Danny Phantom: A Ghost in Nod's Limbs

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom (I will one day) or Edgar and Ellen.

Author's Notes: The Daemons of Writing are at it again, they have sent another one of their Plot Bunnies to attack me. This one comes from Anab3113 L33's (there's PM on your way to inform you of that Anab3113 L33) latest oneshot and an idea the Writing Daemon's have been pestering with me since last year. Hope you like it.

Chapter I: Lancer's Discovery


It was another usual day in the school; Lancer was drabbling on about Shakespeare, when finally the bell rang.

"So Danny, what's on your plate today, "Sam asks me as we walk out of the room to our lockers.

"Well, generally just resting provided the Box Ghost doesn't decide to show up. I'm still sore from dad's latest invention that blew up while he was showing it to me. I was lucky he didn't catch on about you know what," I say showing them a nasty wound on my stomach.

"You should get that checked out man, I would hate to see it infected," Tucker said making at a face at it.

"I already treated it," I told him as pulled my shirt down and winced as the fabric rubbed against the wound.

While I was talking I thought I heard someone gasp, "Did you hear something," I asked Sam worriedly.

"It was probably nothing," Sam says as we head to the door and leave for the Nasty Burger for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Mr. Lancer

"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!" I gasped in horror as I saw Danny show his friends a nasty wound on his stomach. "I have to do something," I told myself as I took out my cell phone and dialed child services.

"Hello Amity Park, child services how may I help you," the dispatch asks me calmly.

"This is Edward Lancer of Casper High, I would like to report…dear Chaucer, I can't bear to say it…a case of child abuse," I said my hands trembling with anxiety.

"What is the child's name," the woman asked me.

"Dan…Daniel…Al...exander…Fen…ton," I tell them taking a sip of my coffee to calm my nerves. Sweet Byron, I couldn't believe that the Fentons could be capable of harming their own son, but that time I met Mr. Fenton he did seem a bit nervous maybe he was afraid of me finding out.

"We'll send someone right away," she said as I hung up, Dearest Marlowe in Heaven, I need a break!


I was finishing my thesis paper for my psychology class, when I heard someone knock on the door.

"I'm coming," I tell them as I race down the stairs and open the door, "Can…I…help…you," I say as a couple of men in business suits barge into the room.

"Is Daniel Alexander Fenton, here?" they say not taking their eyes off me.

"He's not here is something wrong," I ask fearing the GIW sent them to capture Danny which I wouldn't allow.

"Yes, we're from child services, we're to take him to his foster home," one of them said as barged into the room

"FOSTER HOME!" I shout, "What gives you the right to come here and separate him from his family," I tell them glaring at them.

"An Edward Lancer reported that the father, Jack Robert Fenton Jr, is abusing Daniel," another says. Lancer must have heard Danny talking about that device that exploded the other day.

"Did someone say my name, is it a ghost!" Dad shouts as he comes racing out of the lab.

"Mr. Fenton, we here for your son, Daniel," the leader said glaring at dad, "this is last time you'll hurt Daniel again," he tells dad.

"What are you talking about," he asks them confused by their words.

"There was a misunderstanding at school and Mr. Lancer thought that wound on his stomach was because you abused him," I tell him hoping to get this straightened out before Danny comes home.

"We know what's going on here and it ends now, we've found a foster family willing to take Daniel in," the leader said again as I look out the window and sees Danny and his friends coming home.

Mayor Knightly

"Bob, did you get that spare room cleaned out for the boy when he comes," I ask my intern as he comes racing into the room.

"Yes, sir," he said nearly tripping over his own two feet (he's lucky he has my guidance or the poor kid would be nowhere). "The room is clean and I arranged for the photographer to take another family portrait," he said showing me the schedule.

"Good, now I want him to feel welcome, so make sure that there no foul ups when he arrives," I tell him as he salutes me.

"Yes, sir," he says as he goes to follow my orders as I look outside to plan where the statue in honor of our new family member will be on this momentous day.