Title: A strong desire
Author: Ree
Theme: Ami - translucent
Genre: General
Version: Anime/ Manga - Post series, Crystal Tokyo way in the future.
Rating: G

Most of these characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko. The ones that don't are my creations.

A strong desire

Mercury frowned slightly at Serenity. "You have to try it. If it doesn't work then we'll figure out something new."

"Why can't we use communicators like we used to?" Serenity returned Mercury's frown.

"We don't know what type of jamming equipment the enemy might have, but I'm sure that they can't block the ties that hold us to you." Mercury tapped a few keys on her computer, giving Serenity a moment to think about what she said.

Serenity glared at the top of her friend's head. 'She is right. Even though we aren't facing an enemy yet, there is no guarantee when one will show up. And we know one does. Sometime in our future, Chaos is going to attack again.' Closing her eyes briefly, she felt a small weight settle on her shoulders. 'And I can't transform into Sailor Moon anymore, nor do I have the Silver Crystal. I must be a burden on them. Or I will be when we are attacked again. I guess I can concede to this. At least try it.' A small, soft sigh escaped her.

Looking up at the sigh, Mercury knew that Serenity was ready to try. The look in her queen's bright blue eyes confirmed it. "You should be able to feel the bonds that connect us to you. Venus said that we are tied to your heart crystal. That is why we all came back together. See if you can feel them."

Looking inside of her soul, Serenity felt her heart crystal pure and bright. 'It is so easy to sense it now. Ever since it was pulled out of me.' She shifted her focus to the eight bright white ribbons the rayed out from her crystal. 'An eight pointed star. It looks like a compass rose.' Somehow she knew that the ribbons on the four main points belonged to Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, and the ones on the in-between marks were Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. "I can feel them."

Mercury felt relieved. "Okay, carefully pull them. I have already told everybody that we were practicing this today, so they won't come running. They will, however, report if they can sense it."

Carefully wrapping her mental fingers around the collection of ribbons, Serenity tugged gently.

Mercury's hand shot up to her chest. She felt as if her heart was burning. The comm lines started beeping as the other senshi called in, reporting the same sensation she had felt.

Serenity heard the comm lines chirping in the background. 'It must have worked. They must have been able to detect that.' Relaxing her grip on the ribbons, she cupped her mental hands about her heart crystal. It was reminiscent of the way she used to hold the Silver Crystal. 'I don't want them to rush to my aid. I want to rush to theirs. I want to be able to protect them, to help them, to protect my people, my family.' As her fingers tightened around the crystal, she could feel the ribbons streaming off to her friends. She could tell where they connected, where the color blended from pure white to their colors. Subtly shifting from her heart to theirs. 'I want to protect them. I have to find the power to do so.'

Mercury stared at Serenity as she lifted her hands to chest height in an eerily familiar pose. A faint light glowed between her queen's fingers. 'What... What is that? What is going on? She doesn't have the Silver Crystal anymore. Princess Usagi has it.' Peering closer, all she could see was a bright light with eight ribbons streaming off of it. The ribbons were a translucent white with faintly colored ends. Even as her brain registered that there was one ribbon for each of the senshi, she noticed that they were streaming back towards Serenity, covering her in their light. Wrapped in just trailing ribbons, Serenity looked at her. Mercury had seen that determined face more times than she wanted to remember.

Serenity felt the ribbons brushing her skin. 'I will protect them, shield them. Even if I have to cloth myself in them.' Wrapping her hands around the bright light, Serenity drew it to her chest.

Mercury watched in amazement as the translucent ribbons wound about Serenity's body, solidifying into a fuku. The colored ends of the ribbons settled into the front of the skirt, under two long ribbons of white connected to a disc with an eight pointed star. The bright light formed a large crystal atop a long staff. On either side of the crystal was a small pair of wings.

Serenity blinked her eyes slowly as they focused on Mercury.

Mercury stared at the senshi before her. It was Serenity, that much she knew, but she had no clue who the senshi was. There were definite Sailor Moon touches in the senshi's outfit, the little feathers in her hair, the crystals in front of her odangos. But there were distinct differences as well. She was wearing low heals with small wings on them. Her odangos were heart shaped. She was not wearing gloves. But most importantly was that her symbol was an eight pointed star.

Finding her voice, Mercury heard herself ask the most inane, but important question she had ever asked. "Who...Who are you?"

With a puzzled look on her face, Serenity tipped her head to the side and tightened her grip on the staff. A shocked look came over her face as she realized what she had done. Her gaze flew to her hand and the staff, and from there coursed over what she could see of herself. Finally giving up on spotting all of the changes, she rushed off to a mirror with Mercury hot on her heels. One look in the mirror gave her the answer to Mercury's question. 'I won't be a burden anymore. I can protect them. I can help them. I am a senshi again.'

Turning to face the Senshi of Wisdom, Selenity smiled happily. "I am Sailor Cosmos."