Title: Bad Memories

Rating: G

Author: MacGateFan

Summary: What happened between the time Zoya killed herself and Michael showed up?

Dedicated to Karri, who demanded a fic just for her Thoughtcrimes transcript. Just an FYI, this is only my first fic in this fandom.

Freya chewed her bottom lip as she waited for Michael to arrive. She knelt next to Brendan again, attempting to wake him. His hand suddenly sprang at her. "Brendan it's me!" she exclaimed.

He blinked, opening his eyes. "Freya?"


Thank God she's all right.

"Yes, I'm fine. What about you?"

Brendan sat up with her help. "I've been better. What happened?"

"I was able to get the combination from Zoya," she replied grabbing an icepack from the freezer and handing it to Brendan. "I'm not sure what happened, but she's dead."

Brendan didn't reply. Freya attempted to read his mind only to find that his thoughts seemed jumbled. One minute he was worried that they'd never find Gazal and the next he was singing Scooby Doo again.

"Brendan?" He just stared at her. "Brendan?"

Finally, he snapped out of the trance. "Freya?"

"Are you all right?" she asked in concern.

"Yeah. Why do you keep asking me that?"

Suddenly Freya saw a hidden secret within Brendan's mind. Something he had obviously tried hard to keep from her...

"Karri!" he exclaimed, rushing to his wife's side. She merely stared up at him. "Karri?"

"Brendan, it hurts."

He glanced down at the blood seeping beneath his fingers. How could he have been so stupid? "I'm sorry, Karri!"

"It's not your fault, Brendan. I didn't listen to you. You told me not to come out here, that it was dangerous and I didn't listen to you."

Brendan looked down at the blood again. Help wasn't going to be there in time. He was going to lose the two most important people in his life within the next few minutes. "Karri, I love you and Baby Dean such much."

"I know you do, Brendan. And we love you."

Once the memory dissipated, Freya saw that Brendan was crying. She felt the fresh tears on her face, but did not reach up to wipe them away. "Oh God, Brendan. I am so sorry! I didn't mean to... It's just that, well, I think your emotions were just too strong."

"No, it's all right," he replied.

Before Freya could say anything more, they heard sirens outside and moments later, Michael arrived.