favourite places." "That's a deal then" Hannah answered happily. "Deal" Amy agreed "I guess I will just call Colin now, ask him if he can be here a little bit earlier so we can have a drink before the movie starts."


It was a beautiful January afternoon. Not many cars were on the road so Ephram let his mind wander once again to the two beautiful women that had occupied his thoughts almost constantly during the last few days. For one there was Jenna. Cute and innocent Jenna who had become one of his most trusted friends during the last couple of months in New York. He couldn't deny she held a sort of fascination for him. And it wasn't just her body. She was a silent water, just like him, and he was curious to get to know her better. And then there was Amy, the woman he loved and would probably never stop loving. He was pretty sure she loved him too. There was one little problem though by the name of Colin Hart. Ephram wondered whether he still had a chance with her.

He parked his car on Everwood's main street just a stone's throw away from Tom's video store. Contemplating what films he should get, he let his gaze wander into the nearby shop windows. Just as he wondered whether he should get some flowers for Jenna that's when he saw them. Amy and Colin were sitting at a table by the window in Sam's Diner holding hands. Colin must have said something funny because Amy was laughing. Ephram thought they looked so lovey-dovey, definitely like they were in love. Bright was obviously right and they were happy together. Who am I kidding? he thought sadly I will never get her back and it's entirely my fault.


Inside Sam's the conversation had once again reached the topic of sports. Even though Amy loved dancing and also enjoyed the occasional swim or jog, she didn't like team sports at all. Colin, on the other hand, was an avid non-professional player of football and basketball and rarely missed watching a game of his favourite teams. So when he started talking about last night's football game it was nothing out of the ordinary that Amy only listened half heartedly. It simply didn't interest her.

"Amy, Amy. Are you listening to me at all?" Colin lifted his hand and moved it around in front of her face to wake her up from her daze. "Huh" Amy said startled, all at once noticing what she had been doing. Outside on the other side of the road was Ephram who had just left the video store with a couple of DVDs in his hands. Suddenly Amy realized that she must have stared at him for quite some time. She froze in her seat hoping Colin wouldn't look there. But it was too late, as Colin had already turned his head around to look in exactly the same direction she had been staring into before. Disappointment appeared on his face and turning towards her again he spat "So that's why you weren't listening to me." "It's not what you are thinking." Amy tried to quieten his suspicions. "Yeah, what is it then, Amy?" Colin asked angrily. "Don't even try to talk me into believing that there is nothing going on between you guys." "But I haven't done anything" Amy said now on the verge of tears. "Maybe not yet, but you have been thinking about him, right?"

Amy felt horrible. So in her predicament, she stared into her drink to avoid his eyes and to collect her thoughts. She couldn't think of anything to say to prove him wrong that wasn't a lie, so she decided it was better to say nothing at all. Taking her silence as a confirmation, Colin said "I knew I was right. I've been watching you Amy. You haven't been yourself lately. And did you really think I wouldn't notice how you are always staring at him. You are, and there's no denying it!" "I don't know what to say"Amy said still avoiding his eyes. "Just tell me the truth." Colin replied "You owe me the truth, don't you think? And after a short moment of pondering silence he added sadly "You are still in love with him, aren't you? You probably always were, so how can I compete with that?"

"Colin, no!" Amy pleaded. But Colin had already made up his mind. "I am sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I can't have a girlfriend who is in love with someone else. It is driving me insane. You chose him over me before and I know it is going to happen again. It is just a matter of time. And it will break my heart. Again. But you know what? I won't let it happen this time. Not if I can do something about it first." Colin didn't need to say the words out loud. Amy knew exactly what he meant. He was breaking up with her. And there was nothing she could do or say to make him change his mind. "I am sorry" was all she said. She was too shocked to say much more. "It is not your fault. After all it's not our decision who we are in love with." Colin tried to still her "You should talk to Hannah or someone, all right? I will see you next Friday." "Yes ok" Amy answered. Colin got up from his seat, kissed her forehead one last time and then left the diner."