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Ch. 14: Song Of Forever


I softly opened my eyes, and waited for the pain. But none came. None at all.

Slowly, I looked around. I was in a perfectly shaped clearing, with dark trees surrounding me. Nearby, the trickle of a stream could just be hear in the eerie, quiet forest.

It wasn't dark, but it wasn't light. I realized with a laugh that it was twilight.

But the laugh, it didn't sound right. It didn't sound crumpled and old, but musical and light.

My hand flew to my face and a light gasp escaped me as I realized that it wasn't wrinkled and aged, but soft and smooth.

I ran effortlessly to the creek, and my red lips dropped open I shock as I looked in the reflection.I was beautiful. No, I was beyond beautiful. I was as beautiful as a vampire, but somehow I knew it was different. I would never kill innocent creatures, and would never suck their blood.

Studying the beautiful place around me, a memory from deep down inside tugged itself free. I was in the meadow. Our meadow.

But as beautiful as I was, and as beautiful as this world was, my heart sunk down as I realized I was alone. Completely and utterly alone.

The forest didn't seem so bright anymore. Slowly, the sky above sunk into pits of gray, and the last of light left.

From somewhere, a lone bird sung a beautiful melody, a melody so beautiful that tears rolled down my perfect face, bright perfectly clear tears that felt warm against my cold skin.

My eyes slowly dropped, my long dark eyelashes gently brushing my cheek.

"Angels aren't supposed to cry, " a velvet voice said from behind.

For the first time in a long time, I smiled.

Alice's POV:

Esme was dry sobbing beside me, her shoulder heaving and her face buried in her hands.

Carlisle was unsuccessfully attempting to calm her down, and the rest of the family just stood there, a shocked, dazed looks on their faces. I guess it hadn't really sunk in yet: our brother was dead.

I walked to Esme, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay. It's all okay, " I told her.

She looked at me in shock. "How is this all okay?" She asked in dismay.

"Because, " I told her. " They're finally happy."

Jacob's POV:

Tears ran down my face as I ran into La Push, Leah, Levi, and Danny on my tail.

"What have you done, " Leah screamed at the pack.

"The stupid bloodsucker was on our land! He had to die, " Paul shouted back.

"No, he didn't, " Danny said, sticking up for Leah.

I cut out all of them. "He wanted to die, " I told Sam.

Sam nodded. "I know, " He whispered. "Cullen didn't fight back. Not once"

I took a shaky breath. "But now he is with Bella. Forever."

Sam smiled. " Jacob, " he said. " If I could I die, I would, just to be with Emily. But I can't. Not now. But they are happy. Forever. That's what we all want one day."

"How do you know that, " I snapped back angrily.

"Look up, Jacob, really look, " Sam ordered.

I look up, and for once, really saw.

The stars had never shined so bright.


Even though I thought it wasn't possibly, Edward was even more beautiful when I turned around to look him in the eyes.

But they weren't black, or gold. His gorgeous eyes were an amazing emerald green. And Edward wasn't cold. He warm. Amazingly warm.

I wrapped my arms around him and held on tight, never wanting to let go.

Edward's arms wrapped around me too. I had never felt so warm. So warm and safe.

"I love you, " I told him.

"And I never stopped, " Edward whispered, and kissed me.

The meadow – our meadow- lit up, and the lone songbird continued his beautiful song.

I expected a part of me to come into place, but nothing happened.

As I looked into Edward's eyes, I realized that he had never really left me. He had been there for me through this all. And we had never fallen out of love. He had left a scar that could never completely heal.

And then as I looked once more around me before coming in another kiss, I also realized we were never meant to be in that world. In that year. In that place. We had always meant to be right here, right now, forever and forever.

And as I softly closed my eyes, know how long we be here, happy and with each other.

And the answer was forever and ever.

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