Chapter 30

The proudest day of Sam and Jack's lives had to be the day they had the honor of commissioning their children as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. As promised, Lindsay and Nate had passed on the pins that they had received at their own commissioning ceremony, having long ago been promoted past that rank.

The graduation ceremony that had been held for the Carter children had nothing on the one that the O'Neill children and their classmates were forced to endure. Two former presidents, the current president, the top brass in the Air Force, the Joint Chiefs, and the allies from two galaxies had all been invited. The cadets turned second lieutenants had sighed in relief when they thought the ceremony was over, only to have the current President, Roger Fryer hold them up.

"I have one more thing to attend to today," President Roger Fryer announced. "Without two people who have gone unrecognized for a long time, the lack of recognition mostly of their own desire, deserve one more honor. Both have received every conceivable award, commendation, and medal that this world and others have to offer. Today it is my pride to do two things for this couple. Would Major Generals Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter-O'Neill please come forward?" he requested.

Jack and Sam traded glances, both blushing. They hated to being recognized for doing their job, which was why they were thankful that someone had made the video tape Bregman had made years ago- disappear.

The couple stood in front of the crowd at attention and waited.

"On behalf of the United States government I pleased to announce the promotion of you both to the rank of Lieutenant General and as the first recipients of the Stargate Service Accommodation Medal," Fryer announced as he proceeded to add another star to their shoulders and another medal to each of their growing collections before going on to explain just what the medal was for and why the two of them were the deserving first recipients of the new medal.

The three O'Neill children quickly joined the SGC, following in their parents' footsteps as either a scientists, in Jake and Grace's case, or as a pure military strategist in Ryan's case.

Five years later, the day came that Sam realized her daughter had a better grasp on a new piece of technology than she did. That was the day Sam realized she wanted and probably needed to retire. She had taught her children everything she could; now she needed to step back and let them do their own thing.

Two days later, she called the President with Jack at her side, and they both declared their intentions to retire, promising to fax the paperwork in the following morning. They tried to slip away without any fanfare, but no one would have it.

It seemed that the retirement of two three star generals was an occasion that required a party complete with the biggest cake Sam had ever seen. The celebration that their retirement called for was the biggest event to ever occur- anywhere.

The President and several other heads of state made the journey to celebrate, which was made shorter by the use of Asgard beaming technology, which had just become available for government use. That night, they listened as people they had never met detailed their many accomplishments as members of SG-1 and since then, wishing they could be anywhere else but at this 'party'. When the politicians and brownnosers finally left, Jack and Sam were able to almost enjoy the 'party'.

They finally escaped later that night and went to Minnesota, where they were able to live pretty much unbothered by anything but the mosquitoes.

Except when they had to go places.

Like the day that Cam finally got his first star.

Or the day they thought that they going to a surprise birthday party for Grace only to find out that they were the ones being surprised with a party for their twenty fifth wedding anniversary.

There were also a few sad occasions, like the funeral of General Hammond, which was followed a year to the day later by the death of former President Henry Hayes. In his later years, the man had become a full member of the O'Neill family, no longer receiving invitations to family functions because he was expected to be there in the same way that Daniel and Teal'c's presence was expected.

Jack celebrated his ninetieth birthday with a spectacular party, one that he enjoyed greatly. Many people commented that he didn't look a day over fifty; maybe sixty if one took into account his aching knees, but no where near ninety.

"He's always acted like a kid," Sam explained.

"He just doesn't want to grow up," Grace added, with straight faces as her father starred at her in disbelief. The little girl who had taken apart the dishwasher when she was five, and put it back together, had grown into her skin sometime during the past few years. She was finally dating for the first time in her life, and Jack vowed that he wasn't going any where until after he walked his daughter down the aisle.

Two years later, Sam celebrated her eightieth birthday in a slightly less grand fashion than her husband, but also not looking a day over fifty. The same day as Sam's birthday, Jake and his new wife welcomed their first child into the world, a little boy named George Hayes O'Neill, in honor of the two men that the O'Neill children had admired for a long time.

Ryan had yet to settle down three years later when Grace became a Jackson, specifically Mrs. T.J. Jackson. Much like her mother, she still used O'Neill at work, claiming she wanted to avoid confusion, but no one really believed her considering there were also the two O'Neill brothers using the same last name.

Lindsay and Nate had married ten years prior to any of the O'Neill children, and both had two children each, a boy and a girl. Lindsay's son was named for their father while Nate's daughter bore his grandmother's name.

Sam and Jack couldn't have been prouder and happier with their children. They were enjoying life together, without any emergencies that required their immediate attention.

Then, Ryan made the announcement that his long term girlfriend was pregnant and they had went off to Las Vegas and gotten married, without any of the family present. The siblings were all overly angry at him but the fact that Sam gave the marriage her stamp of approval silenced everyone else's words- and anger. She understood the desire for a lack of fanfare more than anyone else. After all, she was the one who got married in the Oval Office just so she could avoid the wedding planning.

The birth of their first granddaughter was the last piece of joy Sam and Jack would have the opportunity to enjoy together. Jacquelyn Rose O'Neill was gifted with the O'Neill curiosity and the Carter brains. She was the fussiest baby that anyone had ever met unless she happened to be in the arms of Samantha O'Neill and then she became a perfect angel.

The day that Grace O'Neill-Jackson and T.J. told their parents that they were expecting their first child was a day of celebration. Sam and Jack considered it to be the best anniversary present either of them could ever ask for, and Daniel and Vala were overjoyed with the idea of having a grandchild to spoil.

It was six months later that things went wrong.

No one had heard from Sam or Jack for a few days, something that wasn't uncommon, but when Teal'c showed up and made the journey, by Asgard technology to see his long time friends, everyone wondered if the feeling of dread that had settled in the pit of their stomachs had a cause.

A phone call an hour later revealed that it did.

Teal'c had gone to the cabin and couldn't find either Sam or Jack anywhere, only confirming his previous suspicion that the vision hadn't been a dream.

The day before, Sam and Jack had appeared to Teal'c smiling and happy, explaining to him that the Ancients had decided they were 'ideal' candidates for Ascension. Based on the comments from Jack, Teal'c figured it had taken some convincing on Sam's part for him to agree, but if there was one thing Teal'c knew about retired Lieutenant General Jonathon 'Jack' O'Neill, it was that he loved his wife and would have died for her. If ascending to a higher plane of existence was what she wanted him to do so she could live with him, Jack O'Neill would do it.

And he had.

Still, explaining this fact to the majority of the world which didn't understand life on a higher plane of existence would be quite difficult, so the Carter-O'Neill family planned a funeral and memorial service, despite the lack of bodies, though that fact was well hidden from the general public.

For ten hours straight on two consecutive days the family members received people who came to share their memories of the famous Generals with the family, each and every memory was recorded for future use. Those who could not make it recorded their memories in either by digital or written means, all in an attempt to keep the memory of two wonderful people alive.

Years later, a young woman that never actually 'met' her grandparents would use those memories to write a book that gave the true story of the lives of the original SG-1.

The funeral was supposed to be limited to those that had known the O'Neills but that number alone was still far too many for any funeral home to accommodate, so there was a just going to be a very large graveside service with full military honors for the two retired three star generals.

The procession from Washington D.C. where the memorial service had been held to the cemetery in Colorado Springs was quite similar to the one that former President Abraham Lincoln's body had experienced. People made use of the Asgard beaming technology to get close to a point by which the convoy would pass in order to pay honor and tribute to the two people who they had recently come to know as true heroes.

There was not a single spot along the roads that the two empty caskets traveled that was not lined with people from all different nations. Some had walked for miles to reach a beaming point in their country, only to walk several more miles after beaming to a beaming platform so that they could actually see the vehicle carrying the caskets pass by.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, everyone prepared for the funeral the next day where the two empty caskets would be laid in the ground somewhere between Charlie O'Neill and Samantha Carter's father and mother.

The day of the funeral had started off as a cold, rainy summer morning but as the newest SGC fighters flew overhead, the sun came out. As the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, Grace O'Neill-Jackson quietly slipped away with her husband to the hospital.

Several hours later, in a much quicker birth than what her mother had went through to bring her into the world, T.J. and Grace Jackson announced the birth of Samantha Danielle Jackson to a large gathering of friends and family.

Five years later, Grace had no doubts that she had picked the right name when she came home to find the dishwasher, toaster, and microwave in parts and a miniature naquadah generator assembled on the kitchen table.

Grace picked up a communication device to call her brothers with the latest accomplishments of her daughter and swore that she could hear her parents laughing at her in the distance.

The end

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