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Ch. 1: Memories


The raining tears fell down my red stained pale cheeks onto the faded yearbook as I flipped through the faded pages of the book, packed along in the attic inside the box filled to the brim with memories.

I didn't know why the tears kept falling; I know I had never truly loved my now deceased husband, Mike Newton. I had finally let Charlie, who was long dead; marry me off when I turned 20.

Me and Mike had been married for 55 years, before the awful day I had woken next to a ice cold body, something in haven't felt since…he… had left. It hurt to think of –his- name.

The taste of his name in my mouth sent more of the ice blue tears pouring down my withered cheeks, and my oldest friend, Jacob Black pulled me closer to him, and let me sob into his shirt. Jake was still a teenager, forever with the rest of the pack.

I was so used to it, I hardly even noticed the people I loved and cared about the most were only teenagers, and while I looked into the mirror, all I saw was the face of an old woman, now 75 years old.

Me, Jake, and the rest of the pack were now packing up my attic and all of my stuff, as I prepared to move to Jake's house in his extra bedroom.

It had been exactly 4 days since Mike had died, at 75 years old, and Jake had been with me ever hour of the day since. But I couldn't help but to compare this pain to the only other deep one that had cut down deep, when he had left me. It didn't even come close to comparing.

But then again, I never had all of myself to give to Mike, because he had taken half of my heart- and soul- when he had left.

Without thinking, I turned to the next page of Mike's old yearbook, and his beautiful, perfect face stared back, his heart-melting eyes a bit frustrated, and a tearful laugh came out as I remembered he had never like picture day.

But the laugh pushed me to hysterics, and the tears spilled down like a waterfall once again.

Jake, with his super fast reflexes as a werewolf, was by my side in an instant, abandoning the packing at once.

"No, " I tearfully told him. " I'm going down to my room. Please, just stay here Jake."

Jacob nodded, those his worried eyes stayed fixed onto me. "Ok, " he said, breaking down.

I got up on my wobbly legs, and I walked to the wooden stairs, my eyes blinding me with tears, I wondered if the tears were for him or Mike. But deep inside, I know the answer.

With old age, my clumsiness had just gotten worse, if even possible. So naturally being me, Bella Cullen- No, Bella Swan- No, Bella Newton, I tripped over the middle stair.

But before I could even scream, I was trapped in a cage of cold, hard steel, and I was blacked out. I woke up with the morning sun, tucked into my bed, with a cold, foreign imprint onto my pale, wrinkled cheek.

But what caught my weak eye's attention was caught by a minor detail, something my hidden memories from all the long way back from when I was a teenager.

An amazing smell, better than life itself was faint into the sheets.

And the window was wide open, letting the early morning breeze creep into the window, washing the cold, dead feeling the house that had slowly taken over.

But I hadn't felt this way since I was 18 years, laying in the arms of the only man I would – and could – ever love.

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