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Chapter LXXVIII:Domus


"It looks like Stephanie had a run in with another ghost," I tell Ellen and Jazz as I notice that Stephanie looked a little confused.

"You're right," Jazz said, "I wonder what happened to her," she asks as we turn our attention back to the concert.

While we were listening the Fenton Phones we had beeped, "Hello?" I said activated the talk mode.

"Hey Edgar, anything strange happening," Sam asked as I smiled.

"Not if you count ghosts attacking Stephanie," I tell her laughing at seeing Stephanie so freaked, "You know I'm going to miss this when Danny moves back home," I tell her as she laughs.

"Believe me once the ghosts are gone, you'll be celebrating," she says, "Trust me that's what everyone in Amity Park is doing," she said as she signed off.

"After all this time, she doesn't still doesn't know us," I said laughing going back to the concert.


When I got back to our base, I laid down on the couch, "I'll be glad when this is over," I sighed as I closed my eyes when Jack came thundering in.

"Hey V-Man, you want to play scrabble," he asked holding a box in front of me, "Come on Vladdie, let's play," he said taking me by the hand to the kitchen where Maddie and Valerie were waiting for me.

"Very well," I said as I sat down at the table and the game started, however I saved by the bell, "That's my phone Jack," I said as I walked into the living room and answered it.

"Mayor Masters, this is judge Craston I have good news," the judge said as I frowned.

"For your sake, it better be," I told him sternly as I sat down.

"Don't worry you'll like this, I got the decision overturned, Daniel can return to Amity Park," he said as I smiled.

"Thank you judge," I said as I hung up and went back to the game.

"Good news, Vladdie," Jack asked as I saw it was my turn.

"Yes, Daniel is yours again," I said with feigned happiness but soon our the game between me and Daniel could began again.

"That's wonderful Vlad," Maddie said smiling, "You may be a creep but we couldn't have done this without your help, so thanks," she told me.

"Perhaps a thank you kiss is in order," I tell her smiling as she slaps me across the face.

"I'll go for that," I said as she and Jack left the room to celebrate.

Mayor Knightly

"What an exciting evening, that Ember knows how to entertain," I said as we headed back to the limo.

"I'll be happy just to go to bed," Daniel said as he buckled up.

"Take us home," I told the driver as we left the stadium for home.

"Uh, sir, I have your schedule for tomorrow," Bob said handing me a sheet of paper as we dropped Daniel off and started again.

"Fine, fine, we'll start it in the morning," I said as the driver announced we back at the mansion and I got out.

"Nod's Limbs will remember this for a long time," Claudia said as we walked in and I went upstairs to bed.

"Yes it will, another reelection is imminent," I said as I shut the door and went to dreamland.


"…The play is the tragedy man and its hero, the Conqueror Worm," I read out loud from my favorite poem as Tucker began to snore. "Pleasant Nightmares, Foley," I told him with a laugh as my computer beeped.

I signed on to the Internet and saw Valerie in the screen, "Hey, Sam, I have good news," she said as I put on my headphones and smiled.

"What's that?" I ask her curiously.

"I just heard from Vlad that the judge ruled in our favor," she said happily as I smiled.

"That's wonderful news," I said as I signed off and I went into a parlor and laid down smiling.

"Good news?" Poe said as he looked at me.

"You could say that," I told him smiling.

"Daniel is going home," he asked raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Yes," I said as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


"What a concert," I said as we walked inside and saw Tucker and Sam sleeping, "they must be worn out from listening to the concert and keeping an eye on everyone," I told Ellen laughing.

"Hey Edgar look at this, Danny's going home tomorrow," she said looking at Sam's computer.

"That's great but I'm going to miss him and his friends, it was nice to have someone normal in this town," I tell her laughing. Having Danny here was awesome, who knew we would ever meet the famous Danny Phantom himself.

"I know, we better get going to bed, in case Danny has to leave early," she said as we went upstairs and drifted off to sleep.


"That's great news Val," I told Valerie as she told that Danny would be coming home. Even though I was happy Danny would be coming home, there was a bit of sadness in me. I had come to love Nod's Limbs and specifically Miles (even though I had told him we would take this one step at a time, the truth was that I love him) and would hate to leave him.

"Are you okay, Danni," she asks me as she's the expression on my face, "I thought you'd be happy for Danny," she says as I smile.

"I am, I just have a lot on my mind," I tell her thoughtfully.

"You want to talk about it," she asks as I began to tell her about the situation.

"That's a big decision, Danielle, deciding to move here, are you sure you want to do it," she asks me concerned.

"That's just it, I don't know," I tell her confused trying to sort it out for myself.

"Give it some thought," she said as she went to her bed and fell asleep, leaving me to think about the choice ahead of me.


"Good everyone's asleep," I said as I walked down the stairs and went into the parlor. What Mayor Knightly doesn't know is that while he sleeps I work on my life's dream- to write the greatest movie in history.

I took out my papers and started writing, "Let see where am I," I said fumbling through my papers and notes. "Here we go, the battle scene," I said as I began looking at researching ancient Roman warfare. "Morituri te salutamus, Maximus shouted as the Romans battle the force…," I wrote as the phone rang and I jumped sending papers everywhere.

I got up and answered the phone, "Hello, Knightly Mansion, Bob speaking," I said as I wrote down what he said, "I will be sure to tell him your honor, thank you," I said as I hang up, gathered my papers and continue working on my masterpiece until the sun was peaking in the sky.


"Daniel," I heard Mrs. Knightly say as I felt the sun hurt my eyes.

"I'm up, what's wrong mom?" I asked as I rubbed the sleep dust out of my eyes and sat up in my bed.

"Daniel, I have some bad news," she said with a sigh, "we got a call from a Judge Craston last night, apparently there was a mistake and you have go back to your biological family," she said as I tried not to smile.

"That's too bad," I said acting sad, "I was beginning to get use to Nod's Limbs," I said sarcastically. I couldn't believe it was going home back to Amity Park.

"I know, Mr. Masters called before you got up and he agreed to take you back with his team," she said as a frowned that I would to deal with Vlad but still happy that I was going home.

"Do I have time to say goodbye to some friends," I asked hoping I could say bye to Edgar and Ellen before heading back home.

"Of course," she said as she left so I could get ready, finally I was heading home.


"I'm going to miss the place," Sam said as she looked around the mansion, "This place was heaven but all good things must come to an end," she said as there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," I said as I opened the front door and saw Danny standing there, "Hey Danny," I said as he came in.

"Hey guys, I stopped to say goodbye," he said as he sat down, "I'm going home," he said smiling.

"We're going to miss you Danny, it was awesome having ghostly friend," Ellen said, "But you'll be glad to get away from the Knightlys," she continued as Danny's phone rang.

"Hello," he said as the person responded, "Hi, Danni, what's up," he continued to talk to his cousin. We could see his face grow concerned and his voice serious. "Are you sure," he asked as she replied, "Okay, as long as you're sure, see you soon bye," he said as he hung up.

"Is everything okay Danny," I asked him concerned as I noticed he seemed quiet.

"That was Danni, she's going to be staying in Nod's Limbs," he said as he got something out of the fridge.

"Why would she do that," Ellen asked him curiously.

"She has a crush on Miles but she has nowhere to stay here," he tells as we smile.

"She can stay with us, it will be fun having a third permanent member," I told him as Heimertz came in.

"Hey Heimertz, I'm going to miss you, if any of you are in Amity, come by and see me," he says to the groundskeeper.

"Can we prank people?" Ellen asks as Sam, Tucker, and Pet come in the room.

"Sure, we even have a Stephanie Surrogate," he says as we laugh.

"So did you hear the news, Danny," Sam said stroking Pet lovingly.

"Yep, back to Amity with its ghosts, government flunkies, fruit loops, and ghost hunters," he said laughing, "All though there will be one less ghost there as Danni's staying here to be with Miles," he said as shivered.

"Make that two less ghosts," Amorpho said as he entered the room, "Billy said I can't haunt Amity but Nod's Chimps is ripe for the picking," he said turning into Danny, "and the mayor might be lost without Phantom ," he told us laughing.

"Just go easy on Miles," he said as Amorpho saluted him before disappearing.

Danny walked into the parlor, "Hey Poe, I need to ask a favor of you," he asked Poe as he woke up.

"What is it Danny," Poe asked raising an eyebrow.

"Danni is going to be staying with you make sure she stays on the up and up," he said chuckling.

"You can count on me Danny," Poe said, "And do have a safe trip home," he tells Danny as he smiles at the bust.

"Well, Sam, Tuck, we better get going before Fruit Loop loses his cool," he said as they grabbed their equipment and walked out with Danny. "Bye everyone," they said as we waved goodbye to them.


"Maddie this best fudge covered pancakes you've made," I said as I ate the last of the hotcakes and chocolate milk.

"I'm glad you liked it honey," she said as there was a knock on the door, "I'll get it," she said as she went to the door and squealed, "DANNY!"

I dropped my glass and ran to the door seeing Danny standing there, "DANNY MY BOY, I MISSED YOU," I said hugging him with all my strength.

"I…missed…you…too," he gasped out as I let him go, "It's great to see you again too dad," he said catching his breath and sitting down.

"Daniel, how nice to see you again," Vlad said as he came in, "Amity Park isn't the same without you," he said smiling happily at Danny.

"I bet it has," Danny replied smiling back.

"I say this calls for some fudge," I said as Valerie came in and smiled.

"It's great to have you back," she said to Danny as she hugged him.

"It's good to be back," he said as he relaxed for a bit and Danielle came back.

"Hey Danny, I wanted to catch you before you go," she said and hugged him before turning to us, "I have an announcement," she said as we all turned to her, "I'm going to being staying here in Nod's Limbs I have a friend here and don't want leave him," she said.

"We'll miss you dear," Maddie said as she brought our luggage out, "come along everyone, Vlad's jet is waiting at the airport," she said as we paid our bill and left to go home.


"Finally!" I said dancing in room, "no more horrid Danielle! No more stupid ghosts! No more Skulker! No more Pajama Ghost! I can reign in peace," I said as looked out the window until I heard a noise.

"Hey Stephanie," a voice said as I looked and saw Danielle in my room.

"What are you doing here," I ask her upset as she sits on the floor.

"Well, I wanted to make peace with you since I'm staying in Nod's Limbs," she said smiling, "I'm even going to enroll in school and I thought if I have to put with you on a daily basis, I would try to make peace," she said handing me a box.

"Well, don't think this means I'm going to be nice to you. You're still a freak and homunculus," I told her as I opened it up.

"I AM THE BOX GHOST BEWARE!" that Blue Man said as he begin wrecking my room.

"DANIELLE!" I screamed as someone knocked on my door, "what now," I groaned as I opened it and saw the Pajama Ghost looking at me.

"Will you be my friend," he asked as I screamed as Danielle laughed.

"I'm just waiting for one more guest and the party can begin," she said as I saw a shadow come over me.

"Hello Purple Princess, you'll make a fine trophy," Skulker said as he aimed his gun at me.

"AHHH!" I screamed as Stephanie was laughing so hard she was crying.

"I see you're busy, so I'll be going. See in school Stephie," she said as she disappeared.

"I"LL GET YOU FOR THIS DANIELLE!" I screamed as I waved my fist at her. I'll get her for this, I swear!


"Are you comfortable Daniel," Vlad said as he came back and smiled at me as I got in my seat.

"Yes, and may I ask you something Vlad," I asked him leaning back on my seat.

"Anything," he said smiling.

"What was the real reason you helped get me back, because we both know you only do something unless you get something in return," I tell him waiting for his reply as I took a drink of my soda.

"Why Daniel, can't I do something out of the good of my heart and expect only a spiritual reward in return," he says trying to remain calm.

"I thought your heart was a shriveled piece of rotten, diseased fruit," I told him trying not to laugh, "and as for spiritual rewards, you think Satan will turn down the heat if you tell him you helped me out," I said watching him try to keep his cool.

"First of all, I am still half human," he said, "secondly, I believe the Bible says don't judge unless ye be judged," he says his eyes glowing red.

"Whited Sepulchers, V-Man," I told him calmly, "Now spit it out, the real reason you acted the part of the angel," I ask him.

He seethed for a second before saying, "Fine, I am hoping that you will reconsider my offer, you owe me seven time and the only I will currency I will accept is your loyalty," he said getting out a book.

"Well, Vlad, there's a problem," I told him swiping the book and burning it with an ecto-blast, "the records were destroyed and all debts have been cancelled," I said laughing as he Vlad stormed off. "It's good to be back," I said smiling.


"That was an awesome prank, Danni," I told the ghost girl as she floated in the room smiling.

"I know, I'm going to have fun here," she said with a devious smile on her face, "I can't wait to go to school and deal Stephanie some more payback," she said laughing as she took a can of soda out of the fridge.

"Speaking of that Danni," Ellen said getting a box out of the cupboard, "Since you're going to be permanent member of the team of terror, we have something to make it official," she said giving Danielle the box.

"Cool, my own PJs, I can't wait to show them to my friend Stephanie," she said as we laughed as we heard her scream all the way from the mansion. This is going to be fun.


"It is good to have you back Mr. Fenton, but seeing as you missed the unit on Paradise Lost you'll have to read the book and since you didn't do the project, I would like to see some essays from you Danny," Mr. Lancer said as the bell rang and I went up to his desk.

"Yes, Mr. Lancer," I said as he took some papers out and laid them on his desk.

"I would like you to write analysis on Lucifer and his motivations; a comparison of Satan to the Son of God, why are they both exalted and what separates their exaltations; and finally what is Milton trying to convey to the reader by describing Death has having a ravenous appetite and how will the Son's sacrifice quench it," he said as he handed me the papers.

"Is that all sir," I ask him trying to balance the papers and my textbooks.

"Yes, you have two weeks to finish it," he said as he dismissed me and I went to my locker.

"It's good to be back," I told Sam and Tucker as I got out my science book.

"It's good to have you back," Tucker said as we shuddered as we heard Dash screamed.

"AHHH MY FACE, I'll GET YOU FOR THIS FENTON!" he yelled as he came racing out with his face covered in exploding pimples, boils, and warts. "How am I supposed to get my picture taken for my interview in the school newspaper today looking like this," he said as he grabbed me by the shirt. "You're dead Fenturd!" as he went to punch me but I ducked and escaped.

"Edgar and Ellen would be proud," Tucker said as we left for class. He's write it is great to be back I'll take Amity Park and the weirdness here to those idiotic Knightlys any day but I did manage to bring to bring some mementos back and Dash got his.

"There is no place like home," I said as we walked away laughing at Dash's misery and looking forward to some quality ghost butt kicking once more!

The End.