"Deal With the Devil" - A Project: Demonhunter Side Story

Author's Notes:

- I don't own what I don't own (but I do own Project: Demonhunter, it's associated characters, concepts of mythological figures, and settings), and I don't actively look for other stories and plots, so if you see something familiar… just remember that by this day and age, everything's been done to death. This is just my take on a span of time with the events therein, and it's really for the development of my characters. It's just easier for me if they go play in worlds that are already established.

- The Hell Council is made up of leaders of the Underworld from around the planet and cover the majority of major belief systems. I mean no harm in any which way if anyone is offended, but I would appreciate if some research was done before flames are passed out.

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Deep in the Underworld, there stands a place that not many people talk about… largely because they don't know it exists. This is the headquarters of Supernatural Control, lead by the Hell Council. It's members have long since stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, and have come into some semblance of a decent working environment. Gone are the days of epic temptations and salvations, pious heroes and sinful villains… that is not to say that these things do not still exist, but it is now on the shoulders of Supernatural Control to guide the balance between darkness and light.

The following is one of the many exploits that the employees of this organization have embarked on...

"Stupid Juno." Beetlejuice muttered to himself as he sat around in the Underworld waiting room, flipping through what seemed like his six thousandth magazine. "…Stupid waiting room."

"Mr. Juice?" Miss Argentina's voice interrupted his cranky reverie.

"WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattT?" Beetlejuice looked up at the receptionist.

"This came for you." Miss Argentina held out an envelope to the poltergeist. "It's from Head Office."

"Probably telling me to wait another five hundred years…" Beetlejuice tore the envelope open and pulled out the black page within. "Even better! I've been … summoned?"

"…Through the door to your left." Miss Argentina motioned to a door that Beetlejuice hadn't noticed during his stay. "Have fun."

"Yeah, sure." Beetlejuice chuckled over his shoulder as he exited the room, and ended up at the end of a huge line up. "…Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me!"

Once the ghoul reached the head of the line, he was greeted by a chipper redheaded soul reaper receptionist in striped robes. "Why hello there! My name's Cummerbund. Thanks for waiting."

"Yeah, whatever." Beetlejuice handed the letter to her. "So, how long is this going to take?"

"Oh, not long." The reaper adjusted her glasses and skimmed it's contents. "…Especially since we've been waiting for you. Come with me."

As the reaper exited the desk and lead Beetlejuice down the hall, he took the opportunity to give Cummerbund a quick once-over.

'Not bad… for a reaper.' The poltergeist shrugged to himself.

"I wouldn't stare if I were you." Cummerbund looked back at the ghoul slightly, giving him a smile. "I bite."

Stunned slightly by her quip, Beetlejuice tried to form a quick comeback, but found that the words just wouldn't come.

Cummerbund stopped, and motioned to a set of massive, foreboding doors. "This is it. Drop off your forms with me when you're done."

"Um… you're not coming with me?" Beetlejuice caught the reaper's arm as she started walking away.

"Nope." Cummerbund extracted herself from his grip. "But the Hell Council's nothing to be afraid of."

"… Hell… Council?" Beetlejuice raised an eyebrow slightly as he started to panic. "I… I didn't do anything that bad, did I?"

"Um… well, whatever it was, it was bad enough for you to be summoned to see them." Cummerbund shrugged. "If you want me to stay, I…"

"YES." Beetlejuice nodded. "Though… if it makes any difference, I'd rather not be cast into Hell at all."

Cummerbund realized what the poltergeist was panicking about, and rolled her eyes. "Open the door."

Beetlejuice complied, easing the giant doors open relatively easily and entering the chamber.

"Ah, Beetlejuice. Just the soul we wanted to see." Lucifer started from his place among the leaders of the Underworld.

As Lucifer went to continue, Beetlejuice suddenly threw himself to the floor in front of the Council, sobbing and wailing.

"Please! I beg of you! Chuck me to the Sandworms, give me community service, even Death itself! Just please, please don't throw me into Hell! …I'll do anything you want!"

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Ereshkigal tilted her head. "We're not going to condemn you, little one."

"Wait… what?" Beetlejuice picked his head up slightly.

"We have no intention of putting you in Tartarus." Enma shook his head. "As a matter of fact, just the opposite."

"So I'm… what? Going to Heaven?" Beetlejuice shrugged. "Did they rewrite the rules while I was in that waiting room?"

"No." Lucifer shook his head. "We want to give you one more chance."

"If you are willing to enter into a service contract, then we can make some of your more… grievous afterlife choices disappear." The fallen angel continued.

"So… lemme see if I've got this straight." Beetlejuice straightened himself out. "You want me… to make a deal with the devil… to get OUT of Hell?"

"Pretty much." Lucifer nodded.

"You've GOT to be kidding me. You have to. There is no way that this is really happening." Beetlejuice started laughing. "I'm dreaming. No… wait… it's 'Everyone Screw With Beetlejuice Day', right?"

"We're quite serious." Hades levelled his gaze at the ghoul. "Do you want it, or not?"

"Sure. Why not?" Beetlejuice threw his hands wide. "I mean… this is going to be a cakewalk, right?"

"I'm afraid not." Persephone started, as Cummerbund put her hand on the ghoul's shoulder. "Because no one has stepped forward to sponsor you, you'll have to go by Supernatural Control's order."

"What does that mean?" Beetlejuice looked from the goddess to the reaper.

"It means that you'll be put through the same paces as any of the other interns." Cummerbund explained. "Fail, and you're on a one-way trip into Tartarus."

A/N: So, because of some confusion, I'd like to put a little background on the gods listed in the Hell Council here. (I forgot not everyone is a supernatural nerdling like me.)

Lucifer: Second North seat. Fallen angel. Constantly being mistaken for Satan and/or various high ranking demons (Devils) due to Catholic and Christian doctrine.

Ereshkigal: Lead West seat. Goddess of the Underworld in Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology – married to Nergal. Occasionally confused with Lilith.

Enma: Lead East seat. Also known as Enma-O. Signed a contract with Toshi and owns a piece of her soul. Lord of the Underworld in Japanese mythology.

Hades: Lead South seat/Hell Council Treasurer. Ruler of the Underworld and god of wealth in Grecian mythology. DOES NOT HAVE FIRE-HAIR.