Chapter Twenty-Five

Twenty Years Later

"Mom!" Sakura turned towards her sixteen year old daughter with a slight smile on her face. She wiped her hands on her apron and waited to find out what the newest emergency was.

"Yes, Sana?"

She had to admit that her daughter was beautiful. Her silver hair cascaded across her shoulders matching her eyes. Her form was slender yet strong like her father's. She was tall for a girl and had legs that some would say went up to heaven. At sixteen she was rather full-figured.

"Daddy is reading porn in public again!" Sakura chuckled. Her husband had not changed much in some areas. "It's not funny!" Sana said stomping her foot lightly.

"Honey, you just have to accept that your father is your father. He's not going to change." Sakura didn't want him to change. She loved Kakashi just as he was. Annoying though he may be at times.

"But Mom! Yuito was there!" Sakura's brow raised at hearing her daughter mention Naruto's son.

Yuito was a handsome boy with his father's blond hair and his mother's white eyes. He was nowhere near as loud and abrasive as his father but he had as much spirit as he did. The boy was a powerhouse and he didn't need a kyubbi to be that. In fact, she actually wouldn't mind a match between their children although she wasn't about to tell Sana that. Imagine the grandchildren she would get from such a pairing. Sakura mentally rubbed her hands together.

"Yuito?" Sana blushed. "Perhaps I will speak to your father."

"No! Mom please don't tell him about Yuito. He's worse than Grandpa!" That was saying a lot. Since everyone knew her father was awful and grew worse the older he became. Especially after her mother had passed. Her father on the other hand was going to outlive them all to Kakashi's dismay.

Sana was their only daughter but they had two older sons. Twins. Kaede and Daisuke were identical twins that had inherited her father's hair color and had her mother's stormy gray eyes. Kaede wore his hair similar to Neji's in a ponytail tied in the back. Daisuke kept his hair cut. The shorter it was the wilder it became. They were eighteen now and on their own. Kaede, the oldest my a full minute, was part of ANBU following in his father's footsteps. He was brilliant and his nature was oftentimes serious. Sakura was at times awed by his sheer intelligence. It wouldn't be long before they made him captain.

Daisuke, was, well he followed father's footsteps in another way. He was a an exceptional ninja though he had no desire to be a part of ANBU like his brother. However, apparently the tendency to carry Icha Icha around in public was genetic.

Although Jiraya had died the series continued she didn't know who continued Icha Icha but she had a suspicion that it was her own husband. She swore if she caught him doing any "research" she was going to make sure he died a slow and agonizing death.

Daisuke, really was the apple of his mother's eye. She knew she spoiled him shamelessly and she tried not to. It was just that he reminded so much of his father that it was just hard not to love him a wee more than the others.

"He's not that bad." Sakura said lying blatantly.

When Sana was born, Kakashi truly expected to have another son. The expression on his face was a mixture of joy and horror as he was told they had a girl. It wasn't that he didn't want a daughter. The fierceness with which he loved Sana was scary. It was just that he changed that day. He watched her like a hawk and unfortunately for Sana her brothers mimicked their father. So, she didn't have one, but three overgrown guardians.

After Sana was born Kakashi said that they would have no more children. He claimed his heart couldn't take it if he had another daughter. The older Sana became the more she believed this to be true.

Sana just looked at her mother who couldn't hold her laughter any longer. Her laughter spilled into the room showering her daughter making her disgruntled. Sana crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

"Mom, he threatened to replace his Sharingan with Kai's if he so much as looked at me again." Seeming as though they were on the same team that would probably make things difficult. "He was serious." Sana added. Sakura laughed harder. She pitied her poor daughter when she decided to actually make a go at Yuito. Or rather, she pitied Yuito. Her husband had studied under the best. Her father. No seriously, they actually sat down and had a talk on how to terrorize any and all of Sana's young suitors. He took notes that Sakura later burned but soon found it was pointless with the whole Sharingan and the photographic memory thing that he had going on. "Why did you marry Daddy?"

Sana asked her mother suddenly curious as to what drew her mother and father together.

Sakura smiled softly at the memory. "Actually it was one of your father's friends was the catalyst. He made this absurd comment that every woman that danced with your father one time fell hopelessly in love with him."

Sana scoffed. "That's ridiculous."

Sakura nodded. "That's what I said." Sakura stared off into space smiling at the memory on Kakashi lean frame holding his hand out to her to dance with him for the first time.

"So what happened mom? Did you dance with him?"

"I did."

"And did you fall hopelessly in love?"

"Sana, you can't fall in love after one dance." Her daughter's eyes saddened at the fairytale she had suddenly imagined of her mother and father that wasn't true. "But, it only took one dance for me to realize that life would never be the same without him." Sana smiled at her mother and stood up and kissed her mother on the cheek and walked out completely forgetting why she sought out her mother in the first place.

"You can stop hiding now Kakashi." Sakura watched as her husband revealed himself. The years had been good to him. Kakashi Hatake was like wine. He just got better with time. He had a few lines on his face indicating him advanced years but Sakura thought they made him sexier.

"Yuito huh?"

"Kakashi, Yuito is a fine boy. He's the Hokage's son after all."

Kakashi lazily surveyed his wife. Her hair was streaked with silver like her mother's was when he first met her. Her hands were on her hips looking at him sternly. His wife still managed to take his breath away even when he was in trouble. "He's Naruto's son and Naruto was trained by perverts."

"Yourself being one of them." Sakura retorted.

"I don't want him near Sana."

"Kakashi, you can't shelter her forever."

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course I can."

"She's going to grow up and get married one day."

"She'll marry the man I hand pick for her."

"Just like you were hand picked for me?"

"That's right. My hands picked you."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "That's not the way I remember it. You leave Sana and Yuito alone Kakashi. I mean it. It's enough that you threatened poor Kai."

"He deserved it. He was looking at her a-"

"Kakashi. He's a boy. I've even seen our boys looking at those Inuzuka gir-"

"with the Sharingan!"

Sakura whipped around with fire in her eyes. "And you mean to tell me all you did was threaten him? You should've ripped the little punk's eyes out. Sharingan be damned. What's wrong with you Kakashi? Have you lost all sense?"

Kai, Sasuke's son was everything that Sasuke was not. To put it simply the boy was a devious pervert. Sure the kid was strong but he was the happy go lucky type. He actually reminded Sakura in a lot of ways of Naruto. It could be because the boy spent way too much time in the presence of the Hokage. Since, Naruto had failed in corrupting his own son, probably due to Hinata's interference, he put all his effort in Sasuke's. The boy actually improved Naruto's sexy jutsu. When Naruto saw it, he wept he was so proud.

It also didn't help that Sasuke was a closet pervert and his wife, well, Ino loved her children. Sometimes she had difficulty seeing their faults.

They had three girls. Kai was the only boy. He wasn't spoiled per se he was just a damned pervert.

Kakashi's mask concealed the smirk on his face. "Who says that's all I did? Threatening him is all I'm admitting." Sakura's mind floated back to conversation she had with Ino a few weeks ago about how the boy had gotten into some kind of fight with one of his school mates and refused to talk about it.

Surprise and delight shone on her face. There was a reason she loved that man. He always seemed to know how to please her. Sakura walked over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist. "How I love you."

"I know. Your life wouldn't be the same without me." Kakashi said smugly.

"You know, you shouldn't eavesdrop." Sakura said pulling away from him and stepped back looking him in the eye.

"I'm a ninja."

"And I'm your wife."

"All the more reason--" Sakura lightly hit him on his chest. "Sakura?" Kakashi asked suddenly.

"Yes, love?" She said alert to the change in their playful banter.

"What color are your eyes really?"

"Kakashi we've been married for twenty years and now you're curious about my eye color?"

"No, it's just that now I'm pretty secure that you won't kill me for asking."

Sakura thought about his statement for a moment and then nodded her head. He was accurate in his assumption.

"Does it really matter?"

"Not really. I was just curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat you know."

"And satisfaction brought him back." Kakashi replied and reached for his wife. He kissed her forehead and pulled her close and began humming a tune and the two began to sway to the rhythm he produced.

"Kakashi, they're whatever color you want them to be." She murmured in his arms.

"Green. I like green." He said.

"So mote it be." Sakura replied.

And so they were happy and life was good.

Happy: Definition

(1) Characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy.

(2) Favored by fortune. Lucky

(3) Sakura and Kakashi Hatake